Saturday, May 19, 2007

liverpool-sk8ter boi


She's a Kopite
He's a Kopite
Can I make it any more obvious?
She loves football
He loves to play it
What more can I say
She went to the match
He did as well
And there they became
Very good friends
There she met some guys
They supported Chelsea
And obviously then she said to them

I love so Liverpool
They are the best football team
They'll win the Premiership this year
They're may be in a bad run
But they're still the best team here
They'll beat all the other teams as well

They asked her:
"Why d'you support
Liverpool terrible football club?"
She said to them:
"Liverpool rules
They aren't terrible as you said"
"They're really cool
And they like their fans
And that's why they play so good for them"
Then her Kopites came
They said the same
About all the things she said...

Chorus (twice)

Sorry other teams you're out,
Liverpool is still the best
They're still in the title race
This is how the story ends
Too bad that you couldn't see
See the players they have got
They are truly talented
That's why they play for Liverpool

She's a Kopite
He's a Kopite
Can I make it any more obvious?
She loves football
He loves to play it
And both of them are truly Reds...

Perang duniaku telah MU is trying to thrash Chelsea tomite(aku lagik rela MU menang!),aku tgh bersiap2 utk mengupdate blog n bercerite pasal bola. Menang org kalah, aku tak sepanjang minggu nieh aku takkan stop utk kuarkan lagu2 from LFC kay! Stop kejap dgn bunga from martha stewart:D

So...for today, we see what Steve's Finnan is saying:
Q:Everybody thought it was going to be Liverpool and Manchester United in the final but AC Milan obviously hadn't read the script. What did you make of their performance against United?

They played really well and looked good. Hopefully we won't give them the sort of room and time that Manchester United did. To be honest, I think it was probably a combination of them playing very well and Manchester United not playing well. Hopefully we can keep things a little bit tighter than United did. Yes, we know they are a quality team and what they are capable of but, like I said before, if we prepare right and focus on what we have to do then hopefully we can win the game.

Tgk...player Liverpool tetap merendah diri kan! Hehehe...Tp tuh laaa...macam jugak org len, I was hoping MU yg akan play against Liverpool kan...but what to do, we are going to play against an overrated team...macam menyampah jek..tolong laaa..

Aku pon tak deny la yg Milan mmg big team...sapelah kitowang kat Liverpool compared to Milan, but we played as a team...bukan macam Milan..boleh menang single-handed kalo Kaka ade...Tp apelah gunenye kejayaan seorang diri kan:D

Ohhh yeee...kesian betul la org2 yg keje arinieh, cuz tak dpt tgk Chelsea ngan MU men. Utk pengetahuan kowang, aku dah pon defer break time aku ke pukul 10 mlm so dat aku boleh tgk 1st half...ingat nak tgk 2nd half tapi tak boleh la...dah ade MU fans booked...kesian plak kat budak2 nieh...SO, aku akan keje 5 jam straight tanpe break...n mase break nnt aku tgk bola..heheheee....

Itu saje cerite aku...ape nak cerite lagik? Yup...I'm missing the MU fan over there...malam tadi takleh tido, pagi tadi tak sempat masak...huhu..tah hape2..

Okaylah...itu aje kali ini...Liverpool forever...hihi..

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