Sunday, September 06, 2009

sha: chalk infection

chalk, originally uploaded by silliopolous.

I woke up in the morning and let myself listened to "That's The Way It Is" from Celine Dion. I have no regret of purchasing the original CD now. The songs are motivating. Just what I need...

"Don't give up on your faith,
Love comes to those who believe it..."

I have missed 2 days' schedule of working at The Coffee Shop because I was coughing like nobody's business. The moment I got back from school on Friday, I just couldn't lift my head up. I was too tired at the same time I was coughing until I had tears in my eyes.

Blame it on the chalks. I have been using lots of chalks these days. I don't know why. I have the options of giving a photostat notes and exercises to these children but I didn't. Perhaps it's because my students love to make noise and they have lack of concentration; especially when they thought that form 4 is supposed to be a honeymoon year.

But this is Mathematics and when you're doing Mathematics you can't just relax. So, when the students were complaining about 70 questions I gave them for weekends, I just smiled even though my throat was itchy and hurt.

I'm going to finish my contract in the same school next Thursday after one and half month of being a Math teacher. I am still discussing my next destination with Education while hoping that I'll be able to try something different this time. I have to press my luck on that.

Rezeki is rezeki...though I personally tempted to do 2 things at one time, this whole month of working 2 jobs have made me a very exhausted person. I will have to re-check my schedule and finances before continuing next month.

I might have to leave The Coffee Shop and I'm not going to like this decision. But if it means that my schedule is not going to be adaptable...I have to leave. We'll see what Education will say next week.

I still need to consider my studies as well...

One thing I like about this situation:
I'm not letting go of my dreams for someone whose husband is going to scold her if she's not picking up her children. I don't have to do so many things because someone said EVERYTHING was my responsibility and not hers.

I pray today that the person will realise that by damaging other people's lives it's not going to build her marriage. Amin.

The title and power won't mean a thing to me now.

I'm glad that I left my job.



Tie said...

Apa-apa pun kak tie doakan yang terbaik buat Sha... :)

sonata anak kancil said...

salam kenal & ziarah kembali....TK singgah ke AGK...bolehlah kita follow...baru saje selesai masak gerang asam tetel....asam pedas pun ye....
Rasanya secukup rasa asam pedas untuk kehidupan hari ini! masam ke masin ke wallahualam....

FdausAmad said...

Gua nak ajak lu lepak blog gua.Rilek rilek.

sya said...

hmm, memang guna kapur membahayakan... sekolah tu tak ada whiteboard lagi ke? bahaya untuk cikgu tu.. kena pakai mask la nanti.. :P

Zyma Saad said...

Ai tak buleh la sentuh kapur @ chalk tu.
Elergik la.....meremang bulu roma.
Takmo la...

Kak Long said...

Kapur memang bahaya terutama pada yang arlergi.
Kak Long pun sama..akan mengelak semaksimum mungkin.
Sekarang nasib baik ada kemudahan LCD.

cikwan said...

alahaiii..kesiannyer cikgu,,bnyk2kanla besabar yer sha.apepe pon jaga kesihatan..dh dekat nk raya ni..heheh tingat lak time kiter sekolah2 dulu..mmg zaman nakal!!..hihi.lepas ni xnak jadi cikgu dah ker??

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

kak tie:
---> thanks kak tie...sha hargai doa kak tie tuh...

---> bulan puasa macam nak test asam pedas tuh kan? so, kita pakai agak2 la ape nak jadi dgn asam pedas tuh...bedal dulu:)

---> nice...nice...sudahpon dilawati:)

---> takde, masih pakai kapor...mmg dah pakai mask dtg sekolah arinieh...idung dah berair2 dah...

---> sha takde choice...allergic pon kena jugak...kalo tak susah nak ajar...

kak long:
---> sekolah sha nieh math satu masa je kak long, jadi nak cepat gunalah kapur...kalau tak nak set lcd lambat. lagipon sha mengajar budak2 lemah...kena menconteng!

---> masih...insyaAllah..cuma time tak sihat nieh nak rest sket:)