Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sha in love: being a libra babe 2

As I mentioned in my previous posting sha: being a libra babe, Stargazer (in Cleo) stated that I'm going to be attracted to smart guys. Which is true (coincidentally) because I truly like smart guys. It also said that sophistication, looks and style will be the additional points.

What made it more interesting was the fact that Stargazer put a word "Try" after it described the Love Match.

It said:

Try: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

I grinned from ear to ear.

This was because I found it really amusing.

Some people in my life are either Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Hihi.

Aries - my ex-boyfriend Sepet.
Gemini - my best friend since secondary school named Ogie.
Leo - my life time best friend, ibu and the facade I used to admire in college:)
Sagittarius -Mr. Ketupat (alamak). Should I mention Mr. Pocket too? (double alamak)
Aquarius - most of my close friends from school to college. And most of my dates too:P

I began to laugh when I read this. The co-incidence will always be there if you're prepared to believe it. But I didn't. (God is great, these are just theories right?)

Most of the websites, magazines, or even books I came across had put different types of views. I was not that amused when Cleo stated Gemini and Aquarius but when it came to...

- Aries, it definitely made me quiet for a moment -thinking whether I made the right decision to break up with Sepet

- Leo, it was creating some awareness -thinking about how many kids does my crush has right now),

- and when it came to Sagittarius, I was thinking about Mr.Ketupat's girlfriend unsaddled reaction if she knows Libra and Sagi are compatible- I think she'll hate me more...hehe).

My argument would be:

- If my right partner is Aries - why did I broke up with Sepet? Clearly, stars are not holding us together:)

- If my right partner is Leo - the facade whom I admired would've chosen me over my housemate:)

- If my right partner is Sagittarius - why on earth is my friendship with Mr. Ketupat feels like Manchester United and Liverpool rivalry?

So, do I agree that the stars rule my decision making; especially when it comes to life partners?


This atrological reading is fun.

There is co-incidence.

But should you believe it?

It's up to you!

Have you found any co-incidence about your zodiac recently?

I did.

* I changed my comment setting to a pop up window. Tell me whether it's working:)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sha: jenab, are you a gay?

Jenab is a rabbit whom we bought a week before I left my job. When we bought Jenab, we also bought Jamal. I remember my specific instruction to the seller:

"Apek, kasi satu jantan, satu betina."

He asked me, "Satu pasang aaa, miss?"

I nodded and passed him RM50 note. One rabbit cost RM30 but since I bought two, I got to buy them for RM50.

Ibu and my brother, Shahmi were there too. When I looked at Jenab's bubbly character, I was automatically drawn to her. She was very active. Most people would buy a white rabbit, I prefer a gray rabbit with white feet, pink nose and pink ears. Jamal on the other hand was white with grey spots.

The Apek put both Jamal and Jenab in a box. Shahmi proudly carried the rabbits through the hassle and bustle of pasar malam and gently held the box while we were riding in the car. I knew he was fond with both of them.

"Apa aku nak bagi nama kau ni, rabbit?" I asked the rabbits. As if they could answer me.

Ayah answered, "Jamal dengan Jenab," there was a hint of Kelantanese accent in both names.

"Kenapa?" I asked ayah.

Ayah and ibu then told me a story in Scouts Camp back in the late 70s. That was when they were still in Teachers' College and way before I was borned.They were playing a game which used Jamal and Jenab as the characters. The game was in Kelantanese accent. One would tell the story while the others must continue the story. But they can use only one alphabet. My ayah and ibu recalled the alphabet 'J'.

"Jamal jale-jale." ayah said.
"Jamal jumpo Jenab." ibu said.
"Jeng Jeng Jeng...."ayah said.

Honestly, I feel like putting more wordings in here, but it's sx-rated and I would like to prevent any wrong intrepretations:p

Jamal and Jenab were mine. They were active rabbits though Jenab was more outstanding than Jamal. I would bring them out in the garden for them to exerciseon the grass. Sometimes I chased them too (and I will look darn stupid...hehe)

One day I found that Jamal was dead.

Jenab remained healthy.

We burried Jamal. Jenab became lonely.
It was so devastating to see her so unhappy.

Few weeks after, Shahmi came back with a rabbit. He named him Juan Martin - as a symbol of victory for Juan Martin Del Potro at the Tennis US Open. He was named Juan Martin on the day the Argentinian won the tournament:P

Juan Martin was almost like Jamal but I sensed that Jenab became a bit different. Everytime I feed them lettuce, Jenab would want whatever I gave Juan Martin. Whenever I changed the water, she refrained Juan Martin from drinking it. Jenab was becoming vicious.

I went to an open house and when I got back I saw Juan Martin's weak body. It appeared as if he had piles (buasir). I wonder why. He looked extremely active before I went out.

Jenab was acting as normal.

I was curious. Two male rabbits died in 2 months? Jenab is still alive and getting stronger. Why?

Might be the apek was giving me sick rabbits?
Might be the way I was taking care of the rabbits?

I had no idea.

I changed the water regularly. I made sure the food was fresh. I made sure there's a place for them to poo. And if the way I'm taking care of the rabbits is wrong, then Jenab would be sick too.

But she's not.
She's getting more energetic these days.

Which triggers me questions like:

Is Jenab a male or female?
- If she is a male, why does she needs to kill another male?
- How can I change Jenab's name now if she is indeed a male?
- Why piles? Did Jenab raped the male rabbits or what?

And most importantly,

How am I going to determine whether Jenab is a male or female?
I know how to look at human and cat's private parts.
But not rabbit's.
I've been searching for "it" for days now.
I'm becoming a pervert - searching for rabbit's "it".
I'm afraid Jenab will bit me one day.
I can't bring her to the pet shop.
She is big now and she's too active.

Can I just ask her?

Or him?

Monday, September 28, 2009

sha: let's LOL on monday!

Originally uploaded by Nana* (salala817)
I remember the first thing I learned during my first year of working: monday blues.

The look on each faces I saw in the elevator had suggested a reluctance in waking up from bed, moreover to come to work!

When asked, the answer will be, "Monday Blues, dear."


Perhaps you love your sleep, the scent of your bantal busuk, your tv shows (that's me), your sense of freedom during weekends, you extra activities and hobbies, your companions or even your pet.

You'll have more time on weekends. Right?

But for last week...

You had ketupat and rendang, you got to wear new clothes, you met old and new friends, you got to sleep peacefully with your partners (and in a longer period with quality), you spent more quality time with your childre, you met you partners and got to do things together, you went somewhere different. You did lots..and lots of amazing things.

Because it was raya.

I bet Monday will be blamed today.
You'll call your attitude as Monday Blues.
Poor Monday.
Just because it is the first day of the week?

You will automatically paint the day BLUE:)

Guess what?


Please LOL.

Even though you're at home, watching the rabbits like I do - please LOL.

Because when one person starts to sulk, the next person sitting beside you will turn sour.

So,fill the world with laughter.LOL!
- when your boss is still on holiday but leaving you with files - LOL!
- when your students are not finishing you homework- LOL!
- when Senah brought kuih raya and do not invite you to eat together - LOL!
- when there is a traffic jam - LOL!

