Friday, February 16, 2007

sha: if you're not the one

I used to hate this song a lot. Pade aku lagu nieh menyampah, overjiwang, pondan dll...Sampai org yg tak jiwang, yg brutal...n extremely manly kate,"This song is for u...". Aku tanye, "Why?". He answered, "Bacause it explains everything from me," muke die selambe...sbb tgh driving mase tuh. Tp lepas tuh die diam. Aku cakap laaa...aku tak suke lagu tuh sbb aku tak suke Daniel Baddingfield. And I dun think this is the way of a man to express his feeling to a woman. It's too soft. But when I looked at the man in front of me, he is not soft at all! Huuuhhh!!!

Mase tuh la die cerite sume...die explain sume kat aku. What was his plans..what he felt towards me..I was captivated by the explanation though most of the time I disputed whatever he said...

But when I came to think about it at that moment, he was being honest and starightforward all the way. Kinda what I like and what I dreamed of...

Unfortunately...without my realization...I killed those dreams he had. Yup, I accused myself for dat. I'm holding dat responsibility now. Ade ke chance nak betulkan silap aku nieh...?

When I can't even forget how hurt it was to confess my true feelings and being betrayed?....:(
p/s: I got Valentine's gift from ma fwennnnSSS!!! Thanx Jacky and Jenny...I luv the book...Thanx Rina for the choc...Cadbury made my day:d

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