Friday, July 13, 2007

i did it AF way...'s Friday! I'm so hepi dat dis week come to end sebab aku bz gegiler minggu nieh! Fuuuuuuhhhhh!!!!!

Yesterday I was having my own event for traditional dressed up competition in conjunction to Merdeka Day....aduihh..penatnye! Come to think about it....I'm so damn tired Bloody tired with trainings dat I have di week...meetings...presentations....n this organising.

But, I did it! I did it the Akademi Fantasia way & most of them participated very well...MY fashion show went ok, my prizes & votes made my day...the help I got from my teammates:FANTASTIC~~~!!!

Today, we need to entertain our heads from UK...I'm wearing my department t-shirt now (again, I'm not formal...argghhh!!!). Disruption in my plan for wardrobe surely makes me lose my head.:D

But it's is Friday & I'm gonna have my kebab dinner with my temmates~! I'm gonna have fun cuz tomorroiw's I'm off nak pergi tgk HARRY POTTER & ORDER OF PHOENIX kat One Utama! Yeayy...sight seeing...& fun times cuz we have the cinema for our own use since my company is organising events there...yeayyy...tak payah tgk ngan budak2 ingus from skool....hehe...

What ever....I'm relax...wish me the best:D

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