Sunday, August 16, 2009

sha: pillow talk

my "room seven" bed, originally uploaded by *Püppilottchen*.


"...It also can consist of two or more friends talking late at night. The "pillow talking" generally takes place at night and involves talk of romantic interests. The friends do not have to be in the same bed, although this does happen occasionally..."

There used to be a program called "Pillow Talk" at NTV7. I only watched this program once, because I didn't have time to watch the other series. It was not a big loss, though because I didn't enjoy the show that much:)

When I was small, I used to have my pillow talk during school holidays with my cousins. We'll share stories from all our schools, talk about music and how much we loved boy bands and stuff. Nenek used to scold us because we giggled threw pillows. We thought she was not listening but she did. Despite the scolding, she was actually enjoying the time swe were discussing things. We knew she was eavesdropping! Now that Ramadhan is coming, I am missing the pillow talking activities. Shasha is in down under and Nenek is no longer with us...

When I was a teenager, I used to spend my nights "pillow talking" with my friends because your friends are family in school. It was not difficult if you're staying in boarding school. because you only have your friends around. Push the beds together, bring your pillows and whisper. Discuss your romantic interest and your fantasies with friends - "I think this is not cute, you're supposed to do this...", "Have u seen this guy..." - your friends knew more. Mummies were not supposed to know what were you discussing. Mummies were not supposed to know about you love letters:)

When I was a college student, I spent nights and nights talking about a guy I used to admire. About his pony tail and his big bike. About his one-time "Hi Sha!" in English class. But this pillow talking stopped after I met my college boyfriend. Sadly, I never done any pillow talking about my own boyfriend. Why? I am still figuring that out. I spent my nights pillow talking about my friends' boyfriends instead of mine. We cooked some maggie, spread our comforters and done pillow talking until dawn:)

When I was a fresh grad and staying with friends, the pillow talking was becoming lesser. We had pillow talks during weekends because we compiled the stories of the week. But the conversation was becoming more serious. The romantic interest was more into wedding plans:)

I am turning 27 and my pillow talk is now with my best friend, ibu. We will talk about the people I like but not love. Hahaha. Ibu is very sporting - though she is rejecting the idea of me being single for life. But guess what? I am enjoying this pillow talking with my mother than any other pillow talking I've ever had!

There is another meaning of pillow talk but I'm too shy to put it in here (hihihi). Check on wikipedia - pillow talk. I guess that I can never get this type of pillow talk. But who knows? :p

Does talking about romantic interest through the phone at night counts?



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