Thursday, July 22, 2004

kembali lagi di sisimu: farah asyikin

Last nite, mase aku nak gi ATM ngan Sue

(mintak tolong Sue sbb ATM kat library takleh pakai),
aku dengar lagu nieh!
It was nice, when u really like the song and suddenly it rang in the radio..yeay!
But then, dat was it.
Dis is the only song I like in the album, so I guess I can just hear it from the radio.
Okeh...but dats not the whole point!
Dis is only my fav, it doesn't matter if other people like it or not...hehehe..
Tp nak cite sket sal new features yg AKU BERJAYA add dlm blog nieh.
As an accounting student yg tak pernah langsung ade formal education pasal IT
(even Word pun blaja sendiri...hehe...)..
aku amatlah berbangge ngan kejayaan aku...yihaaa!!!:D
And guess what?
Shahmi called just now and asked when am I going back home.
Huh...mmgla aku nak balik. Well, to let u know my dear frens and my black screen....
Aku nieh sedih sangat adik aku nak berangkat besok...
yelah...even though I bullied him sumtimes, doesn't mean aku tak sayang die kan....Huhuhuhu....AAAArgghh...jiwang la pulak!
So, I'm going back as soon as possible...not going to visit this blog...
huhu..cuz I have next week to do dat...
(maybe I'll update what u'll miss). '
Til then...Seremban, here I come to save the day....chiaozzz!!

p/s: I kinda miss "sumbody" today...hehe...

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