Wednesday, July 04, 2007


This is bergamot orange. What is bergamot?


The bergamot orange (Citrus aurantium subsp. bergamia) is a small and roughly pear-shaped citrus fruit. The fruit, produced in Italy, is a cross between the pear lemon and the Seville orange or grapefruit. Bergamot oranges grow on small trees known as bergamots.

Production mostly is limited to the Ionian coastal region of the province of Reggio Calabria in Italy, to such an extent that it is becoming a symbol of the entire region and the city. In no other part of the world does it fructify with the same yield and quality of essence; it is cultivated in Ivory Coast, Argentina and Brazil, but the quality of the obtained essence is not comparable with the essence produced from the bergamots of Reggio Calabria, on account of the argillaceous, limestone and alluvial deposits found there.

The fruit is sour, and its aromatic peel is used to produce an essential oil that is used in Earl Grey tea, in perfumery, in candy-making, and in aromatherapy to treat depression. It is also used as a digestive aid. It is a component of the original Eau de Cologne developed in Germany in the 17th century.

At least one Italian food manufacturer produces a commercial marmalade using this fruit as its principal ingredient. It is also popular in Greece as a preserve, made with bergamot peel boiled in sugar syrup.

The Bergamot orange is unrelated to the Bergamot herb.

The oil has been linked to several negative side-effects, such as photosensitivity (due to the chemical bergaptene) and the prevention of intestinal absorption of potassium.

Sbrnye kan...aku dok bace buku Step-by-step Aromatherapy-aromatic essential oils for natural healing, (Carole McGilvery), buku yg aku beli mase kat book fair dekat KL Convention Center bulan lepas. Buku nieh coloured, Illustration & facts menarik pasal aromatherapy, after less aku dpt buku nieh only for 5 bucks...caya tak? N since I'm inti dis kinda thing...aku dgn syoknye masukkan dlm basket aku arituh...hehehe...

Aku tak pernah jumpe Bergamot orange...but kalo ade, aku nak try skali...sbb bagus utk reduce temperature & indigestion. Lagipun bau citrus nieh tak pernah rugi....lagik2 org yg kuat muntah macam aku nieh...jalan jauh sikit jek dah mula muntah....huhu..

Byk yg aku blaja arinieh pasal bergamot...ade gambo dll...kalo rajin klik la kat gambo bergamot nieh...lots of things to learn. But bergamot ade gak dlm bentuk herb...but not related at all dgn orange bergamot...

Utk life....takde ape yg menarik. Me...keje, books...sleep again...Dats why aku dok menyibukkan diri bace mende berguna dr layan2 perasaan:D Cuz after what Aaron told me yesterday, I'm thinking twice now. Huuuhh...kenape die jd senior team Aaron pulak? Hmmm...obviously, i'm not going to have my chat session at Aaron's desk anymore...ish.. astrology forecast for the day:

If you feel that there is too much duality today, divide up your time more firmly.

Friction between you and a certain party creates fire -- and adds some welcome heat to your love life! The stars play up the qualities between you two that are in opposition -- but that only attracts you all the more.

Pastuh update bola:

* huhu...Fernando Torres pindah Liverpool...Luis Garcia gi Athletico. Boleh ke? Gracias Luis Garcia...ur controvercial goal will always be with us & set our history:D

* Boleh ke Eduardo nieh jd bagus macam Henry?

* I hate Chelsea...I hate Sam Allerdyce...yuck...& I'm fed up with Newcastle....yuck!!!!!

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