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Okeh...skang nieh aku nak cite sal glaucoma...Aku sniri tak pandai sal glaucoma nieh...aku slame nieh ingat Edgar Davids (football player Netherland, Barca and Juve) jek kena glaucoma tak sangke rupe2nye abah aku pun kena can happen tuh anyone...bak kate ustaz aku kat sekolah dulu, penyakit nieh kurniaan Tuhan...bile dah sakit, make sakitlah, let's have some lesson, frenz...

What is Glaucoma?
Glaucoma is an eye disorder marked by increased pressure within the eye. It is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States, with two out of every 100 people over age 35 having vision that is at risk from glaucoma. Unfortunately, there are no discernible symptoms in the early stages of the disease, and glaucoma-induced damage to your eye is irreversible. The good news is that there are simple diagnostic tests which, if performed regularly, can detect the disease in it's early stages while serious vision loss is preventable.

Bak kate pakar kat sini, out of every 100, akan ade 35 yg akan kena. At 1st aku rase penyakit glaucoma nieh taklah pemes, mungkin abah aku sorang jek yg sakit cmnieh..maklumlah dah kate takde pendedahan meluas macam kencing manis ke darah tinggi ataupun AIDS...jd aku pun ingat tak serius. Smpailah aku sniri tgk kat wad pakar for the 1st time, barulah aku tau yg glaucoma nieh ramai jugak org yg kena, tp bukanlah kat budak2 muda cam aku kot...mungkin penyakit yg ade kat budak2 mude nieh penyakit sosial, manelah kite nak tau kan?! Nywayz, satu jugak yg aku dpt kat sini...mmg takde symptom to glaucoma, however...yg penting ialah bile mate2 dah kabur2 tuh sile2kan pergi check....teringat abah aku...die slalu kate mate die kabur, mmg sume org including die ingatkan nak tukar power cermin mate manelah tau tibe2 len pulak yg jadi kan?

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How is it caused?
Normally, a clear fluid called aqueous humor flows through your inner eye, bathing it constantly and nourishing the surrounding tissue. With glaucoma, the fluid drains too slowly, building up and causing pressure inside the eye to rise. The pressure, in turn, affects the optic nerve, which is like an electronic cable carrying messages to your brain- messages that normally result in sharp, clear vision. If the entire nerve is destroyed, blindness is the result.

Inilah yg doktor tuih kate kat kitowang arituh. The pressure inside my dad's s eye was too high..kalo nak gi check mende nieh, ade satu alat khas, yg kejenye nak uji pressure jek.

Takat normal pressure mate manusia = 20
Takat pressure ayah aku (yg sakit glaucoma) = 56

Mase ayah aku gi check pressure for the 1st time arituh...doktor cakap pressure dlm mate ayah aku 3 times higher than org, utk menurunkan pressure nieh...kena bagi injection...kasi low balik...but then...sampai ke ptg bile di check brape die boleh kurangkn...hanye 38 jek...still high and not normal...pressure dlm mate nieh yg bahaye...becuz bile tinggi sangat la yg jadi penyakit...As for my dad, bile pressure to tinggi sangat...blood vessel kat dlm mate die, kite satu saluran darah dlm mate tuh pecah akibat tekanan...which leads to PERMANENT BLINDNESS. Skang ayah aku hanye menggunakan sebelah mate...Kitowang sian ayah aku...


Early detection is the key
It is estimated that nearly half of the three million Americans who have glaucoma are unaware of it. That is why regular examinations- even when you have no symptoms- are so important. The simple air-puff test offered free at many community health fairs measures pressure within the eye. However, elevated eye pressure is not always a sign of glaucoma; additionally, approximately one-third of those who develop glaucoma do not have elevated eye pressure.A far better precaution is a professional eye exam which includes pupil dilation and inner eye examination by ophthalmoscope, as performed by Eye Centers of Florida. If you are over 40, we recommend you have your eyes professionally checked for glaucoma every year.

Early detection is the, ingat2 la nak check mate...kalo agak2 silau tuh pakai la cermin mate yg ade multi-coating...Sbnrnye, start prob nieh bile kitowang kaji balik becuz aku gi betulkan spec abah aku yg sedia ade multi-coating tuh...(muti-coating tuh utk silau...ala2 macam keta die auto sket..bile masuk kat kaw bercahaya nnt cermin mate automatically gelap). So, mase betulkan spec, since ayah aku pakai frameless, org tuh dah remove multi-coating die...and ini menyebabkan die betambah silau and cannot resist the lite...mungkin salah satu penyebab mate tuh terpakse bekerja keras...sbnrnye ade org pulak mmg dilahirkan dgn glaucoma "Congenital glaucoma"...time baby dah, sape2 nak ade bb...silekanlaa check nnt mate nye skali...

Are there other risk factors?
For reasons we do not yet fully understand, black people are four or five times more likely than white people to develop the disease, and are six times more likely to suffer blindness as a result of glaucoma. Risk factors in addition to age and race include high blood pressure, diabetes, injury to the eye and a family history of glaucoma. People with two or more risk factors are urged to have a complete eye examination, including dilation, every year.

Sile diingati di sini...kalo fam ade glaucoma...anda munkin jugak kena...itu sbb aku skang kire cautious la, lagik satu ialah faktor umo, and penyakit2 yg kite dah sedia, silelah beringat ye kawan2....

Modern treatment
If you are found to have glaucoma, you will probably be treated with medication in the form of eye drops or pills. The medication works to reduce pressure by decreasing the amount of fluid entering your eye or assisting fluid flow through your eye.In some cases, your medication may produce side effects such as blurred vision or occasional headaches; the eye drops may redden your eye or sting, and your night vision may be reduced. Most of these simple side effects lessen over time; if you experience more serious side effects such as drowsiness, tingling of fingers and toes, loss of appetite or changes in pulse, heart rate and breathing, you should notify your opthalmologist or optometrist.In cases where medication cannot be tolerated or loses its effectiveness over time, surgery is necessary to prevent further vision loss. Traditionally, surgery meant making incisions in the iris and drainage system to reduce pressure.Today, at Eye Centers of Florida, patients have access to the tunable dye laser, a revolutionary method for reducing pressure without the need for cutting into eye tissue.Benefits to our patients include convenience, since this is a comparatively simple office procedure, reduced discomfort and more rapid recovery than with traditional surgical techniques.

Medication side effects? Yes...kadang2 medication menyebabkan bertambah tak kebaikannye ialah sakit akan dpt dikurangkan...and mind u, kalo org yg kena glaucoma sbb kencing manis...akan sakit!! Teruk! Alhamudulillah itu bukan sbb ayah aku sakit..However, treatment utk glaucoma especially lasering..sangat sakit...Trust me. Sedangkan ayah aku lelaki pun meleleh air mate..inikan pompuan..Aku pernah nampak pesakit pompuan kuar dr bilik, pkkan...mesti taknak sakit kan? So, prevent it!

So, aku nak pesan laaa..if kowang rase syg ngan mate tuh, jage2 lah ek...Sumtimes kite takkan prasan slagi tak kena...As for my dad..skang akan slalu berappoinment ngan doktor..Guess what?! Aku skang dah biase sangat pulak ngan words yg berlogy kan blakang nieh (patologi, radiologi, oftamologi...dll). Dulu takde aaa amik tau sangat..hehe...skang nak tak nak kena amik tau...
(pesanan ini dibawakan khas oleh Chisha Cheryna Pires, dgn kerjasama Eye Center, Florida)


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