Saturday, July 31, 2004

My Fav TV Show: Nigella Bites

TV Show: Nigella Bites
Time on air: 1.30 p.m
TV station: 8TV
Classification: Cooking Show
From: U.K

So dear frenz...dis is one of my fav TV shows on earth!
The show called Nigella Bites(from Nigella Lawson), ade kat 8tv, kul 1.30 p.m.
Aku suke rancangan nieh becuz aku suke ngat ngan rancangan masak memasak.
It's a bit like "Naked Chef".
I used to watch Naked Chef, but Naked Chef is no longer on air,
so I changed my view to Nigella bites.
The recipe are simple but nice, most of them are for breakfast, tea and supper.
Sum of them are from other countries
(i.e, dis morning Nigella cooked recipes from Thai).
It's cool and it gives me sum ideas.
Well done, Nigella Bites!

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