"LOL (also written with some or all letters lowercase) is an abbreviation for laughing out loud[1][2] or laugh out loud.[3]"


* I'm expecting a hot-flash blog updates from the bloggers today. When I read blogs, I'll LOL. That will certainly make my day:)

Welcome back bloggers!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

sha in love: being a libra babe

A doll a day - 50/365
Originally uploaded by Yukihana~
As you know, Facebook is good.

I chatted (through FB & YM) with one girl who was not really close to me in college. We were from different circles, she was with somewhat came from an elite group (because she was damn smart and hardworking) and I was with the average ones (the ones who loved to break all rules!). But we definitely knew each other.

Facebook has allowed us to pass comments even though the girl was in Manchester. Unlike myself whose just interested to have a master's degree (which is just still a plan right now - it has not been executed as yet), she has finished her ACCA. I respect her for that. ACCA was not easy. I wish I would do the same, but commitments held most of my dreams:(

One day, while we were chatting, we talked about college mates who got married recently, who gave birth and who are getting married. The normal stuff. We also talked about the ones who remain single:)

Perhaps that is something that we have in common. Our species nearly go to extinction. The single species! Only few of us left. Most of our colleagues are pasting wedding pictures and baby pictures in their Facebook. I rarely changed my profile pictures (because I don't want to look at my own fat pictures these days). On the other hand, this girl will put her pictures traveling across England - looking happy in flower beds:)

What made me laugh was that we were not close but at this stage we were suddenly discussing about our taste and preference. We talked about our fears (to be in a marriage). I was surprise. Never in my wildest dream that someone like her will talk to me about men. I just couldn't believe it.

I guess that was a Facebook magic:P

But there was something interesting in the conversation which I would like to share with you.

"Tulah. Nak orang hebat2. Yang pandai. Ada rupa pulak tu."

Something like that. Not exactly her sentence.

I laughed. What I didn't tell her was:
"Ye, aku pon nak orang pandai. Someone yang faham apa yang kau cuba nak sampaikan. Tapi aku susah sikit nak terima yang handsome. Walaupun aku sangat suka mencuci mata tgk orang handsome."

At least at that point of time I knew I was not crazy by liking someone's smart.

Realistically, I found the handsome ones but rarely find the smart one. I don't care about qualification, a street smart will do. Just like Troy in The Apprentice Season 1. But that is hard to find too:P

Am I being choosy?

At this point of time, I knew for a fact that this does not happen to me alone. Hehe:)

After almost 5 years, I'm suddenly reading Cleo back.It was my habbit when I was in college, before I changed to Women's Weekly or I flipped the Stargazer section, my favourite section everytime I have Cleo in hand:

Love Match:
" Your life feels more balanced when in a committed, faithful relationship, knowing there's someone to watch out for you but you'll always need space for your own life. Am intellectual equal who'll stimulate you brain is a must but if he has looks, sophistication and style, you'll fall in love with that a little bit more!"


I don't know.

I had this conversation in Ramadhan. I read this Cleo in Syawal.

What I read was absolutely the same thing I have been thinking and talking to the girl.

I don't really believe in all these things.

It was just for fun.

But there's more.

There is also a suggestion in Stargazer.

I'll tell you more about that in my next posting. This posting itself is getting long.

Tell me: What's your zodiac?

* I just realised that my posting was too emotional yesterday and I had changed my direction to food recently....adoiii....

sha: confession of regret

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Glory MU!

He sms me just one hour ago. I know for a fact that I can never win in this game of sms. We have been smsing each other since the rate of sms was RM0.15 'til it dropped to RM0.01. Thanks to Maxis.

I fiercely replied,

Cet...nak cari gaduh ke. Tak guna!

Our nasty replies continue - even when I'm typing this posting.

This one week has been absolutely heaven. I got him and I was so damn happy. We quarreled, we argued, we discussed too much until we typed sms in deep slumber.

And I was drawn back to the memory of our first peaceful raya together (because we never stopped arguing about MU and Liverpool). I just broke up and things got so messed up. I didn't cry but I was definitely angry. But he cheered me up from morning to evening. From one football match after another.n From the moment I opened my eyes to the moment I wanted to sleep.

It was such a great moment.

I recently found one of his messages:

"sbg fanz MU,aku ttp bersama MU walau aper 100%.kita tgk je season start nanti.
tp aku expect liverpool power thn nie.klu owen msk
MU pun,bgs gak hahaha.ko klu cite sal bola mst
tak nak klh.rase nak cekik je ko nie.nsb baik ko
takde kat sini hehe."

- my friendster's inbox: 08/08/2005

It has been 4 years and Michael Owen is indeed with Manchester United now. He is still saying the same thing about me today andI will never give up any of our arguments about football. That hasn't changed.

Other things changed tremendously over these four years. Even though he is paying attention to me throughout this whole week of holiday, he'll be working again on Monday. He is still going to get married next year. And I'm yet to find peace with his girlfriend.

We're yet to meet each other after the rules imposed by the girlfriend more than a year ago.

Tomorrow, things will be changed.

It will be complicated again.

I have to give ways again.

Tomorrow, I'll stop being clingy to the sweet moments.

Tomorrow, I'll put the barrier again.

For even though he is my best friend, he is not coming to my house for raya. Regardless how wishful I am for this particular person's visit we have to take care of that lady's feelings. How vain. How devastating.

I checked my messages and I saw "I miss you" message last week in this blog. This is not his vocabulary. At least not to me.

Let me just tell you this:

I miss him too.
A lot.

Because tomorrow will be another day.

This evening, he is still the same person.

Enjoy the evening while you still can, Sha.

* Sorry. It's such an emotional evening.
* This is a part of The Ketupat Story.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

sha: tired of noodles

20 college students.

15 houses.

5 cars.

Mission: Raya Visit.

House 1:Main Course: Mee Rebus

House 2:Main Course: Mee Bandung

House 3:Main Course: Mee Kari

House 4:Main Course: Mee Soto

House 5:Main Course: Mee Hailam

House 6:Main Course: Mee Goreng Mamak

House 7:Main Course: Mee Ladna

House 8:Main Course: Mee Tomyam

House 9:Main Course: Kuay Teow Goreng

House 10:Main Course: Mee Hoon Goreng

House 11:Main Course: Kuay Teow Cantonese

House 12:Main Course: Mee Udang

House 13:Main Course: Mee Sup

House 14:Main Course: Mee Jawa

House 15:Main Course: Laksa

Do you find any similarities?

Someone told me yesterday that he wanted to go to Ichiban. I was jealous, considering that the last time I ate ramen was last year. Huhuhuhu...I didn't care if I didn't have romance in my life but I couldn't stand this ramen confession. I wish he didn't tell me that he was going to Ichiban.

I am now salivating while I'm updating my own blog. In fact, I am holding myself so tightly right now. I am refraining myself from typing the word "ramen" in Flickr so that I can view the pictures of ramen. is not good. I must continue blogging and stop thinking about ramen.

