Sunday, February 12, 2006

king of europe

Aiyyaaakk...aku tertinggal sof copy kt umah! Okeh..very comments about last nite's match:

Wenger vs Allardyce
-Wenger-my fav, Big Sam-my least, game nieh aku sokong sape? Wenger.
-Pires -my bf, Nakata-also my bf---> dua2 men best yesterday!
-Sape score dulu - Bolton.
-Who scored for Bolton? Kevin Nolan.
-Goal lawa ke tidak - pade aku, lawa...bola tonjol depan kaki....leaped over the players...keeper takleh tangkap. Nice one!
-Sape Kevin Nolan? - Captain Bolton.
-Paling byk try - from Arsenal
-1st half for Bolton, 2nd half for Arsenal
-Tak boleh ckp sape paling byk try...obviously aku akan kate Pires. Mase free kicks, cross..rasenye byk from die. Tp takleh bias kan!:D
-Then? Goal Gilberto for Arsenal before the final whistle.
-End result - Ars 1 - Bolton 1
- Cik Sha's rating- 4 stars...gud game, tp takde penyudah!:D

Jewell vs Benitez
-Fowler in 1st eleven along with Morientes (tak best! Aku nak Ciise men!)
-Wigan kehilangan Camara for African Nations Cup
-1st 20 minute, boring...bola kat tgk jek...ade try from Liverpool...but not dat gud
-Fowler-Morientes combination- not quite gud - Morientes tak tau bile nak bg bola kat Fowler
-Ade satu time Morientes and Fowler rebut bola, 1st mase Fowler kejar, tak offside, tp bile Morientes pgg outside trus.
-Byk chance...takde finishing.
-Best player yg byk effort from Wigan - Bullard!
-One and only goal - Sami Hyppia..
- Steven Gerrard not fully recovered, nampak pelik bile amik corner, macam org sakit kaki.
- 2nd half -kuarkan Fowler, masukkan 5-4-1
- Kuarkan Morientes, masukkan ciise...not much a change
- Overall? Gud game, but player Liverpool belum men ke tahap yg sbnr..
- Neil Mellor (on loan from Liverpool to Wigan, tp takleh men, sbb loan jek:D)
- Final result: Wig 0 - Liv 1
- Kesimpulan - Liverpool takleh harap striker...kalo tak midfield, back yg score:p
- - Cik Sha's rating- 2 stars...Liverpool is better than dis~!:D

Fergie vs Redknapp
- Hero for the day - christiano Ronaldo - 2 goals, 1 from RvN (nyampah dieeeee!!! tak suke Christina~!)
- Possession - 50-50....2nd half for Pmouth, tp no luck
- Corners? Pmouth lg byk
- Shots on goal - Pmouth lg byk.
- So? - it's ok...MU deserved to win.
- Kesimpulan? Walo sebagus mane Pmouth men, they need goals
- Part best - Goal Pmouth, cantik..but game RvN pon not bad.
- Takd ape yg berubah...Pmouth junam, Mu tak ptg Csea.
- My man of the match -Wayne Rooney!-passing cun~!
- Overall game - gud game, intresting...
- Cik Sha's rating- 3 stars...expected results...takde ape diherankan!:D

Shearer vs O'Leary
- Gud game
- Nice one from Newcastle...obviously the Magpies tak suke boss lame dowang dulu:D
- Sape paling bagus? Sume...
- Sape paling teruk? Milan Baros..the whole game not bad, tp die missed lat minute penalty to equalize
- Sape paling hepi? Ameobi....tak slalu die score goal
- Sape dpt pujian? Alan Shearer, sbb die manage while playing
- So? - Alan Shearer ade harapan jd manager kg die..
- Overall? - tgk delay, dh tau la result:P
- Cik Sha's rating- 3 stars...boleh nieh akan menunjukkan sape next manager Villa:D

McLaren vs Mourinho
- Game? - Best!
- Apasal - CHELSEA KALAH~!
- Paling best - Yakubu's goal...lawa!
- Ape lagik? best la Chelsea kalah...
- Nape gaknye..? - kate org pro ESPN, commentator...sbb player Csea penat
- mane pi player simpanan? - ntahlah! tp Drogba n Essien takde kan?
- Boro - Morrison n Mendieta back in the game with Darren Bent!
- Yg takleh dilupekan - tgk Terry kelam kabut..hehe..
- Kesimpulan?- Takyah comment byk...janji Chelsea kalah...hahahhahahah...
- Cik Sha's rating- 5 stars to Steve McLaren's team

Coleman vs Robson
- Ape ek...byk sangat goal
- Sape? - Fulham ---->Helguson dan kawan2...(tak tgk game, tgk gola jek!hehe)
- Best ke? - Byk sangat goal...ntahlah....
- Ape kate Robson? -"We would like to apologize to our fans~!"
- Sape Cik Sha sokong - ntah, dua2 pon Fulham nampak lagik mantap!
- WBA relegated? Not a chance..maybe kalo dh takde luck, but..slalunye diorg terlepas saat akhir
- Cik Sha's rating - 3 stars...utk tgk byk utk game, biase jek....

Moyes vs Hughes
- Keeper ke-3 Everton kena buang..lepas nieh pakai keeper ke-4 kot...uiiyoo?
- Sape goal? Beattie...nice one!
- Sape men? - Sinama Ponggolle loan from Liverpool men utk Blackburn
- Gud game? Yup...according to what Masefield (ESPN) said...Everton mule nak cure...
- Len2.....tak sure, sbb tgk goals n tries jek!


---->When you lose, it is always a bad day, especially when you don’t lose a lot of times.We lost last season to Manchester City 1-0 and we didn’t deserve it; we lost this season at Manchester United 1-0 and we didn’t deserve it; we lost here 3-0 - and we deserved it. (Jose Mourinho)

---->We just have to hope Chelsea have a bad spell. (Alex Ferguson)
---->You can use any words you like, but that was what I expect from Everton players
(David Moyes)
---->Overall, I am very proud of the strength and quality we have shown. We have so many young players in the side, I feel it is fantastic(Arsene Wenger)
---->In the end, we paid the price for not getting that second goal. It was a great performance but the wrong result. (Big Sam)
---->We know we have a lot of important games coming up and so it was vital for us to have got a result and to see how the players worked hard(Rafael Benitez)

-Chisha Cheryna Pires melaporkan :)

* Kindly put ur comments...ade ruang komen bawah nieh, k!:D

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