Tuesday, August 04, 2009

sha: pervert?

I finally managed to take my bath in silence after grumbled the whole hour about the que in the bathroom. Biasalah, dok hostel macam tulah. One girl who had a very long hair was in the shower for more than one hour. The other girl, who loved to wash her undies when she was in the bathroom would definitely spent more time with her undies. And don't forget the other girls who had to wash their sanitary pads before throwing it away. And girls will be girls. At that age u'll be wondering a lot so that's the reason why u have to check on so many things. We don't have to elaborate on that, shall we?

With my wet hair and squeaky clean skin, I climbed on my double deck. I was the only form 3 girl that year who was assigned to be in form 5's dormitary. That was the punishment I received after the headmistress caught me "flying" illegally from school. I was caught with other students, though. And I was not the only one who did that. Perhaps my parents were not rich enough to contribute few thousands to the school, or to present the headmistress with silk baju kurung or tudung. That's the reason why I have been punished and others were not. I care less bout that because rather than giving the headmistress the money, I would appreciate if my parents could spend on my growing brothers instead.

" I saw this cute guy from form 5M and he was checking my friend out. He was cute but I don't think what he did was appropriate and I think it makes him look ugly...." I was writing that down in my diary when I heard my seniors gasped in awe!


And I looked at them indifferently. Those seniors were really pathetic. They would screamed for no reason, got mad over something they should not and they were damn busy body! Plus, don't forget the prententious part.

One of my seniors slid down the floor. The others put their hands on their mouth...


" I knew he could tackled my friend differently. He just had to smile at her or something. Or write to her. He is cute and he is smart but I don't know which head he was using when he approached my friend just now...Was it his head or his other head?"

Somebody screamed from the form 1 level. I stopped writing and started to ask, "What's wrong?"

One of my kind seniors in the room showed me to the path outside the hostel (which was a few meter to us)

There he was, juggling with his 'thing'. He was grinning from ear to ear because the girls were screaming. Guess what? I had the best view of the 'thing' because we were on 1st floor and my bed was opposite him.

The girls couldn't stopped screaming and gasping. In my head, I was wondering whether it was a pleasurable screams or the pretentious screams as always. Podah laaa...

I looked at the guy. He was smiling at me. He proudly juggled with his "thing" in front of me. I didn't smile back. I just ignored him.

" Psssstt....pssst..." he hissed. He was trying to catch my attention.

I looked back at him. Then something triggered in my mind. I laughed like nobody's business and pointed my finger to his "thing".

I think he did not realised what I was doing. He kept on doing what he did but eventually he stopped when I couldn't stopped laughing. My friends, who realised what I was doing, laughed too (thanks to the same mentality).

The guy zipped his pants, climbed his bike and left. He got the message.

My seniors called me later that day. Blamed me for so many other things. Tortured my mind as always. But I kept my silence...

They didn't realise who chased that guy away. And why the guy left. They were being "innocent". As always...


Tie said...

Dia tunjuk 'adik' dia ke ??

Ooo... dasat!! Napa sha tak report ke Hm tu ?

♠ y.a.n.i.e putrajaya ♠ said...


budak lelaki ni kekadang ganaz.....sampai lupa zip eh


Neeza Shahril said...

kak neeza pernah kena dengan flasher.. akak kat toilet satu shopping mall kat KL.. tetiba akak dengar orang panggil kat pintu toilet.. nak pengsan rasanya.. akak kelam kabut masuk toilet.. dia masuk jugak.. lama akak dalam tu.. lelama dia blah.. takut nya laaa

Quiyah said...

ouh..flasher! aku pon pnah kene tau sha.. masa skola gak.. tp tak layan pon.. last2 mcm tula..die pon blah.. kikiki.. padan muke die..

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

kak tie:
---> hmmm...tau pon...itulah...report pon tak guna sbb die org luar...bukan dak sekolah kitowang...

---> memang...tadi ade sorang budak tuh macam tuh...sha tegur barulah merah2 muka budak sekolah tuh...ehehe

kak neeza:
---> siap panggil? laaa...melampau tuh! kasi potong baru die tau kot!

---> huuh...memang tuh je ko leh buat pon...ko jerit kang die suke lak...