Sunday, September 11, 2005

Reds vs Spurs

Jom tgk EPL Saturday...

The Draws

Lots of games dat we thought supposed to be exciting ended up with a tie. 1st game, the Manchester's battle, between Manchester United vs Manchester City. I thought Mu could win dis game and be on the top, unfortunately I was wrong. Silap besau la! So, agak merugikan sbb ape yg dihajati tuh tak smpai. MU is a consistent team rite now, with no major injuries around them. Rugi lah sangat! Aduhai MU.Annd they palyed at home! Lagikla sayang, kan? But I think, the game was exciting. I mean, both teams played well...cume tak pandai nak menggunakan peluang. Itu jek. And I think Robbie Fowler hasn't lost his touch, Park Ji Sung is great...Wayne Rooney is marvellous...3 players yg aku puji skali. Sgt bagus. Kalo tgk game macam nieh slalu, walopon draw...kite akan suke la. All the time ade responses from both teams. Gud game.
However..even though people said Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool was also a great game, aku tak agree. Mungkin sbb aku nieh fan I think they played very badly last nite. Tak best! ?And the capabilities of Spurs shows last nite. Matin Jol is the one with the brain...Edgar Davids, Jermaine Jenas and Y.P Lee is absolutely gud buys...and I think Spurs has the ability to show up dis year. With Mido back in the game next week, Robbie Keane back in his condition after resting from international games, and Defoe (if he could control his anger)...Spurs is a fun team to watch dis season. I really hope they can least qualified for UEFA Cup pun jdlah! Cumeee...kalo sape yg tgk game smalam mesti paham yg game smalam patut ended up with the result 1-1! Dua2 goals, both from Liverpool and Spurs tak dikire. Sedihnye la pulak! Peter Crouch was gud...aku suke sgt die. Only I dun like Ciise's dat much. Huh! Suke men sorang2. Rase macam marah tgk die men smalam. Hamann was gud, Crouch always passes the ball....Riise keep on trying, and dear Stevie G pun bagus. Tp Ciise?! Hampeh. Aku sniri tak paham nape linesmen smalam strict sgt, lg2 pasal offside...but, I found dat Liverpool was not at their best last nite especially in the 1st half. Even both 2 goals didn't count, the game was supposed to be more exciting than dat. Sgt frust, becuz takde striker lagik utk Liverpool...Baros has been sold, Morientes is injured, so does Neil Mellor. And I'm still wondering...what happened to Sinama-Pongolle? I didn't see Zenden either? I think it's time for Benitez to learn from his actions...he should revised the purchase of the strikers...make sure there the strikers willing to play as a team! Ciise...even though he scored for France, but he will have a long journey to be like Henry. At least Henry tak tamak bola n nk try sniri jek...huhu..
And here comes the other game, Michael Owen's debut as a Magpie...yeaayy...Tp, die tak score...alamak...! 1-1 draw with Fulham...hmm..kite tgk la game len jek ek...hehe..However, improvements for least diorg tak kalah kan?!

The Winners

The winners - Chelsea, Boro, Charlton and Wigan...waaaaaa...!!! Now, we have both Cs on the top (since MU didn't take the opportunity). Charlton...I dun know how they continue their victory...they were a mediocre team last season, but this season they really showed up. Make no fuss about it becuz Charlton plays some "easy games" dis last few weeks. Wait until they see the new purchase players and other big teams before we jump into a conclusion. Chelsea, as expected won their game with Sunderland. However, compliment for Sunderland, because actually they played well but experience, money, and skills are not their advantage. What do u expect, they played against last season's champ, rite? Wigan on the other hand, is also a gud team. They held Chelsea 0-1 last time...and they won a game with WBA. However, WBA and Wigan is an exceptional case. Remember last season when WBA, Norwich, and Southampton struggled to have a place in EPL. I think, between Wigan and WBA...all they need to have is consistency. Only the consistency will tell who will survive in the EPL, at least longer than the relegated team;)

The Losers

I hate to call Arsenal losers, actually. Becuz I dun like to call Arsene Wenger a loser. I adore Henry and I luv Pires, which make it hard for me to accept their lost to Boro. However, their defeat to Boro was forgiven. I think they played well, and Boro is actually a gud team. They showed dat their purchase of Yakubu is not a waste, and they took the opportunity playing at the home ground. The star-studded Arsenal, however, is a team with lots of players who play for the national team. Dats why they are so exhausted. One mistake and the opponent created their 1st goal. The other simple mistake, and the other goal was added. It's just dat simple.
Everton, in contrast totally lost their touch. There must be sumthing dat Moyes should do to lift up his team to where it should belongs. C'mon! Spurs bought quality players last time...Newcastle can afford to offer Owen, why can't Everton? They sold Rooney and Graversen for such a high price, and dis is the time they should actually spend it. Either we see Everton as a competitive team dis year, or we see them struggling from relegation...I'm not sure!
Sunderland...what can I say. I was told they are managed by dat correct? I'm not sure..but they have a lot to catch up. Huhuuh...and so does WBA if they dun want to struggle. Bryan Robson must think of sumthing, including finding ways so the club have funds in purchasing gud players :)
So...Arsenal, Everton, WBA, and Sunderland it's time to wake up!

Purchase Story

Purchasing window is closed...and we saw lots of exciting purchases especially from Spurs, and Newcastle. However the story behind these purchases is: Is there any English players who are superb enuff to play for EPL? Last nite, during the game, the question srisen was why is there is less English players play in the league. EPL fans should think about dis...becuz, the more import players get into the league, there will be various kinds of plays...however, is it gud for us to watch? Where is the standard for EPL? There is currently too many players who dribble instead of making accurate passings. Think about it...

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