Frankly, I have to admit that I'm longing to eat with this person. I wish I have the chance to grab his bowl before he can grab it and have 2 bowls of ramen instead of one. Or look into his eyes while I am slurping my ever so good bowl of ramen. Or make him pay for the ramen, because I am not having that much of money right now and he has more money than me. Now I'm wondering whether I'm thinking straight. Romance over 2 bowls of ramen? Hmmm....not bad! Probably I should consider asking his opinion about this. I've never seen a couple looked gloomily at each other while eating ramen before. Perhaps, I can try?:P

That was just some bubbles of dreams (or hope?). I am now thinking on making an open house dish without having the guests nibbling on the food. Since there are quite number of open houses these days, people tend to get full before they come to your house. I don't want to have too many leftovers, because eventually I have to eat these leftovers and I'll be the one whose getting fatter....and fatter...and fatter:(

Before I could even think of the menu, my brothers' friends have made some suggestions: "Kitorang makan nasi ke...nasi lemak ke...boleh?"

Ibu asked them why.

"Makcik,kitorang penat sangat makan mee goreng, mee kuah...mee itu...mee ini. Kalau tak makan mee, mesti makan ketupat, rendang. Dah penat makcik. Nak makan nasi!"

And they flashed their i'm-full-but-i-can-only-eat-rice kind of look.

We prepared a simple nasi lemak for 15 bachelors plus 5 bachelorettes and it was worth it.

Even though our house was the last one to be visited (because these babies will lepak at my house and play mercun), they still ate the nasi lemak as if our house was the first house they visited for raya.

Anyone planning on noodles, today?

Friday, September 25, 2009

sha: english breakfast...konon!

English Breakfast
Originally uploaded by photoq
I remember that day.

It was 6 a.m. when I stepped into the bus. Actuallly I was working until 1 a.m but I stayed to chill out with few office mates before we decided to have a breakfast at this hotel. I've never been to that hotel before, so when I heard that they had this good English Breakfast, I was intrested.

I was a bit nervous, however, considering that I was going to be in the same bus with my on-the-verge-of-breaking-up boyfriend, Sepet. I couldn't imagined myself being there, looked at him or pretended that I didn't know him. But I had to.

Unfortunately, I faced the worst that day. I had to listen to a story about him in a very coulourful version from someone else. She was talking about him throughout the journey - on other people's opinion about him, how bad he was, how naughty, how this and how that. Thankfully, I endured the journey and I endured the story. I was not influenced, though. I just had this belief that a relationship consists only two people unless you're married;)

Our intention was to be there until they served lunch. It was a buffet breakfast so, we planned to eat as much as we could so that it was worth our money. I read somewhere in a book that you shouldn't take too much food in your plate when you go to buffet. You should enjoy every meal.

So, I took the pastries first and brought it to the table. Then I enjoyed the pastries, talked, listened and laughed before I grabbed the salad. However, I wanted to go for something heavier afterwards.

I looked at the nasi lemak and I was thinking,
"Why should I eat nasi lemak at this expensive place when I could get better nasi lemak outside?"

"It's time for the English breakfast," my lady boss said.

For record, our breakfast team came from different races- it should be called a 1 Malaysia breakfast.

So, we went to get the sausages, the baked beans, beef bacon, and other stuff which we saw available as English breakfast. But we didn't have eggs.

"Sunny-side-up eggs, miss?" the chef asked me.

"Errr..." I didn't know whether that was actually what I want. Honestly, I didn't know what he meant by that (well, I'm a Malay, right?)

"Sha, do you want an omelet? They put mushrooms inside. I know you'll like it," my lady boss told me.

"Mushrooms?" I asked incredulously.

She nodded."Tomatoes too."

"Oooo..that's nice." Mushrooms and tomatoes were absolutely my favourites.

"Omelet then, miss?" the handsome chef smiled.

"Sure." I blushed. I could be brave in everyting else but not to a handsome guy at sushi our a cute chef in a hotel.

He was preparing my omelet when he turned his back...

"Eggs, sir?" the chef was asking the person beside me.

" char kuay teow, please," he ordered.

The other chef was preparing the char kuay teow. Somehow, his accent bothered me. I felt a bit strange so I turned to look at the man beside me.

He was a white man.

And he was smiling at me.

"Char Kuay Teow. Good stuff, " he said and I immediately recognised the English accent.

I was blushing to the roots of my hair.

"Your omelet, miss."

And I smiled awkwardly at the handsome chef:P

* I already knew what sunny-side-up eggs by now;)
* No regret in learning other people's language and culture:)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

sha: cheryna love story

As I mentioned in my posting the facade: you belong with me, I was surfing the internet to overcome my boredom since I was not going anywhere during raya. I had also mentioned that I was visiting 3r's website - a website which has been abandoned by myself for at least a year due to the pursue in what I sarcastically called as "career".

One of the articles I found was - "Bebaskan Diri Melalui Penulisan." It discussed about how writing can release your stress and other key points on why writing is good for you. But I was more intrested in this:

"...Oleh sebab itu, saya memilih untuk menulis jalan cerita sendiri. Saya berhak menentukan siapa watak utama, apa yang bakal terjadi. Penulisan merupakan suatu medium melepaskan segala ketidak puasan yang muncul dalam kehidupan harian. Tidak berpeluang mendapat promosi atau keputusan yang cemerlang dalam peperiksaan? Jangan risau dan tidak perlu stress. Di dalam cerita nukilan anda, anda berhak mendapat promosi itu, anda berhak menjadi pelajar terbaik."

I started writing about stories -sometimes it was about myself and sometimes it was about others.

If I recall, the first story I wrote was Err Story - the story about me and a guy who repeatedly said Err when I asked him questions (he was actually trying to impress me):)

Then, there was The Chrysanthemum Story - which was a true story (it was more into a conversation) between me and my ex-boyfriend, Sepet. I remember making it as serie of stories of 20 postings.

I also wrote about my dear best friend by the name of Mr Ketupat in The Ketupat Story. This is a story which still continues...depending on the situation that I'm having with Mr Ketupat himself. He is a constant reader of the story I wrote about him:)

There was one story which was hanging like a cloud. It was called The Serabai Story - a story about my meetings with my new friend whom I called Mr Serabai. The story has been suspended and I haven't continued anything until today.


Let me tell you...

I was working when my boss called me and said that he wanted to meet me. He talked about so many issues (as usual) until he came to this particular issue:

Boss: I know you're a blogger.
Me: Yup.
Boss: There is one article of yours stating your involvement with someone.
Me: Care to explain?
Boss: It said you have a crush on someone working here.
Me: No, I don't.
Boss: Yes, you are.
Me: I'm sorry but you're talking about MY feelings. May I know who is this person, by the way?
Boss: Well, I don't know the name...but...
Me: That is my private life and no one has the right to interfere.
Boss: But you have to understand that your position is very sensitive...bla...bla...bla...(he was nagging, of course)
Me: You tell me who's the guy.
Boss: I don't know.
Me: Then, you shouldn't consider talking about my personal life.
Boss: There is another article stated that you were angry with Lame (not a real name, of course).
Me: Okay...pass me your laptop. (I typed my blog url)
Boss: This is your blog? (he asked me)
Me: Yes, and can you show me about what you just accused me just now?
Boss: Errr...
Me: I have pictures of food over here. As you know, I love to eat. That's my crush?
Boss:, we don't go to that direction anymore.
Me: Please. I know what I'm doing. And this is totally personal.

