Thursday, June 28, 2007

heart bento

Heart Bento 2-05-07
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Hmmm...cantik kan lunch box nieh~! Well...dis pix is from flickr & I really enjoy having dis pix in my blog ! Thanks to flickr...I dun have to be worried bout having a pix without anyone's permission...Good work flickr!

This is a lunch box consists of strawberry, rice,broccoli & loads pf other stuff...pls click on the owner's name for more beautiful pix...Cayaklaaa....aku tabik toing2 same ini pix, good creations!

Today is as usual..the moment I entered the office today everyone told me I look so exhausted. Tanti balik Ganu, Su kat Johor...aku sorang2. Nak suruh adik2 aku datang sini tak boleh plak sbb sume kena jage atuk...Hmm...boring...

I'm so hunggrrrrrrYYYY!!! Nak gi makan dulu...nanti aku tulis lagik kalo ade mase:D

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