Sunday, September 20, 2009

sha: hallucinating over songkok

After cooking rendang and kuah kacang on Raya Eve, I went online for a while just to check on Flickr.

Unlike most people who are addicted to Facebook, I was still addicting to Flickr. For me, Facebook was a nice place to to mingle, but Flickr was certainly a great escape.I truly believed in a statement - "a picture worth a thousand words."

I was logging in to my Facebook when I realised there were only 7 people seen as online. As of raya, I had approximately 150 friends and I used to see around 20 people logged in at the same time especially in the evening. But I saw only 7 of them so on Raya Eve, therefore I had a hunch of checking who were online.

I was not surprise to see that all of them were singles. Either they were not doing anything or maybe they just love to be online.This was because I've never seen their names disappeared from either Facebook or Yahoo Messenger even for a while. Those people were the ones who would answer all the quizzes, play the games and changed their status almost every hour:)

I didn't type in anything.I was just watching and flickring.

I was thinking about songkok when I was flickring. Raya was the time when I got to see Malay men wearing the garments I like. I just love baju melayu for no reason. When I was in school, I loved Friday because it would be the day when the boys and the teachers would be wearing their baju melayu. A guy can wear some branded clothes, a tuxedo or whatever but it would give a very minimal impact on me. But a man in Baju Melayu...hmmm...a bit different.

Here's the story...

When I was flickring I realised that when I typed the word songkok, the results would be lots of wedding pictures. There were pictures of froggy grooms in baju Melayu which eventually turned into a prince. I was drowning in the pictures - smiling, grinning and frowning when I heard the sms ringtone.

"Sungguh cantik kain pelekat,
Dipakai orang pergi ke pekan,
Hari raya semakin dekat,
Silap dan salah mohon dimaafkan."

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Sha.

Sender: MrxXx

I suddenly recalled the sender's face. He was tall, with black hair (almost like Fahrin's), fair (like Ashraff Muslim). I could remember his smile forever because I've never seen him frowning. He had great smiles which melted young girls' heart.I have no idea whether any of those have changed because I haven't seen him for a while.

While I was recalling I had this picture of a guy in baju melayu in front of me. The picture was black and white. The guy was smiling to the camera so when I looked a his picture, I felt as if he was staring at me. Oooohhh..

I didn't know whether I was hallucinating or daydreaming, but I thought I saw the sender's face in my computer. Oooohh...noooooo...hohohooooo..

I felt the muscle on cheeks were working to form a smile - I was actually smiling at my computer.

Then,there was takbir from the mosque.

Back to reality. The man in the picture was not the sender. I had then realised that I unintentionally joined the single people in Facebook by letting my id appeared along with theirs! is not good.

So, I switched the picture to other pictures.

And I saw this:

Small eyes, fair...just how I wanted my Jebat to be.
The cheeky smile just captured me. I didn't know whose son was he, but I'm enamoured by his picture.

I clicked add favourites and quickly logged off.
And I logged of from Facebook too.

What did I do?

I continued cooking and bouncing as Fernando Torres scored 2 goals for Liverpool. Yeah!!!


MrMrsFaiz said...

Sis..salam aidilfitri dari kami bertiga. Selamat mengumpul duit raya jugak. Hehe.

Ayu said...

yupp sha.. hubby org ttj.. sampai je kampung kena perli.. org paling jauh dah sampai.. lemang pun dah lama siap bakar.. hehehe..

Cikgu Adham said...

andai kata mata silap memandang,
telinga salah mendengar,
lidah terlanjur berkata,
fikiran khilaf mentafsir,
hati silap menduga,
mohon maaf atas kesalahan..

salam aidil fitri

zino said...

salam 1 syawal...

agaknya berapa rumah nak di kunjungi hari ni?
sure banyak dapat duit raya nanti tu hehe

chekdenoor said...


Pagi ini hubby chekdee pakai songkok g solat hari raya... selalunyer dia pakai kopiah.... So...joke dia ialah.....alahai...kang sujut...tertinggal pulaklah songkok ini kat sejadah......... ukhusssss

ashie023 said...

selamat hari raya..ampun maaf dipinta..

azzaliena suziantie feisal said...

selamat hari raye sis

Anonymous said...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan Selamat Bercuti dari IMCurtain.

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iza~de~bintang said...

Seharian ni asyik makan dan makan.. dah petang camni, rehat depan tv sambil nonton upin dan ipin(dan online sekejap) hihi :)

Sha apa khabar hari ni? Okey? Selamat Hari Raya yer, maaf kalau ada tersalah kata. Cantik sangat gambar si comel bersongkok tu :)

Adila said...

guys in baju melayu lengkap with sampin and songkok are totally irresistible hehe :P
it's been a while since i last saw one.. so yeah.. *drools* HAHAHAHA! XD

btw, I love that guy's gallery!
the wazari guy!! sgt cantik photos yg he amik~

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

---> selamat hari raya to u too sis...semoga mikael cepat sembuh:)

Ayu said...
---> tak sabarnye nak tgk gambo ayu kat blog! siapkan gambo2 lemang sekali ye:)

Cikgu Adham:
---> selamat hari raya cikgu pantun tuh...terima kasih:)

---> thn nieh tak lopeh ke, takdelah byk sangat umah. ado dapek duit raya wan len tak bg sbb dah tua aaa...

---> ehehe...leceh jugak la pakai songkok ye chekdee? tp ensemla kalo pakai baju melayu ngan songkok chekdee...sha suka:)

ashie023 & azzaliena suziantie feisal:
--->selamat hari raya to u too!

iza~de~bintang said...
---> tuh sbb la letak dlm blog...lawa plak rase gambo nieh. iza tgk upin dan ipin ke? sha kat sini dok berebut remote astro dr semalam:P\
jgn lupa ngan sha bila makan ketupat palas:)

Adila said...
---> indeed! i was drooling yesterday (guess setan helped a lot)...hahaha...
memang....masa tgh flickring pasal songkok..i found his gallery and i was macam tak ingat dunia tgk all the pictures! good that you approve!