How my boss got to know about my blog remain a question. I have few theories (since I received a comment which was suggesting few people's involvement) but I'd rather act rationally than emotionally like these people. I'm so grateful that I left the job. My departure was not because of the blog, but I've decided to stop writing Serabai Story for the sake of a great friendship:)

Too bad I couldn't continue the story because the ending was very...very sweet:)

"Mungkin anda tidak mempunyai kelayakan menjadi model jelita atau pelakon Hollywood terkenal, tetapi di dalam cerita nukilan anda, anything can happen. Anda adalah penentu segalanya. Tulislah suatu cerita dimana anda merupakan watak utama, dimana anda mempunyai hidup yang sempurna dan segala yang diinginkan berada di hujung jari anda."

Writing has always been my passion (it stated in my resume - my former boss should look at it). I realised that when I stopped writing, my world virtually stopped and ended in a crowd of pathetic people. So, I have decided to write again:)

I started with Selalu Mengalah since I am crazy about this song right now. I accidentally wrote The Facade - You Belong With Me. Recently I have written about Influence from Oprah (not posted yet).The title of my stories are mostly from songs, because I love music:)

I don't know how long will this continues, but I wish I have more things to share in future. I know I might not be the best writer but I trust this is what I like to do the most and at this time I feel like continuing the madness.

"Jangan biarkan orang ramai merendahkan bakat anda, mana tahu, di masa hadapan, anda mungkin menjadi JK Rowling mahupun Cecilia Ahern yang seterusnya!"

Therefore, I am now creating a new tag for this blog called: Cheryna Love Story.

It can be any story from my imagination:)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the facade: you belong with me

Originally uploaded by Fuá
This is a story of Ronaldo and Rope'ah:

At Mamak, Tennis US Open Finals:
You're on the phone with your girlfriend,
She's upset
She's going off about something that you said
She doesnt get your humour like I do

Rope'ah: Sape telepon tadi weiiii...?
Ronaldo: Awek aku.
Rope'ah: Apasal?
Ronaldo: Tanya aku kat mana.
Rope'ah: Ooo...kau kena jumpa dia ke?
Ronaldo: Taklah...kan aku tengok tennis tadi.
Rope'ah: Abeh...dia marah?
Ronaldo: Tak. Dia okay pasal tgk tennis.
Rope'ah: Abeh?
Ronaldo: Dia tak paham lawak aku dowwhhh...
Rope'ah: Yang mana?
Ronaldo: Pasal Federer tadi.
Rope'ah: Pasal Federer bercakap sorang2 tadi tu?
Ronaldo: Haah...aku cerita kat dia...Dia kata apa yang lawak sangat pasal cakap sorang...
Rope'ah: Bukan semua orang paham la.
Ronaldo: Tapi kau paham kan, Pe'ah? Tadi kau pun gelak ngan aku. Siap boleh tersembur2 air sirap ko.
Rope'ah: Dodo, kau ingat semua orang paham ke lawak ko? Lagi2 pompuan...
Ronaldo: Kau pon pompuan Cik Pe'ah...

Through Facebook:
I'm in the room, its a typical Tuesday night
I'm listening to the kind of music she doesnt like
And she'll never know your story like I do

Status: Rope'ah added a link: Ronaldo Berak Dalam Seluar.
20 minutes ago

Ferguson, Giggs, Roy Keane, and Scholes like this.

View all 7 Comments:
Ronaldo: Cerita ko tulis dalam blog ko tu macam cerita aku je, Pe'ah.
Rope'ah: Yang mana?
Ronaldo: Pasal kecik2 aku pernah berak dalam seluar.
Rope'ah: Hehe. Yang ko terasa ni apasal?
Ronaldo: Ko sorang je tau aku berak kan! Itupon sebab mak ko tu cikgu aku.
Rope'ah: Hihihihi. Jangan marah, bro...yang kau taip banyak2 komen kat Facebook nie apasal?
Ronaldo: Cessss...celaka! (kantoi!)

Status: Ronaldo: Marah Pe'ah
2 seconds ago

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View all 10 comments:
Rope'ah: Dodo...ko download lagu ke?
Ronaldo: Ko nak lagu apa plak kali ni Cik Pe'ah?
Rope'ah: Lagu Muse aku dah terdelete la, Doooo..
Ronaldo: Cubalah suka lagu yang ladylike sket Cik Pe'ah. Tak habis-habis dengan Muse.
Rope'ah: Aku bukan Paris ko.
Ronaldo: Aritu dia tukar ringtone aku jadi lagu Britney.
Rope'ah: Hahahaha...lagu ape?
Ronaldo: Womanizer...
Rope'ah: Hahahahaha...
Ronaldo: Ko jangan gelak Pe'ah...aku sekeh ko kang...

Before a futsal game...
But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers
Dreaming bout the day when you'll wake up and find
That what you're lookin for has been here the whole time

Ronaldo: Ko tak wax ke bulu kaki ko ni, Pe'ah?
Rope'ah: Hah?!
Ronaldo: Bulu kaki ko nie keriting semacam je...macam bulu kaki aku plak.
Rope'ah: Yang ko tengok, siapa suruh? (Pe'ah blushed)
Ronaldo: Cik Pe'ah..walaupun kau pakai seluar panjang, tp aku tau ko tak cukur bulu kaki.
Rope'ah: Penting ke cukur? Aku bukan pakai skirt macam awek ko.
Ronaldo: Kalau kaki ko injured time futsal, nanti lari la mamat2 dalam court ni tgk bulu kaki ko.
Rope'ah: Walaupun bulu kaki aku lebat, tapi ati aku baik tau!
Ronaldo: Walaupun kaki awek aku licin, tapi memeningkan kepala aku je.
Rope'ah: Tau pun ko.
Ronaldo: Tapi kan Pe'ah, awek aku tu la lambang wanita sejati.
Rope'ah: Yelah...tak macam aku kan?
Ronaldo: Tau pun...tgklah dia, Pe'ah. So feminine.
Rope'ah: Skirt dia yg singkat tu memang femininie...(Pe'ah was sarcastic but Dodo was grinning)

Through sms
If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me
You belong with me

Ronaldo: Pe'ah...jom gi mamak cendol?!
Rope'ah: Dah petang ni weeeii...ko tak gi jumpa awek ko?
Ronaldo: Awek aku ada hal.
Rope'ah: Kejap, aku siap.
Ronaldo: Ok. Pe'ah, kita pergi naik motor ye?
Rope'ah: Apasal?
Ronaldo: Awek aku pinjam kereta.
Rope'ah: Ooo..takpelah, aku jemput ko.
Ronaldo: Betul ke ni, Pe'ah?
Rope'ah: Takpe aaa...dah nak ujan ni. Naik motor kang basah pulak kita.
Ronaldo: Terima Kasih, Cik Pe'ah!

Walkin the streets with you in your worn out jeans
I cant help thinking this is how it ought to be
Laughing on the park bench thinkin to myself
Hey isnt this easy?

