Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Anjou Pear, originally uploaded by espion.

Hmmm...pear with purple background:D A perfect pix for mee.....hehehehe....

What wikipedia says bout pear:

"The form of the pear and of the apple respectively, although usually characteristic enough, is not by itself sufficient to distinguish them, for there are pears which cannot by form alone be distinguished from apples, and apples which cannot by superficial appearance be recognized from pears. The main distinction is the occurrence in the tissue of the fruit, or beneath the rind, of clusters of cells filled with hard woody deposit in the case of the pear, constituting the "grit," while in the apple no such formation of woody cells takes place. The appearance of the tree—the bark, the foliage, the flowers—is, however, usually quite characteristic in the two species."

Got up early in the morning & went to Kajang post office to pay my bills. Saw lots of nice stuff;gonna sent something to Azim n Ika cuz I missed their wedding. Had to go to hospital (luckily I was around or else ayah would be exptremely tired in the hospital alone).

Before dat went & ate nasik lemak with rendang daging. Not bad...siap ade daun pisang lagik. Sape nak try mehlah dtg Sg Ramal, Kajang yeee...

Bought SAMPUL SURAT HARI PERTAMA. Hehehe. One of my fav stuff. (with the encouragement of my dad) & some new & exciting stamps for my dad. Gambo serangge...hihi...nice & cheeky insects...

Pastuh...dah settle...went to Maybank to pay my rent. Dah abis, went to Giant to buy some groceries...including a sack of sweet pears & corns! Hihihi...then bought dragon fruit...& tapau KFC's whipped potatoes for my dinner:D

Went back n relax at home until Ogie called me. Yeayyy...she;s coming home. Gossips all the way...mane taknye dah lame tak berjumpe. Then talked about the fact dat both of us are trying very hard to avoid marriage...n our mums sure gave the same excuses & same nags...hihi...nice!

Lucky we're best friends. Lucky we have the same aspiration cuz it's very easy when our mums are asking bout either one of us. Cuz takde sape yg menunjukkan minat n both menutup telinga. Wondering what's gonna happen if both of us are going to see each other soon:D

Bergayut more than an hour...than I took bath again & wearing all black to work. (hmmm....today just realised that his t-shirt is in my drawer..God...dunno how to return anymore. That t-shirt was just a reminder of Dunhill's perfume dat I luved so much!)

Something happened yesterday. We bumped into each other. Looked at each other before we changed our path. N I'm thinking, "Ya Allah....did u made this as a test for me?"

Btw...let bygones be bygones....life carries on:D


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