Wednesday, July 21, 2004

semoga abadi: misha omar

Currently, dis is my fav song.

Dunno why, but everytime I hear it,
dis kinda ithcy feeling crawls in my head....hahhahaha..!!
Guess what?
Aku pun tak tau apasal boleh jadik camnieh.
Aiyaakkkk...what is truly happening to me?
I enjoyed it when I first heard it.
Then, when Linda (Akademi Fantasia) sang it I like it even more.
Or probably I was just impressed by the way both Misha and Linda sang it.
Huh, tak kisah la even though owang kate dowang nieh gedik ke ape...janji rock..!!!
Wokeh then....this is my 1st note...I think, better save it for tomorrow...hihi... :P

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