Wednesday, June 27, 2007

sttrawberry mosaic

Hmm...what shall I update today? A lottttt!!! has been tough...not for me...Just dat I'm so tire of tiny tidbits...small things were brought into a giant! Arrghhh....penatnye!

Yesterday was the toughest day. I was so damn sleepy sampai tak boleh bangun...then I dragged myself to send my ibu whose going to Malacca...traveled all the way to my own place, then went to work. Then, when I started work, I found out dat everyone was having confrontation with my boss...for reasons only they can explained. I kept quiet...concentrated on my job, at the end of the day I heard stupidest comments in the meetings...Haiiyaaa....where's my life?!
Today...I picked up my white skirt(yeayyy...finally I can wear skirt again to work! No more stupid t-shirt ahahahhaa).. want to talk to Aaron...bye bye...

p/s: Sasha, I'm not over it yet..u're correct:D

My horoscope forecast:
Quickie:Follow the 'KISS' rule today and 'keep it simple, silly'! Avoid complicating things.Overview:You've got a thousand-watt smile. Unlike a light bulb, the more you use it, the more energy you gain. You see the results when people perk up as soon as they're in your presence. You could get used to this!

6.57pm updates:

Btw...ade sebab kenape arinieh aku update & letak pix strawberry..As most of us know, it is currently summer in northern,from what I read & watched,fruits are the most important things...u can find fruits easily in summer & most of the recipes are from fruits. Itu yang aku tau...and based on my experience, that's all I know. Tp...kite kat Mesia nieh taklah perlu sangat tau mende2 cenggini...cuz buah kite tak macam buah diorang...we're more into exotic food & fruits sbb cuaca kite jarang berubah!

So, for today...I'm gonna present to u, strawberries! Pix found in useful web for best pix! Sbb arinieh aku bace byk sangat pasal strawberry...N honestly: I'm missing my ayah a lot! 1st, I can't forget the memory I had in June last year where I brought my ayah to Cameron Highland...had a great time together, but the most cherished moment when I brought him for strawberry plucking...Bknlah satu mende yg gempak gegile for certain people...but the most precious experience for me as I still remember having those strawberries in my mouth..hihi...nyum!Then, otw back...I sent him a pack of strawberries cuz he hates Cameron...hmm...I guess I should've stopped talking bout, dis rite?

Btw...let me just tell u what I found fr surfing tdy:

From Yahoo! Food:
A study at the University of Ulster in Ireland reveals that the more fruit a teenage girl eats, the stronger her bones become.

Researchers evaluated the diets and bone density of 1,345 adolescents in Ireland between the ages of 12 and 15. The strongest correlation appeared in 12-year-old girls who ate the most fruit (7 daily ounces or more). Compared to moderate fruit consumers, these girls had higher bone-mineral densities, an indicator of bone strength. The researchers speculate that fruit may help to buffer the normal acids in a diet. In the absence of fruit, the acids may cause calcium to be released from the bones as a substitute buffer, resulting in a weaker skeleton

I'm so I'll put strawberry pix in every postings which hasn't got any pix/pix expired...& of blog template!:D

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