Rope'ah: Apa mimpi kau jalan kat taman KLCC?
Ronaldo: Aku saje nak makan makanan tu kat sini.
Rope'ah: Yang mana?
Ronaldo: Tuuuuu...cekodok yang kau masak special untuk aku tu...
Rope'ah: Perasanlah ko ni.
Ronaldo: Aku tau kau kesian aku tak makan, kan Pe'ah?
Rope'ah: Kesianlah sangat.
Ronaldo: Kau sayang aku Pe'ah...kau je yang taknak mengaku.
Rope'ah: (pinched Ronaldo on his thigh)
Ronaldo: Pe'ah! Berapa kali aku cakap jangan cubit aku!
Rope'ah: Kau sebenarnya lagi sayang aku kan...tiba2 ajak aku gi KLCC. Kat taman plak tu.
Ronaldo: Siapa yang perasan sebenarnya ni, Cik Pe'ah...? (and Pe'ah blushed though Dodo didn't see)

Through the phone
And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town
I havent seen it in awhile, since she brought you down
You say you find I know you better than that
Hey, Whatcha doing with a girl like that?

She wears high heels, I wear sneakers
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers
Dreaming bout the day when you'll wake up and find
That what you're looking for has been here the whole time

Rope'ah: Apasal kau call aku malam-malam ni?
Ronaldo: Pe'ah, tadi aku nampak Paris kuar ngan Ramos.
Rope'ah: Ramos mana?
Ronaldo: National player tuh. (Ronaldo sounded sad)
Rope'ah: Kawan je kooottt..
Ronaldo: Pegang-pegang tanganlah!
Rope'ah: Awek kau kan suka pakai kasut tinggi.
Ronaldo: Apa kena mengena plak?
Rope'ah: Mana tau awek kau terkehel? Ramos tolong pimpin ke?
Ronaldo: Aku tak terfikir plak macam tu.
Rape'ah: Kau cepat sangat sangat nak jeles. Ntah2 tak ada apa-apa.
Ronaldo: Haah kan...maybe.
Rope'ah: Dahlah. Kau jangan sedih2 malam2 buta ni.
Ronaldo: Thanks Pe'ah. Tiba2 plak lega ati aku (Pe'ah knew Dodo was smiling)
Rope'ah: Tuuuu...apasal aku dengar bunyi buzz kat YM ko?
Ronaldo: Paris nie...dia buzz aku pakai IM yang ada kiss tuh!
Rape'ah: Yang warna pink tu ke?
Ronaldo: Haah.
Rape'ah: Kau nak chatting la tu?
Ronaldo: Nampak gayanya...
Rape'ah: Dodo...aku tido dulu ye. Kau dah okay kan?
Ronaldo: Hehehe...dah. Paris kata dia terkehel tadi.
Rape'ah: Hehehe...dahlah tu, Do. Kau chatting la ngan dia ye...(there was a twinge in sadness in Pe'ah's voice)

While queuing for Jin Notti's tickets
If you could see that I'm the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me

Standin by, waiting at your back door
All this time how could you not know that?
You belong with me
You belong with me

Ronaldo: Pe'ah, apasal kau takde boipren lagi?
Rape'ah: Malaslah.
Ronaldo: Kau nak aku carikan kau boipren ke?
Rape'ah: Tak payahlah, Do.
Ronaldo: Sombonglah kau ni, Pe'ah.
Rape'ah: Yang aku nak bukan senang nak dapat, Do,
Ronaldo: Kau nak yang macam mana?
Rape'ah: Yang pandai wat free kick.
Ronaldo: Alaaaa...ramai la! Kawan2 aku pun boleh. Sape ko nak? Kaka ada. Dia hensem dari aku.
Rape'ah: Tapi Kaka tu minat dangdut. Aku nak yang minat Nelly Furtado ke. Baru Portugis!
Ronaldo: Memilih plak budak Pe'ah nieh.
Rape'ah: Kau yang tak paham2...(Pe'ah scratches her head)

At Rope'ah's Farm,Farmtown
Oh I remember you driving to my house in the middle of the night
I'm the one who makes you laugh when you know you're about to cry
I know your favorite songs and you tell me about your dreams
I think I know where you belong. I think I know it's with me.

Rope'ah: Do...kau kenapa?
Ronaldo: Paris buat taik ngan aku.
Rope'ah: Apasal?
Ronaldo: Memang dia kuar ngan Ramos selama ni.
Rope'ah: So? Do...aku tgh tanam blueberry ni. Lalu sikit icon kau...(Pe'ah icon was talking)
Ronaldo: Dia dah main2kan aku, Pe'ah!
Rope'ah: Do...kau pun kuar ngan aku kan! Agaknya diorg kawan je, Do.
Ronaldo: Tapi...
Rape'ah: Do..Paris tu bagus. Dia tak kisah pun kau kawan ngan aku.
Ronaldo: Kau ngan aku, lain.
Rape'ah: Sama je. Paris tu kira sportinglah. Kau pun kena sporting gak.
Ronaldo: Kau ingat aku ni Sporting Lisbon apa? Sedap2 nak suruh sporting.
Rape'ah: Cool down, Do. Kau marah2 sampai terberak dalam seluar pun tak guna.
Ronaldo: Celaka...ko ejek aku ye?!
Rape'ah: Do...kau sorang je kawan aku yang pernah berak dalam seluar.
Ronaldo: Hehehe. Bangsat...kau kenakan aku ye.
Rape'ah: Malam ni aku send kat kau Secondhand Serenade, k?
Ronaldo: Lagu lama dah tu, Pe'ah.
Rape'ah: Tapi kau suka kan? Pastu aritu masa PC ko down, lagu tu ilang kan?
Ronaldo: Ye tak ye gak kan. Pandailah kau ni Pe'ah.
Rape'ah: Well...this is Pe'ah!
Ronaldo: Pe'ah, nanti aku belanja kau Nando's ek?
Rape'ah: Orait! Do...apasal kau hantar babi jadi Farmtown gift ni? Tak guna!
Ronaldo: Hahahaha...

Through Yahoo Messenger, webcams available
Can't you see that I'm the one who understand you?
Been here all along so why can't you see?
You belong with me

Standing by or waiting at your back door
All this time how could you not know that
You belong with me
You belong with me

Have you ever thought just maybe
You belong with me
You belong with me

Ronaldo: BUZZZ!!!
Ronaldo: Pe'ah,aku dah putus dengan Paris.
Rope'ah: Why?
Ronaldo: Because I am in love with another girl.
Rope'ah: Sapa?
Ronaldo: R
Ronaldo: O
Ronaldo: P
Ronaldo: E
Ronaldo: '
Ronaldo: A
Ronaldo: H
Rope'ah: (looked at Ronaldo's webcam images. He was looking at hers. He was serious)

I had learned about The Facade when I was reading articles in 3R's website: Bolehkah Lelaki Dan Perempuan menjadi “kawan”? Hanya kawan?. At the same time, I was watching Kanye West's disgusting attitude at MTV VMA Awards. So, my inspiration for this posting came from a combination of both the article and Taylor Swift's songs.

