Thursday, August 06, 2009

sha in love: dead smart

I was bringing Adik to watch Harry Potter recently (I don't want to comment on the movie). I desperately wanted to eat KFC's jelly ice cream until I was willing to que in the trainee's line! The Indian boy was damn slow, but I was waiting patiently until I thought my ears were fuming with gas:P

Adik wanted a set of MCValue, so we agreed to meet at McD for the lunch and I'll take our desserts from KFC over to McD. After having some anger management and so on, I proudly presented Adik with the desserts. I sat down, satisfying my need for jelly ice cream when he asked me this question about boyfriend.

I always turn the table around when he is asking these kind of questions so I asked him:

"Nak abang ipar macam mana?"

With fries full in his mouth, he replied,
"Yang pandai."

I don't know whether u experience the moment of silence in you life. U always know what to say, how to answer and how to tackle a situation but one day u got lost over a simple statement. And that was what happened to me on that day.

This form 5 student in front of me have made up his mind, I know. From the looks of it, he wanted me to think. Question is, how smart?

" Kalau dia tak brapa pandai, tapi baik...macam mana?" I asked the question tactfully.

He simply replied, "Taknak."

" Taknak yang macam mana?" I started to dig...

" Mamat kilang. Taknak." and I laughed loudly until the girls who giggled loudly at the next table just now stopped giggling.

Of course, being a young teenager, I don't know whether he realised that there are lots of positions in a factory and not just operators. But I have to respect my own brother's opinion kan?

" Kakak tengok nanti...kalau Adik dapat minah kilang, kakak tonyoh2 minah tuh..." I smiled.

" Kalau kakak dapat mamat kilang, siaplah mamat tu kena belasah. Adik ajak yang lain (his brothers) sekali." He smiled.

" Sebab mamat kilang suka modified kereta?" I cheekily asked him. He frowned deeply. I managed to tease him, I know.

Question is how smart is smart? A guy with phD or degree? When he is driving a Lancer? If he is driving a Wira-perasan-Lancer, is he consider as not smart?

Does a guy needs to have a business card to call himself smart? Tak jugak kan...most guys I met with business cards are not smart. They just know how to TALK BIG. And I don't want to keep rubbish in my bed:)

I reserved most of my comments so it won't hurt my brothers' ears. But it keeps on bugging me.

Meet my former boyfriend who had a degree in IT (finally!). He didn't know what to do with me when another girl had a crush on him ---> pandai ke?

Meet my former boyfriend who excelled in everything but life. He made all the wrong choices which ended our relationship ---> pandai ke?

Meet the other snobs who think that they are smart but they don't really know what they are doing.

I will, of course...not going to tell my brother yet that I just want someone who appreciates life and works hard for it. It will just going to complicate things:)

Like in this ending of Dead Poet Society - a favourite movie of mine. I won't tell my brother how much I want my man to have courage rather than being just smart. I want the guy with "the real brain." If he is smart without a principle, is he still consider as smart kan?

In "my" moment of silence, I let him talk about how bad mamat kilang to me. Hehehehe...


~Cinta Cukulet~ said...

pandai tak semestinya ada ijazah berjela-jela..kadang2 ada jugak org yang ada master ada phd tapi 'kurang cerdik' dan ada jugak org yang tak sekolah tapi bijaksana..kan? hehehehe

faridmw said...

salam.... setiap ilmu yang diterima mesti ada faedahnya... kadang2 bila tinggi ilmu kita, kita tak tahu menggunakan sama seperti tiada ilmu... nak senyum pon tak boleh jika terjadi begitu... hehehe

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

---> sokong...sokong...itulah yg cuba nak disampaikan nieh:)

---> memang...dan disebabkan itu walaupon kite pandai tp nampak bodoh...

Rina said...

The man I fell in luv with doesn't have a degree from some fancy shmancy college or university but he's the most inteliigent man I've known... Then again, when it comes down to luv, does anything else matter? :)