Thursday, September 24, 2009

sha: cheryna love story

As I mentioned in my posting the facade: you belong with me, I was surfing the internet to overcome my boredom since I was not going anywhere during raya. I had also mentioned that I was visiting 3r's website - a website which has been abandoned by myself for at least a year due to the pursue in what I sarcastically called as "career".

One of the articles I found was - "Bebaskan Diri Melalui Penulisan." It discussed about how writing can release your stress and other key points on why writing is good for you. But I was more intrested in this:

"...Oleh sebab itu, saya memilih untuk menulis jalan cerita sendiri. Saya berhak menentukan siapa watak utama, apa yang bakal terjadi. Penulisan merupakan suatu medium melepaskan segala ketidak puasan yang muncul dalam kehidupan harian. Tidak berpeluang mendapat promosi atau keputusan yang cemerlang dalam peperiksaan? Jangan risau dan tidak perlu stress. Di dalam cerita nukilan anda, anda berhak mendapat promosi itu, anda berhak menjadi pelajar terbaik."

I started writing about stories -sometimes it was about myself and sometimes it was about others.

If I recall, the first story I wrote was Err Story - the story about me and a guy who repeatedly said Err when I asked him questions (he was actually trying to impress me):)

Then, there was The Chrysanthemum Story - which was a true story (it was more into a conversation) between me and my ex-boyfriend, Sepet. I remember making it as serie of stories of 20 postings.

I also wrote about my dear best friend by the name of Mr Ketupat in The Ketupat Story. This is a story which still continues...depending on the situation that I'm having with Mr Ketupat himself. He is a constant reader of the story I wrote about him:)

There was one story which was hanging like a cloud. It was called The Serabai Story - a story about my meetings with my new friend whom I called Mr Serabai. The story has been suspended and I haven't continued anything until today.


Let me tell you...

I was working when my boss called me and said that he wanted to meet me. He talked about so many issues (as usual) until he came to this particular issue:

Boss: I know you're a blogger.
Me: Yup.
Boss: There is one article of yours stating your involvement with someone.
Me: Care to explain?
Boss: It said you have a crush on someone working here.
Me: No, I don't.
Boss: Yes, you are.
Me: I'm sorry but you're talking about MY feelings. May I know who is this person, by the way?
Boss: Well, I don't know the name...but...
Me: That is my private life and no one has the right to interfere.
Boss: But you have to understand that your position is very sensitive...bla...bla...bla...(he was nagging, of course)
Me: You tell me who's the guy.
Boss: I don't know.
Me: Then, you shouldn't consider talking about my personal life.
Boss: There is another article stated that you were angry with Lame (not a real name, of course).
Me: Okay...pass me your laptop. (I typed my blog url)
Boss: This is your blog? (he asked me)
Me: Yes, and can you show me about what you just accused me just now?
Boss: Errr...
Me: I have pictures of food over here. As you know, I love to eat. That's my crush?
Boss:, we don't go to that direction anymore.
Me: Please. I know what I'm doing. And this is totally personal.

How my boss got to know about my blog remain a question. I have few theories (since I received a comment which was suggesting few people's involvement) but I'd rather act rationally than emotionally like these people. I'm so grateful that I left the job. My departure was not because of the blog, but I've decided to stop writing Serabai Story for the sake of a great friendship:)

Too bad I couldn't continue the story because the ending was very...very sweet:)

"Mungkin anda tidak mempunyai kelayakan menjadi model jelita atau pelakon Hollywood terkenal, tetapi di dalam cerita nukilan anda, anything can happen. Anda adalah penentu segalanya. Tulislah suatu cerita dimana anda merupakan watak utama, dimana anda mempunyai hidup yang sempurna dan segala yang diinginkan berada di hujung jari anda."

Writing has always been my passion (it stated in my resume - my former boss should look at it). I realised that when I stopped writing, my world virtually stopped and ended in a crowd of pathetic people. So, I have decided to write again:)

I started with Selalu Mengalah since I am crazy about this song right now. I accidentally wrote The Facade - You Belong With Me. Recently I have written about Influence from Oprah (not posted yet).The title of my stories are mostly from songs, because I love music:)

I don't know how long will this continues, but I wish I have more things to share in future. I know I might not be the best writer but I trust this is what I like to do the most and at this time I feel like continuing the madness.

