Tuesday, July 28, 2009

finding orkid: my inspiration

White Orchid - orchid-01, originally uploaded by Bahman Farzad.

I always love weird stuff, weird names, weird pronounciation. It might be lunatic to some of the human beings in the planet - I mean, not everyone will love to laugh at weird names, right? But I do. I even laughed at mine once. I laughed at my father's in front of him because it sounds too Javanese to me. (told him I wish that his name will be a bit glamorous so that I will sound "more glamorous") . He told me then, "Kakak...from one long list of names, how did you managed to find your name?"

I answered, "Cari nama ayah." (by finding your (my father) name)

And since then, I truly appreciate the uniqueness that my late grandfather has ever given to my beloved father.

Then, I laughed at my mum's name. Her name symbolizes 2 meanings, depending which Arabic character you put in front of her name. Zakiah - either it is "the bright/smart one" or "the clean/pure one". I laughed at the second part, of course. As a working mum, she doesn't have that much of time to clean the house:)

I laughed at my brother's because he never uses his name. My mum used to tell me Ian Rush has got something to do with his name. She loves him so much (as a Liverpool football player) until she couldn't grasp other name for my brother. As I mentioned earlier, my brother never uses his name - for some reason he was given a nickname "Atan" - a typical Negeri Sembilan nick name by my grandmother since birth. So, my mum's hope of calling him Ian - a so-called Westerner name was demolished - he was called Atan - an ancient name used since God knows when.

Being a single person never stops me from thinking about a name which I might give to my own children one day. I take this post as a prayer, hoping that one day my dream of having my own children will succeed. I desperately wanted to preserve my parents' ambition of naming me "Yasmin" when I was small. They wanted to name me after a flower.

But Yasmin is too common for me. I want something different....extraordinary. Therefore, after watching "Sepet" - a film by Yasmin Ahmad, I have decided to name my child (insyaAllah) - Orkid which is also my favourite flower:)

Sepet was an inspiration - a name which I called my ex-boyfriend.
Orkid is a destination - I'm praying hard for this.
Yasmin was supposed to be my name but I was inspired by someone named Yasmin instead.

Al-Fatihah to Yasmin Ahmad. A filmmaker and my inspiration:)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha .... at least bagi kaktie nama sha tu sedaplah jugak. Nama kak tie ni macam nama orang dulu kala.... mujur ayah tak bubuh nama joyah!

Pocket said...

'...answered, "Cari nama ayah." (by finding your (my father) name)...'

yes, and your name also easily tracked tru the Fesbuk search engine by your father's name too..
picked three out of the whole world!!

imagining orkid as sepet as dat lady from 'sepet' (Saper namer dia?)

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

kak tie:
---> ehehe....kak tie pon org dahulu kala...so name mestilah style dahulu kala:)

---> haah...dats why la he is so proud with his name...cet...!!! yg lagi 3 org tuh my brothers laa...dats why name same:)

u cakap sharifah amani ke bro?