Thursday, March 30, 2006


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has admitted Liverpool will be his side's inspiration when they kick off their Champions League quarter final against Juventus.
The Gunners are the only English side left in the competition after both Liverpool and Chelsea were eliminated in the last round.

Like Liverpool last season, Arsenal aren't as high in the league table as they'd like this year but Wenger is confident his side can emulate the achievements of Rafa Benitez's side and beat Juventus on their way towards winning the Champions League.

"We want to follow Liverpool as much as possible and they have given us a great example of what we must do," said Wenger.

"Liverpool did it even though they were far behind the leaders in the domestic league last year.

"But it doesn't mean that, because they did, we will automatically do it. We realise that.

"You can compare the two situations but the difference is that they went on to finish the job - now we have to face Juventus and beat them.

"But it's no good just reaching the semi-final. It's a cup and the meaning of the cup is to win it.

"If you get to the semi-final and go out, people say 'Arsenal only got to the semi-final'.

"If you go to the final and lose it, people say: 'Arsenal have lost the final'. So let's just get out and try to win the game.

"I've felt for a long time now that this team has been improving and I'm convinced you will see that again when we play Juventus."

Geli ati sket bace brite kat atas nieh....hihi. Sebbaik Wenger yg cakap, bukan Ferguson..hehe. Ape pon...aku takde nak komen byk sal bola skang. Rase cam dlm heaven gak Liverpool menang byk lately nieh. Hahaha. Tp aku asek tringat buku kat Kinokuniya tuh. (gambo atas) Aku nieh kalo dtg sane mesti bace buku tuh. Maklumlaaa...nak beli ---> RM147.90. Tak mampu beb! Arituh mase tgk buku nieh ngan Ayen rase dah tercabar lagik iman aku nak beli buku tuh..huuuu...

Nywayz, apepon hope sumenye wokeh jek skang...aku hepi Arsenal mng, walopon aku minat Juventus. Aku suke sbb...aku nak team EPL menang. Aku mmg anti sket ngan Serie A semenjak org Serie A kutuk aku. Bodoh tul...

Mlm aku jage tgk Arsenal mng tuh cam best jek. TV dlm bilik, aku dh on siap2. Bile aku bukak je mate alarm bunyi...aku nampak Pires...adehh...pujaan atiku! Hahaha...sejuk ati bgn tido beb!:P

Apepon skang pilihan aku ialah Lyon...aku nak Lyon kalahkan Milan, biar Ayen kalah. Ahahahha...aku takmo bg team Ayen menang. Sejak seminggu nieh aku tak contact teman tp mesra aku sowang tuh. Macam mane gaknye reaction die Arsenal menang kalo tgk die mengarok...hihi..

Minggu nieh, insyaAllah tgk bola kot. Takde pape yg menghalang, insyaAllah. Hopenye sume okay...ho yeahhh...gud luck Cik Sha...

Malas nak komen byk la beb..tgk jelah game. Takde harapan besar lately nieh....aku tetap sokong no matter what. Just hoping dat Liverpool will win the FA Cup:d

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