Wednesday, September 02, 2009

#12 ramadhan diary 09: enamoured

1. totally in love

She's enamored of her new boyfriend.


* head over heels
* twitterpated

Today, I was supposed to cover the sub-topic sine under trigonometry. I entered the class at 1:45pm, which was the last period of the day. If you asked me about one funny thing about the school, I would say the fact that they have only one period spared for Mathematics. No double periods. No extra teaching. It might be heaven for others but not to a Math teacher. It was very hard to finish the syllabus with flying colours. The students have to speed up but they won't understand that much.

I had these 2 pieces of summarised notes in my hand which I would like to share with my students. The text book wa confusing and long winded so I've decided to plan something else so that I can properly explain on the examples.

This morning, I entered the D class. They managed to be silent and learned. But the A class I entered during the last period was not. It has been a month since the first time I entered the class. Besides being rude and ignorant, this class was full with green coloured shirt students who called themselves as PREFECTS.

The blackboard was not cleared and chalks were nowhere to be seen.

" Assalamualaikum teacher!" the sound ricocheted dully.

All of them looked tired. But I continued teaching since I did not have that much of time...

" If you put this formula into this diagram, can you tell me whether sine is positive or negative in quadrant 1?"

"Positive..." weak replies came from their mouth. Perhaps it was because the fasting month, I assumed.

Meanwhile, I saw 2 couples sitting side by side. One boy was looking gloomily at his girl. The other couple was teasing each other. I looked at them sharply. They should know better. I had no objections before this but they were not supposed to do this in the class. They ignored me.

I turned my back at drew the graph again. Then I heard lots of noise. The fasting month was not reflecting at all. These playful bunch of green shirts were just playing around. I looked at the class and I realised they were not writing anything. Based on my experience with them, this happened because they thought the topic was easy.

I did my part and ignored them fully. There was no point for me to get angry, as I was fasting myself. I held my breath, thinking that these people were too much. This was not the first time.

I already got a plan...

" I assume you have completed the table just now?"

" Yes..." some of them replied.

" So...let's see your answers. Give me 3 chalks please!"

I broke the chalks into 4 pieces and gave those to the green shirts who never learned the word RESPECT. The 2 couples reluctantly accepted the chalks.

" I want you to show me the answer for these 12 questions, but not just the answer! I want you to show me how you are getting the answer. Ok?"

I repeated myself in order for them to understand me.

5 minutes passed...

4 of them gave me the answer without a work flow and they were giving wrong answers. They were not listening to my instructions.

" Who did this?"

The couples raised their hands.

They were enamoured.

Kids today....aaahaaiiii.....

* thanks to Wicktionary


Cik Amy Sensei said...

salam ramadhan..

semoga sihat selalu di bulan yang mulia ini..

tq singgah dan beri ulasan di blog saya..

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

Dear Friend,
Kena byk sabar kalau nak ngaja nie.
Seb baik sensei ni baik orgnya. Kalau cikgu lain mesti dah kena bebudak nie.

LOL pasti tak leh nak jadik cikgu.
Kang nanti menangis jer kejanya.
Tak tahan sakit hati.

Kepada sifu,
sabar2 ok..
Gud day utk you..

chekdenoor said...

ngajar ni..satu ibadah gak.... memang banyak kena sabar. Chekdee selalu cuba pelbagai teknik untuk menarik perhatian supaya pelajar yang lemah...nak belajar....bukan mudah...tapi memang tak boleh putus asa....itulah amanah namanyer.

Quiyah said...

wakakak, lawak siot!

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

---> sama2...datangla lagi ye...

---> sabar2 pon ada masa nak meletup nak wat camne, marah sudah...nasihat sudah...disayang2 sudah...kalau masih tak mahu, nak buat apa lagi...

---> yang lemah yg pandai sikit je nieh dah mula main2...maklumlah...diorang rasa honeymoon year...

---> cet...gelak ye...

fairy said...

sy sgt harap 1 hari nanti sy dapat jadi cikgu jugak.mcm cita-cita sy masa kecik2..
tp sy takut..takut tak mampu nak didik anak murid,takut tak mampu nak tahan sabar, takut bosan..takut anak murid tak menjadi "orang".