Raya was a bit boring because both my parents were not feeling well (pray that they will be well, please. It has been three days and my mum is going for checking now). So, I checked out 3R's website and read some nice articles there including this one.

Quote from the article:
"The Façade- anda berdua hanyalah kawan biasa tetapi jauh di dalam hati tersembunyi rasa “gila” terhadapnya tetapi tidak ada keberanian untuk berterus terang."
- 3R Article

I checked wikipedia on the meaning of the facade (because I don't know everything). It gave me a different meaning about what exactly is The Facade.

Before I knew about the term, I had experienced this situation once. It was way before I started this blog. I was just 20 at that time. I had secretly admired him though we were just friends and eventually it led me to unhappiness for several months:(

Fortunately, the person who I called "the facade" is now happily married to my housemate. He didn't know about my feelings. I managed to escape that phase and I survived:)

I am now having a male best friend (not The Facade) whom I called Mr Ketupat. We've been together (as friends) for years now. He is getting married next year and will not going to be The Facade at all. But I do agree with the article. It's cool to have a male best friend because you'll be having different perspective all the time. Most of the time you'll argue due to gender biasness, but that is the purpose of having a different gender best friend, right?

Do/Did you have/used to have The Facade? Or simply a best friend?

Lyrics: You Belong With Me from Taylor Swift

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sha: what's wrong with baju kurung?

Malay Beauty
Originally uploaded by nabil volkers
I came to work wearing my dark maroon baju kurung. It was Friday. The "baju" was plain with kain batik Sarawak as the "kain". Nobody said anything about the baju. But this man said this to his friend (in front of me),

"Dia ni pakai baju raya ke pergi kerja..."

I didn't take note of what he was saying. I knew from his tone that he was making fun of me. As usual.

The second time I came to work wearing a baju kurung was again on Friday. It was purple in colour and it was plain.

"Apasal datang kerja macam mak datin ni?" he asked me.

I just kept quiet about what he was asking (because it was not a question, it was a statement).Actually, I was a bit mad at him. Nobody said anything about my baju kurung. He just loved to make fun of me.

If you're going to say that he liked me, he didn't. (because I knew there was an idea saying that "if the person teases you, he likes you" that kind of thing). This clearly wasn't the case.

He just loved to make fun of me. The way he was talking to me was like as if I was a typical minah kampung who had no right to be in the city. He would condemned my appearance, my language proficiency and most definitely, my ideas (and my blog too!)

But I remained silent about the way he was treating me. I have my own judgment of men. The ones who loved to gossip was definitely not my taste. I detest a person who was selling stories about others. So, I put a gap between me and him every time he was near me.

Since he loved to hear others laughing at me while he thought he was making fun of me, I ignored the man totally. Why should I bother? He was not handsome, he looked smart but he was not, he was not macho (because he laughed like a girl). He had no appeal at all.

I actually thought he was nice until I saw his true colour. I was not that judgmental until the person himself threw me into the war.

One day, I looked at all my baju kurung in the cupboard and I wondered,

"What's wrong if a girl wants to wear a baju kurung to work?"

I was neither a sequin maniac nor a satin/silk lover. The baju kurung was moderate. Most of my baju kurung are either linen, cotton or plain chiffon. Some might say that I'm lack of decorations.

What the hell was wrong with it?

Even Orkid wore baju kurung in Sepet. She was talking in English, she was smart. That is just a simple example. How about Zetti Akhtar, Siti Hasmah, or Rafidah Aziz?

Now, I'm wondering what the guy was wearing this raya. If he was wearing Baju Melayu, that was very hypocrite of him. As someone who makes fun about his own race; he shouldn't be wearing that, don't you think? (will still remember his statement stated how different he was compared to the other Malays - he said his mentality was totally different but I used to wonder what was it because apparently he loved gossiping too much!)

Perhaps he would go abroad. He was proud when he told me several times about his family being in Europe and things like that (which was not impressive at all for me. Your own country is the best!). This worldly things are not supposed to effect me, but he hurt my feelings by making fun of me. And the BAJU KURUNG.

Perhaps he would just going to brag about his expensive jeans (without realising that I didn't payattention his "engineered" Levi's or his limited edition Converse). A Mat Kelate will find a similar one at cheaper price and definitely would look better than him. I guess he should look at the mirror. (I'm just being honest - if he reads the blog, at least I've said it)

I don't mind if my baju kurung looks "kampung" or looks "raya" or even "datin". I don't mind if it's not expensive because that is not how I price my pride.

What most important about my raya was my originality as a Malay besides being a Muslim. My parents were with me for raya (guess I had to pity the guy). They were my fashion consultant. He did not realised that when he was condemning me, he was actually condemning my parents. That was the reason why I was unhappy with what he did.

So, what's wrong with baju kurung?


So, tell me...

What's your baju kurung/kebaya colour this year?

* I'm using my Lavender Linen Mist to iron my linen and cotton baju kurung today! I think I'm in love (with the smell) :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

sha: hallucinating over songkok

After cooking rendang and kuah kacang on Raya Eve, I went online for a while just to check on Flickr.

Unlike most people who are addicted to Facebook, I was still addicting to Flickr. For me, Facebook was a nice place to to mingle, but Flickr was certainly a great escape.I truly believed in a statement - "a picture worth a thousand words."

I was logging in to my Facebook when I realised there were only 7 people seen as online. As of raya, I had approximately 150 friends and I used to see around 20 people logged in at the same time especially in the evening. But I saw only 7 of them so on Raya Eve, therefore I had a hunch of checking who were online.

I was not surprise to see that all of them were singles. Either they were not doing anything or maybe they just love to be online.This was because I've never seen their names disappeared from either Facebook or Yahoo Messenger even for a while. Those people were the ones who would answer all the quizzes, play the games and changed their status almost every hour:)

I didn't type in anything.I was just watching and flickring.

I was thinking about songkok when I was flickring. Raya was the time when I got to see Malay men wearing the garments I like. I just love baju melayu for no reason. When I was in school, I loved Friday because it would be the day when the boys and the teachers would be wearing their baju melayu. A guy can wear some branded clothes, a tuxedo or whatever but it would give a very minimal impact on me. But a man in Baju Melayu...hmmm...a bit different.

Here's the story...

When I was flickring I realised that when I typed the word songkok, the results would be lots of wedding pictures. There were pictures of froggy grooms in baju Melayu which eventually turned into a prince. I was drowning in the pictures - smiling, grinning and frowning when I heard the sms ringtone.

"Sungguh cantik kain pelekat,
Dipakai orang pergi ke pekan,
Hari raya semakin dekat,
Silap dan salah mohon dimaafkan."

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Sha.

Sender: MrxXx

I suddenly recalled the sender's face. He was tall, with black hair (almost like Fahrin's), fair (like Ashraff Muslim). I could remember his smile forever because I've never seen him frowning. He had great smiles which melted young girls' heart.I have no idea whether any of those have changed because I haven't seen him for a while.

While I was recalling I had this picture of a guy in baju melayu in front of me. The picture was black and white. The guy was smiling to the camera so when I looked a his picture, I felt as if he was staring at me. Oooohhh..

