Tuesday, July 17, 2007

libra-aries fidelity

Celebrate individual strengths and support each other’s sensitivities. Together, you’re a powerful force of nature. Be each other’s anchor and respect each other’s territory. Although Aries is more impulsive and quicker to take a stand, Libra’s viewpoint is valid and helpful. Aries shouldn’t shut Libra down. Encourage good communication.

Finances are likely improve this year and next. Libra’s confidence spirals upward and this turns you both on. Libra wants to travel to some faraway, exciting place, and Aries is advised to be a willing travel companion ­ or miss out on fabulous times. Look at each other with fresh, forgiving, admiring eyes. This is a great year to start anew.

Thanks to: www.elle.com

Well...I dun have much time to say things today...hopefully everything will be good...cuz I'm so blody tired. It's onyl Tuesday but I feel like Saturday is tumbling down...huwaaaaaahhhh!!!!

I got job to do n job getting hard. I saw him everyday but I couldn't get dat near though. I looked at him secretly everyday...(tuh yg parah tuh!) Since when I can downgrade my pride like dis aku pon tak tau. But I do know dat I know myself perfectly well...compared to the others (Hmm...I hate judgments!)

Something intresting I found in Elle.com...which really makes me smile cuz it's girlish n it's true...hahahaa...if u wanna know more...I suggest u visit the site itself...cuz it's full of cool stuff..:D

Wanna go...gonna get back to work...arghhhh...tired!

I listened to dis song n I loved it!

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