Monday, August 31, 2009

#10 ramadhan diary 09: flavours of malaysia

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While I was typing my blog at 06:31pm, I was envying Denise Keller. I was watching Passage to Malaysia for the second time after last night, and I think I'll be watching it again:)

I didn't know whether there is a co-incidence that there were several Merdeka programs through every channel, but I was loving it. In contrast to years when we were wattching Bollywood programs during Merdeka Day, I was satisfied. Especially when Astro presents 150 programs under NEGARAKU. Though it was my deepest regret that I didn't have the learning channels to watch discovery, but channel 707 (Discovery Travel and Living) was already enough for me. Whoever inspired the Flavours of Malaysia was truly a genius. Tourism Malaysia was doing something right and they deserved a compliment.

I watched the programs from Planet Food, Bourdain's program in Malaysia, Globe Tracker, Lonely Planet Six Degrees and other programs concerning Malaysia. Each program was making me happy. The feeling was like falling in love.

I acknowledged that at least 3 programs which were showing kuih as one of Melaysian specialties . Food Safari for example, was showing a kuih eating place in Australia. It has inspired me a lot. A simple dish has been brought to the other part of the world.

I'm a very poetic person at heart but I can't express my feelings right now. I'm truly amaze with my own country and I'm extremely proud. The taste of Merdeka is so sweet, like a kuih:)

Happy Merdeka everyone.

* the school will re-open tommorrow...Cikgu Sha is so lazy....beat her!


Rynn Cowbra said...

Donut dan kuih lapes yang sangat mbahagiakan.

harineh rynn makan seri ayu, kuih ketayap, taufufa, karipap.

tsk tsk.teruk betul kepuakaan tekak rynn. ahaks!

Rynn Cowbra said...

fine la.
tak rase mesia lak panggey donut.

kuih gelang oke!

Tie said...

Err....tak boleh nak fikir.. asyik teringatkan kuih2 kat atas tu, ekekeke......

atty's said...

macam2 pilihan ado hah ..

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

---> makan ke ape nieh...banyaknya!!!

kak tie:
---> kak tie mmg...kalau bab makan mmg kreatif:)

---> sila...sila...makanlah:)