Friday, August 21, 2009

sha: i am sam

I watched this film last week with my parents. I never knew Sean Penn until ibu was saying,
"Let's watch Sean Penn!" I mean,from the looks of him I knew he is an actor, I have seen him in other movies but I never knew his name (call me pathetic but I'm bad in knowing actors' name!) Thanks to my updated ibu, now I know that he is Sean Penn:)

I started concentrating on the movie as soon as I saw Dakota Fanning. I have this tendency of liking a film which has sweet kids especially the talented ones:)

I did not cry at all. I did not sniff. But I felt something. I felt like accepting.

I met several girls who can't accept things as it is recently:

Girls who are blaming their parents for not making them beautiful because they say the parents are not beautiful to create beautiful babies. They are blaming their parents for not giving them ample of time and more space for what they called as "freedom".

They blame an ustazah for teaching them solat and for scolding them when they are not correctly pronouncing the words in doa.

They blame the boys for not noticing them when they laugh so loud until they lost their feminine appeal.

They blame their friends for "stealing" boyfriends when the "boyfriend" never even liked them.

Alhamdulillah...though life has not been a land of chocolate factory for me, I am still here...alive and not blaming anyone.

If the girl in the movie can accept her retarded father (which is hard),it must be much easier for me to accept things as it is?


* I feel like Sam today...adeh...this barista made lots of mistake today!~

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