I didn't know whether I was hallucinating or daydreaming, but I thought I saw the sender's face in my computer. Oooohh...noooooo...hohohooooo..

I felt the muscle on cheeks were working to form a smile - I was actually smiling at my computer.

Then,there was takbir from the mosque.

Back to reality. The man in the picture was not the sender. I had then realised that I unintentionally joined the single people in Facebook by letting my id appeared along with theirs! is not good.

So, I switched the picture to other pictures.

And I saw this:

Small eyes, fair...just how I wanted my Jebat to be.
The cheeky smile just captured me. I didn't know whose son was he, but I'm enamoured by his picture.

I clicked add favourites and quickly logged off.
And I logged of from Facebook too.

What did I do?

I continued cooking and bouncing as Fernando Torres scored 2 goals for Liverpool. Yeah!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

sha: the rendang call

Rendang Tok
Originally uploaded by twoHands
When you want to poo
- you say you're having a nature's call.

When you want to raya?
- I'll call mine as a rendang call.

This is going to be my last posting for the next few days. I hope I'll continue blogging even if it's raya, but I know I'm going to be alone in this blogging world since no one will be updating their blogs. So,I have to rest too;)

So here's my chronology for the past 5 years of eating rendang:

2004: Enjoyed rendang as a student.
2005: Just graduated and just broke up - rendang was a bit different:(
2006: Worked on the day ibu cooked rendang and served rendang.Ate like hell.
2007: Ayah brought home water buffalo meat for rendang! Ate rendang at work again.
2008: I bought ducks for rendang.
2009: Water buffalo again...except that ibu is having a fever. Do I have to cook?

I used to wonder how nenek managed to make 2 types of rendang in a year. Beef and chickn at the same time.

Now I knew. Being a woman is not easy:)

We don't cook Rendang Tok in Negeri Sembilan. So, if you see me putting a picture of rendang with lime leaf, well, I don't put lime leaf in my rendang. As a Negeri Sembilan-born girl, I proudly cook my Rendang Itam - a recipe taught my wan and ibu which is usually serve with lemang. This Rendang Itam is from Rembau, because other districts have their own rendang. Since my parents are both from Negeri Sembilan, I don't have that much of varieties;)

So, I have a request for you. Pls remember me...

a) If you're from the northern area, please remember me when you're eating ketupat daun palas.
b) If you're from Perak, remember me when you're serving rendang tok to your guests:)
c) If you're from southern part of peninsular, please remember me if you're planning to have beriyani, soto or laksa johor for your open houses.
d) If you're from the east coast - please remember me if you're cooking sweet treats:)
e) If you're from Sarawak...I would love to imagine that I'm eating Sarawak Layered Cake at your place.
f) And...If you're Sabahan...I would love to shop at your place for seafood! That way I can make barbecue for open houses:)

I will definitely going to stay in Seremban (because this is my hometown) but I hope I'll be sharing more experiences about raya when you start updating your blogs or call me.

To all bloggers who sent me cards, thank you.

This rendang call is urgent.

I just can't delay.

I'm sorry for not pasting your cards here.

But this is the most urgent call. EVER.

Water buffalo rendang in 2009.

Meet Chef Sha:)

Selamat Hari Raya, everyone. Maaf Zahir Batin.

Friday, September 18, 2009

sha: cradle to the grave

It's going to be like this for me this year:

Atuk Gomok: passed away in year 2004.
Nenek: passed away in year 2000.

There won't be anyone from ibu's side. Both grandparents were dead.

Atuk Yassin, my father's father has left us early this yearand I'm just going to have my Wan for raya. Since 3 of my grandparents have passed away, it means we have 3 main graves to be visited this year (and other relatives, of course).

I wonder how is it going to be for ayah this year. As the eldest daughter, I got more chances in seeing how he was celebrating his raya with his father. I have seen them locked in each other embrace for more than 30 minutes, tears drenched each other baju Melayu and muffles heard from each other shoulders. I have seen them kissing each other endlessly while saying things I could not understand:)

The activity of reminiscing his childhood memories was my father's favourite. He teased Atuk about his obsession in P.Ramlee movies. late grandfather was a P.Ramlee's movies maniac. My brother Shahmi and I are the example of people who can memorise P.Ramlee's dialogues. This was because of Atuk's influence in admiring those movies. He might be thinking that I'm spoiling his hero clips into my dear junk blog if he is still alive:)

When I was watching this clips, I was wondering about so many things. Among other holidays, people will choose raya as the time to go the graves. I wonder why is that? Is there any pahala of doing so? Or is it just something happen in our norms?

Why do we have to bring flowers and plain water to the graves? Is that something you have to do? I am clueless about this and I'm yet to ask the experts.Perhaps, there is someone who can answer that for me.(I hope)

My grandparents were buried at Makam Tuan Haji Said, Seremban. Luckily my parents are from the same hometown, so it will be fair for them to visit "both sides" at the same time. But we won't be going on the Hari Raya itself. There will be too many things consider:

There'll be limited parking spaces and sometimes there is a possibility of traffic jams near the graveyard. Our family consists of 6 people excluding our relatives. Will there be any space for the whole family to be there? Of course not.

And if everyone goes to the graveyard,who will stay at home? Who is going to entertain the guests? So, we have to make a schedule.

Having a family reunion (even at the graveyard)is nice, but we have to take care of these factors:)

By the way,it's not just Kassim who made a mistake of not reading the tombstone. There are people who are not doing this in reality. So, don't blame others for saying that the grave does not belong to your wife, Sabariah if you don't know how to read in Jawi:)

It is very hard to avoid regret. Just like Ibu Mertua. She was regretting that she married Sabariah to Dr.Ismadi. But do you have to show it to other people at the graveyard? Do you have to lie on the ground like Ibu Mertua? Of course not. But some people will still do it.

Lastly, please admit that if you are the type of person who rarely go to the graveyard (no hypocrisy please!). Bring some tools to clear the graves, because you cannot just depend on others. Some graves just need pruning. Or weeding. Pay some respect to your family.

And...bring your doa along. Don't sit on the grave and stare at the tombstone. That's the reason why your going to visit in the first place:)

I hope I'll be able to do this to these great people in my life.
It's easy to say it than do it, right?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

sha: histeria or wisteria

"Air pasang dalam, Surut pukul lima..."

I had to go to KL yesterday to meet someone. It was not personal (I wish it was a date or something); it was just some professional matters which I need to resolve before raya. Hopefully I will get the answer after raya so that I will be able to share it with all of you:)

"Nyonya bangun pagi, Siram pokok bunga..."
While I was meeting that someone, my phone rang so I picked it up. I shouldn't picked up the phone. There was an angry-about-a-small-matter lady on the other line. She raised her voice whenever I tried to open my mouth. I tried to be reasonable by telling her slowly that I was in the midst of a meeting. She didn't want to listen.

"Pokok bunga melur, Tanam tepi kolam..."
There I was, recalling the memory of working in the milk factory. A woman over there who could resemble this...this...this...(forget it, I'm trying not to curse over here). They just didn't know how to control the volume of their voice...adoiiii!!! Why did I have to meet all those Ursulas? (the gigantic purple octopus in Little Mermaid)

"Itik bertelur, Ayam menetas..."
So, after explaining 3 times, I finally pressed one button on my cell phone : THE RED ONE. Tiiiittttt...CALL DISCONNECTED. I just couldn't be bothered.

