Thursday, July 30, 2009

sha: bride and pengkudis

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I have a story to tell you. (English again? Aahhh...gasaklah!)

There was one girl in school who was unsure of herself.
She was never popular as she was not pretty.
At school, she was "just another girl".
If it was not because of her smart brain, she won't win any prizes in any competition at all.

Despite that, she had number of friends - boys and girls.
She was talkative and cheerful enough to be someone's best friend.
So, she was not that bad after all....

There was a boy among all her friends.
He was quiet, unpopular and nice to look at.
But he was kind and smart and very understanding.
The boy and the girl were friends since they were small.
They went to the same school - from kindergarten to primary school and even to the secondary school.
They rode the same bus, ate together and even went back to their hostel together.

Since they were close, their parents became close too.
The girl was close the boy's mother and so did the boy.
The girl was the boy's father favourite and so did the boy.

Unfortunately, they went separate ways when they got the offer to colleges.
The girl went to the north and the boy went to the south.
However, since they were used to each other, they still contact each other.
They met each other during semester break, checked out on messenger when there was any free time and called each other when there was money.

And they dated each other once.

As time went by, both the girl and the boy got busy.
Every time the girl went back to her hometown, she met the boy's mother.
And every time the boy went back to his hometown, he met her grandfather.
They never met each other since final year and it dragged until they finished their studies.

One day, the girl got a message from the boy - the boy asked her to call him.
She was busy so she did not call him at all.

After few months, the boy graduated.
The girl went online and saw a picture of him and the girlfriend - they graduated together.
She smiled and she wished him congratulations.
He did not reply.

Few years later, the girl went back to her hometown.
She was told that she received an invitation.
It was from the boy's mother - asking the girl to come to the boy's wedding.
She went to the wedding and she saw the boy with his wife.

She smiled to the wife but the wife did not smile back.

Then, she met the boy's mother.
The boy's mother hugged her and kissed her.
The girl thought the boy's mother was crying but she did not bother to ask.

Then, the boy's father asked the girl's mother about the girl.
The girl then met the boy's father.
The boy's father asked the girl to meet the boy.
The girl did not meet the boy.
The girl went back without any feeling.
The girl was happy because the boy was finally married.

A year after the wedding...

The girl's mother went to the hospital.
She met the boy's mother who was working there.
The girl's mother asked about the boy.
And the boy's mother answered:
"If only I ask for your daughter's hand. I wish she is my daughter in-law instead!"

But the girl's mother was so smart...
She said, "This is among the children. Let them settle it."

When the girl's mother got home, she told the girl about the boy's mother.
The girl smiled and said, " Mum, u've been brilliant."

Question: Whose mother is that?


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