Wednesday, April 02, 2008

i'm back! wow u my blog? hmm...lame tak update kan. So many things nak jot down kat sini...tak taulah sempat ke tidak. Hopefully sempat...bout what happened to me:

I was organising a charity programme to increase funds for my department. Guess what? I was the Project Manager! Hehehe. Boleh masuk The Apprentice after this. But I managed to collect more than RM500 in the end. Satisfactory la...considering I had such a limited time. My objective? Food Dedication. Chocolate laa...candy laa...kek laa...macam lagik. Successful project? Indeed it was.

I started to feel sick & found a lump on my back. I grew everyday I couln't tell what it was. My mum said-"Bisul kot". But takde pulak matanye. So, I was guessing. It became painful day by day. I was working so I had to ignore the pain all the time. Took my pills & worked. This normally happens to a person who always say no to other things than work & family:D

I woke up with back pain. Ignored. Dats the normal me. Went to work with my purple skirt. Guess what? I looked really awkward in dat skirt with dat lump. I ignored dat. Went to work. It's the 27th! I need to work or risk my MC rate! I'm not an MC person. So there I was...entertaining my customers while sitting in the office until I felt a big stab of pain. And I knew I couldn't take it.

My boss sent me to the nearest clinic. The moment the doctor saw the lump, she said:
Dr: U have to do something bout this.
Me: Sure. Dats why I'm meeting u today.
Dr: U cannot carry on working like dis.
Me: For today?
Dr: No. Today and tommorrow.
Me: Then, i'll be having 2 days MCs? Can it just be today?
Dr: No. I'll give you the medication and u have to rest.
ME: Then I'll be alrite?
Dr: I don't know. U have to see a doctor after this medicine finishes. I think you might be hospitalised if this is not cured.
Me: What is this thing by the way?
Dr: A blood clot.

There I was. Rushed back to Seremban immediately. Took the medicine. In pain.

What happened next? Hehehehe...I will tell you. Tommorrow. Because I want to read my new book. I think I fall in love with the author. Hehehe. And I still wish to listen to this song though it is now consider as an old song already:D

This is me. I'm back:D

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