I hate histerics.

"Cik Baba jatuh dalam parit, Cik Aminah ketawa jerit-jerit..."
After I had finally concluded my meeting (which was for several hours), I went to Sogo with ibu with no intention of buying anything since there were too many people doing the last minute shopping.

The only silent and peaceful shop was Crabtree and Evelyn. I was fond of flowers especially lavender. So, when I inhaled this lovely smell of lavender, I was automatically drawn to the shop.

"Naik keretapi, Sampai Kuala Lumpur..."
Since I haven't been to this C&E for quite sometime, I didn't know that they have this line of product made from Wisteria. I won't tell you what I bought. But you can pick a guess from my lines after this (or perhaps visit the website). There is no C&E in Seremban and since I was taking the train KL (which hasn't been done for quite sometime now); I took the opportunity to buy something.

"Dapat isteri cantik, Terselit bawah dapur..."
I heard a small boy singing this song on the way back from KL. He was cute and adorable but I had a headache. When I reached home, I chose to use my newly-purchased C&E Wisteria Shower Gel and Wisteria Body Cream.

"Wisteria is a genus of about ten species of woody climbing vines native to the eastern United States and the East Asian states of China, Korea, and Japan. Aquarists refer to the species Hygrophila difformis, in the genus Hygrophila, as water Wisteria."

And suddenly...
I was at Ashikaga Flower Park in Ashikaga, Tochigi (Japan) and I saw a wisteria tree aged approximately 140 years and branch spreads to size of 1,200 Tatamis (approx. 1,990 Square metre) as of May 2008 which is widest in Japan. Ohhh...luckily there was no Takeshi. A perfect dream without a cute guy. Perhaps I should buy the perfume:)

I didn't know where the hell is Ashikaga Flower Park but I felt as if I was in it.

Before this, I felt as if I was in the Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives.
No more histeria. Just wisteria. (I'm feeling like an ad model...hahaha...)

It was such a good investment isn't it? How's your raya shopping so far?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

sha: selalu mengalah

She's a dreamer
Originally uploaded by jeni bunny
This is the story of Jebat and Juliet:

Jebat: Sayang, makan nasik lemak nak?
Juliet: Tak mau la, B. Nasik lemak banyak kalori!
Jebat: Tapi kalau I je yang makan tak apa kan?
Juliet: Tapi nama kedai tu Kedai Nasi Lemak Ijan.
Jebat: Nama aje, tapi u boleh makan mee sup.
Juliet: Oh please...mee sup untuk breakfast? No way!
Jebat: Then u nak makan apa?
Juliet: I nak makan big breakfast dekat McD!
Jebat: Kalori?
Juliet: B...u nak breakfast dengan i tak? (with threatening voice)
Jebat: Mestilah nak!
Juliet: Kalau nak, jom big breakfast!

"jelaskan padaku isi hatimu
seberapa besar kau yakin padaku
untuk tetap bisa bertahan denganku
menjaga cinta ini..."

Jebat had to follow Juliet's decision though it was very illogical. Juliet wanted to maintain her 36-36-36 figure so she insisted on not eating nasi lemak. She preferred Big Breakfast at McDonald's instead. Jebat had to give in because he desperately wanted have a breakfast with his girlfriend.

Juliet: Eh, B...ada cerita The Proposal!
Jebat: Romantic comedy tu?
Juliet: Best B....!!! Ada Sandra Bullock!
Jebat: Tak bestlah. I nak tgk G.I. Joe.
Juliet: Tapi B...The Proposal sesuai untuk couples!
Jebat: Tak sesuai lah. U nak pergi, pergilah.
Juliet: Habis u?
Jebat: I tengok G.I Joe. Then we meet up, okay?
Juliet: Taknaklah. Kita tengok dua2 cerita?
Jebat: Oh no...lelaki macho macam I nak tgk romantic comedy? Apa kata kawan2 I nanti?
Juliet: Tapi B....
Jebat: G.I Joe....two seats please? (to the ticket lady)

"pertengkaran yang terjadi
seperti semua salahku..."

Jebat wanted to maintain his machoness by not watching a romantic comedy with his girlfriend, Juliet. He was afraid that if he went for the movie, his friends might find him there and laughed at him. He was under the impression that a guy must watch a "a guy's movie". So he used his autocracy by quickly ordering the tickets. Juliet consequently had to follow.

Jebat: Sayang, petang ni Apis, Apit ngan Epol nak ajak I main bola. U kuar ngan kawan2 u eh?
Juliet: Tapi B...kawan2 I semua pergi library.
Jebat: So?
Juliet: Diorang semua kapel2, B...takkan I single.
Jebat: Laaaaa...Bedah kan ada?
Juliet: Bedah tu memang takda boyfriend. I lain.
Jebat: Takkan nak berkepit je?
Juliet: B...u have me and I have u!
Jebat: Bola macam mana?
Juliet: U cakap la dgn Apit u nak study. Final dah dekat!
Jebat: bukan selalu I dengan diorang.
Juliet: B...I selalu ikut cakap u tau...
Jebat: Haaahh...yelah..yelah...

"mengapa selalu aku yang mengalah
tak pernah kah kau berpikir
sedikit tentang hatiku..."

Jebat wanted to play football with his friends. Juliet wanted to go to the library with her friends. But since Juliet wanted to go as a couple, Jebat had to let go of his long-forgotten favourite activity with his friends. This was because Juliet told him that she was always oblinging to his request and he should do the same.

Juliet: B...kita makan lamb chop malam ni ye?
Jebat: Tak boleh la, sayang. I nak tgk game MU.
Juliet: B...!!!Takkan I nak makan sorang?!
Jebat: U boleh makan dengan Bedah, Senah, Joyah...
Juliet: Tapi...tak best la kalau u takde...
Jebat: Geng semua dah tunggu kat mamak...
Juliet: Penting sangat ke B?
Jebat: Penting! MU dah nak kena relegated dah ni!
Juliet: Relegated tu apa B?
Jebat: Alaaa...perempuan mana faham...
Juliet: B...dinner sama ek?
Jebat: Tak boleh. I mesti tengok game ni!
Juliet: Uhukhukhuk...
Jebat: Bye sayang...diorang dah tunggu ni. Love you!

"mengapa ku yang harus selalu mengalah
pantaskah hatiku
masih bisa bersamamu"

Juliet wanted to eat lamb chops for dinner but Jebat wanted to watch a crucial football match. Since that was the last game before MU will be relegated (which is not happening in the real world, of course), Jebat ignored all Juliet's questions. Juliet had to oblige.

My Questions:

1. Who won? Jebat or Juliet?
2. Anyone has to give in their priorities this coming raya? your work - you're too busy? your family - you can't choose your own baju raya? your boyfriend/girlfriend - you can't go to your friends' open houses? your spouses and partners - you have to go back to their hometown instead of yours?

* Lyrics: Selalu Mengalah from Seventeen