"Jangan biarkan orang ramai merendahkan bakat anda, mana tahu, di masa hadapan, anda mungkin menjadi JK Rowling mahupun Cecilia Ahern yang seterusnya!"

Therefore, I am now creating a new tag for this blog called: Cheryna Love Story.

It can be any story from my imagination:)


iza~de~bintang said...

Perca-perca kenangan yang menarik. Kalau tak di kisahkan di sini terasa sayang lah pulak kan.

p/s 1: Iza harap boleh menulis dalam BI sebaik Sha, urm tapi tak reti lah + malas belajar = tak dapek nak nolong laie eh (^__^)

p/s 2: Gambar tu Iza amik dengan IRIS (nama dslr Iza tu a.k.a nikon 5000D hihi)

papabear said...

another great one! bravo!

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

Hye Dear,
Baca n3 u kali ni i ader idea..


Ya Idea..

"Mungkin anda tidak mempunyai kelayakan menjadi model jelita atau pelakon Hollywood terkenal, tetapi di dalam cerita nukilan anda, anything can happen. Anda adalah penentu segalanya. Tulislah suatu cerita dimana anda merupakan watak utama, dimana anda mempunyai hidup yang sempurna dan segala yang diinginkan berada di hujung jari anda."

I rasa ini idea yg baik..

Thanks Dear..

and I love all ya n3..


Ili Saharudin said...

hey sis~keep up on the writing~ let go what people would say about it coz at the end we release our self frm any stress through creative ways. just be yourself..

Ayu said...

best.. mmg bestt.. even me can write my n3 in english since i'm an english teacher tp.. rasanya lagi syok taip in BM.. kalu wat assignment .. suka plak wat dlm BI.. hehhe..

out of topic -->> lagi dua bulan due date.. isskk.. x tau la takut ke x saba ke.. apa yg rasa skang ni ialah nk sangat tgk baby sendiri.. hehe..

MrMrsFaiz said...

Ya, nice tag indeed. good luck with Cheryna Love Story.

By the way di sini nama dia ikan siika, kalau google ikan silika tak jumpa rasanya.

the best love story we ever watched is notting hill. sangat terharu.

caluk@cencaluk said...

tulis selagi boleh menulis he he

~♥ cik intan® said...

.hee keep on writing sis!
.i loveeeeeeeee it! (:

joegrimjow said...

i write to make people read my thought
but i realize that was not cool at all
write sumthg to express many thing
njoy bloging ;-)

lupekanje said...

Your imagination??? only??? then its not real????
heheh...whatever...the keyboard is yours....

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

---> hoho...menulis dalam english nieh sbnrnye practice je, iza...asalkan jgn tinggal langsung. kalo jumpa orgnye taklah asek cakap omputih je...ehehe..

---> thanks papabear...u have been really appreciative:)

---> tahla...rasa macam dpt inspirasi plak bace artikel tuh...drp dok tunjuk kehidupanku yang boring nieh..baiklah tulis mende len:P

Ili Saharudin:
---> thanks ili...tak tau la bagus ke tak but i'll try:)

---> pasnieh leh mintak checkkan grammar..yeayyy!!:)

---> notting hill sangat best!!! haaa...sha dah jumpa ikan siika...dori..typo error la tuh...padan muka tak baca betul2. thanks for the motivation:)

---> thanks:)

~♥ cik intan:
---> thanks for liking it:)

---> blogging is up to the individuals. i used to make this blog my diary...but after 5 years of owning it, i just realised that it has more purposes and to seek attention:)

---> the keyboard might be tuan cc yang punya...ehehe...imagination when it comes to this tag only, cik...other things should be real:)

Eriyza said...

Sha, seriusly daku tak reti omputih dan tesgt laa blur sbb hang jdkan blog ni blog omputih. Apa pun daku byk citer nk tulih tp bila pk perasaan org lain, semenya daku pendam jer. Huhuhu!!!

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

Dear Sha,
Kehidupan yg boring?

r u sure, bebe?

Jgn ar boring2 okey..
Just b happy..
ngeeeee :)

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

---> mintak maaf la kalo ko tak paham...aku buat macam nieh utk aku belajar. blog nieh masih blog melayu..bahasa je tukar jd bahasa omputih:)

---> dearie, ia agak bosan utk dipertontonkan di blog. jadi..tulis mende len jelah:)

Zyma Saad said...

Ni mesti kes bercinta cintun nihhhh
Nak tumpang sekaki bercinta cintun....boleh???

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