Sunday, September 27, 2009

sha: confession of regret

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Glory MU!

He sms me just one hour ago. I know for a fact that I can never win in this game of sms. We have been smsing each other since the rate of sms was RM0.15 'til it dropped to RM0.01. Thanks to Maxis.

I fiercely replied,

Cet...nak cari gaduh ke. Tak guna!

Our nasty replies continue - even when I'm typing this posting.

This one week has been absolutely heaven. I got him and I was so damn happy. We quarreled, we argued, we discussed too much until we typed sms in deep slumber.

And I was drawn back to the memory of our first peaceful raya together (because we never stopped arguing about MU and Liverpool). I just broke up and things got so messed up. I didn't cry but I was definitely angry. But he cheered me up from morning to evening. From one football match after another.n From the moment I opened my eyes to the moment I wanted to sleep.

It was such a great moment.

I recently found one of his messages:

"sbg fanz MU,aku ttp bersama MU walau aper 100%.kita tgk je season start nanti.
tp aku expect liverpool power thn nie.klu owen msk
MU pun,bgs gak hahaha.ko klu cite sal bola mst
tak nak klh.rase nak cekik je ko nie.nsb baik ko
takde kat sini hehe."

- my friendster's inbox: 08/08/2005

It has been 4 years and Michael Owen is indeed with Manchester United now. He is still saying the same thing about me today andI will never give up any of our arguments about football. That hasn't changed.

Other things changed tremendously over these four years. Even though he is paying attention to me throughout this whole week of holiday, he'll be working again on Monday. He is still going to get married next year. And I'm yet to find peace with his girlfriend.

We're yet to meet each other after the rules imposed by the girlfriend more than a year ago.

Tomorrow, things will be changed.

It will be complicated again.

I have to give ways again.

Tomorrow, I'll stop being clingy to the sweet moments.

Tomorrow, I'll put the barrier again.

For even though he is my best friend, he is not coming to my house for raya. Regardless how wishful I am for this particular person's visit we have to take care of that lady's feelings. How vain. How devastating.

I checked my messages and I saw "I miss you" message last week in this blog. This is not his vocabulary. At least not to me.

Let me just tell you this:

I miss him too.
A lot.

Because tomorrow will be another day.

This evening, he is still the same person.

Enjoy the evening while you still can, Sha.

* Sorry. It's such an emotional evening.
* This is a part of The Ketupat Story.


Zyma Saad said...

Pencinta MU??
Boleh geng dgn sy la cenggini.....

razifembi said...

Im a BIG fan of MANU ...

but that long long ago before this ...

now freely and not watching any English Premier ...

dunno where the spirit gone ...

might be im getting old ... haha

iza~de~bintang said...

ooo Owen dah masuk MU.. ceQ baru tau nih, tak tau sangat pasal bola..duk ingat Owen masih Liverpool dan Beckham masih MU..err berapa tahun tertinggal yer hahaha.. :D

Sha... jangan sedih2 yer.. (ayat paling skema boleh bagi)huhu

~♥ cik intan® said...

.dlu terjebak dgn man utd sbb ex-bf minat man utd
.ektuali x minat sgt pon bola neh, tp sbb da ikut die lyn bola, so terikut2
.tp bile die kene tunang dgn plhn mak die n we broke up, kite trpksa cri bf lain
.and my new bf ni x minat bola lgsung =.="
.so, jersy man utd tinggal cmtu je lah
.hmmm wat a memory *sigh*

.in my case, i miss the moment dat "we" lepak dkt mamak n layan bola
*longgggggggggggg sigh*

imHepPie said...

mish him too..haha..

bola??ada pe ngan bola??ahaks!!

ashley said...

Fight over the teams...he he he..relaxxxxx..
They are professional players and we are only their fans.
sit back and enjoy the games!!

Ayu said...

ishh.. kenapa gerlfren dia x sporting langsung.. biarla nk kawan or nk dtg raya pun.. sapa kenal dulu sha? u ke that girl?

Ili Saharudin said...

sis~dont regret.enjoy the will be the best memories ever~

Tie said...

Selamat hari raya Sha...!!

Ni mesti ligat makan ketupat dan kuih raya...

Kak tie tak minat bola... minat makan je, hihi..

kakchik said...

sha, kakchik jarang jumpa org perempuan yang minat bola, tapi suami kakchik memang minat sungguh. blog dia pun pasal bola. kakchik jadi tukang kritik je.

~nUmb GurL'z / Miz Fantasy~ said...

i miss u 2 kak sha... ;p
anywhere Man U mmg ttap bez kalo nak bndingkn mna2 psukan pn... :)

Yunus Badawi said...

Dulu aku pun minat bola mcm ko jugak tapi sekarang aku lebih bnyk habiskan masa bersama famili. Can't afford to spend too much time watching football.

Enjoy you evening while you can. Sedih jugak baca kisah ko. Semoga ko menemui pengganti secepat mungkin.

FdausAmad said...

cerita MU ka cerita cinta nih?

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

Zyma Saad:
---> kawan sha minat MU...sha tidak...nanti sha sampaikan salam kat dia ek...:)

---> hmm...wondering why most married man stop watching football;)

---> hehehe...biasalah tuh...bukan sume orang amik tau macam sha...macam sha mmg suka boila jek..takleh tinggal. thanks iza:)

12:58 AM
~♥ cik intan®:
---> layan mamak is a must for football maniacs!:) oooo...minat mu sbb bf ek...mesti bf sangat syg kan?:)

---> ada persahabatan:)

---> hehehe...memang kak...itulah yang sha cuba buat. tp dia nieh...balik2 nak gaduh je. tp tuh yg best tuh:)

---> sha kenal dulu...nak wat camne...dia takut kehilangan kot...walaupon sha bukan nak kat bf dia...tuh kan kawan sha...

Ili Saharudin:
---> thanks sis...u're such a sweet pie!:)

---> yeayy...kak tie dah balik memposting! bestnye...sha tau kak tie minat makan...tgh tunggu posting makan kak tie la nieh..:)

---> Sha minat dr kecik tak tau kenapa suka. Sha amatlah paham karenah hubby kak chik sbb sha pon macam tuh jugak. tuh la yg dia nieh jd kawan baik sha:)

~nUmb GurL'z / Miz Fantasy~
---> miss u too...lame tak turun sane..amobi! amik kesempatan puji mu nieh:)

Yunus Badawi:
---> thanks YB...mwatilah YB sibuk...maklumlah...YB katekan:)

---> buat fussion sket...MU ngan friendship (bukan cinta laaa!!)

razifembi said...

because they watch their wife and their wife wacth over them also ...hehehe

runi said...

tau la liv sekarang da power, tp MU takkan mengalah k :) .....
InsyaAllah nanti Tuhan tunjukkan penyelesaian baik.kawan tetap kawan.