Saturday, July 01, 2006

Nak cepat!

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Who are you now
Are you still the same
Or did you change somehow
What do you do
At this very moment when I think of you
And when I'm looking back
How we were young and stupid
Do you remember that
No matter how I fight it
Can't deny it
Just can't let you go
Chorus:I still need you
I still care about you
Though everything's been said and done
I still feel you
Like I'm right beside you
But still no word from you
Now look at me
Instead of moving on I refuse to see
That I keep coming back
Yeah I'm stuck in a moment
That wasn't meant to last
I've tried to fight it
Can't deny it
You don't even know
(Repeat chorus)
I wish I could find you
Just like I found you
Then I would never let you go
Though everything's been said and done
I still feel you (I still feel you)
Like I'm right beside you (like I'm right beside you)
But still no (still no word) from you

Bosan aaa...arinieh aku takde mende nak story sangat aaa..basically...Argentina nak lawan aku kena tgk game..malas nak bincang mende banyak2. Cumeeeeee..aku blur with dis:

"dear, u don have 2 thank me 4 anything. thank urself 4 being u. in fact i thank u dear..."
What the heckkkk? Blur lagik aku. If only he knows the real me...sure lari jauh kan!?

Takde mende..craving nak makan eskrem..pastuh asek2 repeat nyanyi lagu nieh...Tah hape2 aaa aku niehh...hehe..

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