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#8 ramadhan diary 09: jom injection!

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I haven't heard from this particular friend of mine for quite sometime. It has been a week since the last time he sms me and we're no longer acknowledging each other at work. It's not so surprising, considering he just got married last year. He will need some adjustments this Ramadhan.

Who would've expected this married man will send messages to me anymore? I mean, he is married. His reputation was not great, but for me he was a great friend. He helped me several times when the person who was supposed to helped me was not. I had stopped smsing him to eliminate the risk of jealousy/gossips. There is one bitter thing about being a single woman - people will misinterpret WHATEVER you're doing. In my friend's case over here, I was actually letting him go, considering we were not in the same club. He then insisted that the friendship should continue:)

I went online after sahur - checked out on flickr and tried to bloghop (which I haven't done in months!) when suddenly I saw my handphone blipping.

Assalamualaikum Sha! - sent by FRIEND 06:47 am.

I smiled. Not because a married man had sms me, but because he was my friend. He teased me about boyfriends (he is still figuring out my status...ahahaha..) and I teased him about making Ramadhan baby. I was so happy that he was happy:)

Oh yeah...I went or a typhoid injection (again!) yesterday. I hate syringes! Adoiiii...!I went to meet the doctor considering that my last typhoid injection was suposed to expire in one more year. But the doctor suprised me by telling me that there was no record from the milk factory about the date I had my last injection. That was very funny considering that someone had told me that her work was PERFECT. Yeah...right:P

We discussed from the medical perspective about taking another jab.The doctor said okay and he recommended that. It was better that way, considering that I knew the department which was dealing with my records in the milk factory. I don't really mind the delay (because it was in the culture, I guess) but I do mind about the busy-body part. I can assure you, they were ENTHUSIASTIC in minding other people's business even after they resigned.I was there when they did that to others and I know I'll be the next topic if I ever talk to them again. So much for the HUMANISM:)

I checked on my facebook's inbox...for some reason I can't reply lots of messages I have received from my college mates and schoolmates! There was one message which I really liked though. It was a message from my crush in college who said hi and asked for my well being. He just got a baby boy in June! So, another message from a married man:p

Blip..blip...another message. It was from my blogger friend who told me about how bad his day was...kesiannye! For record, this person was also married.

I know my own limitations and I am well educated and raised properly by my parents. If you got to know me, you will know that I am not more than just a friend to everyone...

To the ones who were making assumptions and loved spreading the gossips about ME, I have a suggestion:

Please take the OPENNESS and PROXIMITY jabs from your doctor:)

* going to berbuka in The Coffee Shop again today...

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