Friday, September 11, 2009

finding orchid: raya catwalk

We're going to celebrate raya in lesser than 10 days. As I was flickring, I saw a picture of dolls which reminded me of my childhood memories. Perhaps my cousins will remember the same thing.

Down the memory lane...

We were around 4-6 years old when our aunties bought us gowns for raya. Each of us had similar gowns with slightly different pattern. Mine was a good quality cotton gown with small pink and turquoise flowers. It was almost like the gowns that the dolls were wearing except that my gown looked more feminine than the gowns in the picture. I had this turquoise cotton belt wrapped around the skirt.(I felt like Fauziah Latiff!)

Two of my cousins had the similar gowns because they were siblings and they were almost the same age as mine. The younger ones had cute gowns too but the design was different.

All of us were ushered to the hall at nenek's house to test the gowns in front of our mummies. When we saw the gowns, the first thing we did was to compare our gowns. What was the material? How many ribbons did we have? What colour? Was it true that our aunties bought them abroad? When we found out that our gowns were similar, we giggled and we laughed. Some even took their raya ballerina shoes to check whether they matched:)

Mummies helped us with our gowns and then asked us to queue. Each of us had our turn to show off the gowns. We walked in front of the mummies for them to check the length, the shoulders and the waist. Once we got the approval, we went back to the group of cousins and giggled again.

It turned out to be an unofficial catwalk for the family. We were the models and our mummies were the judges. I believe we had a picture of this. The last time I saw the picture, it was with our late grandma. I wonder where is the picture right now.

There were more gowns tried in years to come. Then it has changed to girly blouses and trousers. Recently it has changed into handbags and shoes. We are no longer the same girls - we're now teachers, officers, almost a doctor, almost an architect and also a singer. Our mummies are now having wrinkles on their faces. But we still laugh at the same pitch!

Ibu sang a very funny song yesterday. It was like this...

" Cucu...cucu....cucu..."

She said she might not have the same experience again. We passed the children section in the mall yesterday and I was admiring the gowns. (though it was not as pretty and as quality as our gowns).

I had this itchiness of buying the gowns.

But I have no Orkid.

Will polka dot look nice on her...?

I have no Orkid.


* Orkid: my imaginary child.


Suzi said...

akak dulu selalu pakai kurung sama je adik beradik...kami 4 org semua perempuan. tapi bila dah besar sikit mulalah tak nak pakai baju sama...malulah konon hihihi...

julietchun said...

teringat kecik dulu bila tem raya baju & kasut harus sama paten cuma kaler lain2,hahhhaa, pegi kemana pun tak buleh bertukar ngan anak org lain.

bebudak skang ni dah pandai pilih sendiri.

sya said...

dulu2 masa kecik, pernah lah ada gown..
tapi, bukan untuk raya lah...

eh, boleh pakai gown lagi apa sekarang ni sha?
try lah... :D

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

kak suzi:
---> at least akak ade adik2 perempuan! sha takde...nasib baiklah ada sepupu2 yg boleh berpakaian sama masa raya...baru meriah:)

---> betul...betul..melainkan anak org lain beli kain kat kedai yg sama:P

---> ada...pakai...pastu semua org kata sha nampak macam budak sekolah...ehehe...

iza~de~bintang said...

kenangan raya kecik2 -mesti main mercun kat kampung, mercun katak, roket, gasing dan bunga api..riuh ahaks..

p/s: mekasih sebab sudi singgah. majlis tu kat concord inn klia (^_^)

en_me said...

chantekkk dolls itewww..

Pocket said...

waahh!! so u were stomping the runway from your early days.. if only i can be there even as a budak darjah dua :)
how nice it would be.

polka dot will definitely look fine on orchid sha... same as it looked nice on her mother. :)

a kl citizen said...


best ya ....reminiscing sweet memories...

zino said...

salam kenal

kampong atuk kat mana tu? entah2 sekampong..hehe

N A N I E said...

Walked in front of the mummies for them to check the length, the shoulders and the waist. <-- hoho this is compulsory time kekecik dulu..:)

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

---> dolls org lain...sha pinjam nak buat posting je:)

kak normah:
---> sangat best:)

---> pocket when he was a child? takutnya! nanti dia throw stick, macam mana? or will he throw candies at me? kuang..kuang...kuang...

---> kampung kat rembau...bukan di payakumbuh. tp senegeri kan?

---> memang! because org tua2 measure kat situ. now it became my habbit plak:)

lily lotus said...

salam dear, thanks for dropping by my blog..salam aidilfitri yer ;)