Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sha in love: being a libra babe 2

As I mentioned in my previous posting sha: being a libra babe, Stargazer (in Cleo) stated that I'm going to be attracted to smart guys. Which is true (coincidentally) because I truly like smart guys. It also said that sophistication, looks and style will be the additional points.

What made it more interesting was the fact that Stargazer put a word "Try" after it described the Love Match.

It said:

Try: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

I grinned from ear to ear.

This was because I found it really amusing.

Some people in my life are either Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Hihi.

Aries - my ex-boyfriend Sepet.
Gemini - my best friend since secondary school named Ogie.
Leo - my life time best friend, ibu and the facade I used to admire in college:)
Sagittarius -Mr. Ketupat (alamak). Should I mention Mr. Pocket too? (double alamak)
Aquarius - most of my close friends from school to college. And most of my dates too:P

I began to laugh when I read this. The co-incidence will always be there if you're prepared to believe it. But I didn't. (God is great, these are just theories right?)

Most of the websites, magazines, or even books I came across had put different types of views. I was not that amused when Cleo stated Gemini and Aquarius but when it came to...

- Aries, it definitely made me quiet for a moment -thinking whether I made the right decision to break up with Sepet

- Leo, it was creating some awareness -thinking about how many kids does my crush has right now),

- and when it came to Sagittarius, I was thinking about Mr.Ketupat's girlfriend unsaddled reaction if she knows Libra and Sagi are compatible- I think she'll hate me more...hehe).

My argument would be:

- If my right partner is Aries - why did I broke up with Sepet? Clearly, stars are not holding us together:)

- If my right partner is Leo - the facade whom I admired would've chosen me over my housemate:)

- If my right partner is Sagittarius - why on earth is my friendship with Mr. Ketupat feels like Manchester United and Liverpool rivalry?

So, do I agree that the stars rule my decision making; especially when it comes to life partners?


This atrological reading is fun.

There is co-incidence.

But should you believe it?

It's up to you!

Have you found any co-incidence about your zodiac recently?

I did.

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xiiinam said...

Salam dari makcik capricorn..he..he..

imHepPie said...

if ur partner is it gonna be me??lalala~~

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

My Dear,

LOL berbintang LIBRA.
Welcome to my World :)

manje said...

i'm an aries.hehhehe come come
bermanje2 with me
readings zodiacs best sis,boleh buat gelak for the day tau ;p

azzaliena suziantie feisal said...

im cancer..
not in ur list lah sis..hehehe

ashie023 said...

ahaha..not in ur list..mine virgo..
lama nye x ngecheck bintang2 nih...dolu jaman2 skolah menengah..skelah sgt buat mende nih, beli galaxie, just nak tgk bintang, dan jugak lirik lagu..hehe

Ili Saharudin said...

memperkenalkan diri, saya cik capricornian~lalalala..selalu berkawan dgn sagi, aries, leo dan libra..i guess u one of them then~selamat berkenalan..hehehehe..ili sengal~minta ampun..

Arjuna Qaseh said...

virgo ngn libra ngam tak?
libra=23/9-23/10 kan?

Kak Tie said...

Err...kak tie baru perasan, hubby dan ex kak tie sama bintang...cancer hu hu... kedua2nya selalu mengalah dengan kak tie, cuma kak tie pilih hubby sebab dia lebih tua dari kak tie dan lebih matang.

Pocket said...

previously i've posted this about dots in
149. WeChoose
but lets not think that far.

i always believe that i am a true sagitarius,
the description seems bulls-eye,
never tried to look into those future predicting thing though...

i might just type horoscope in the google after this:D n look for my soulmate :P

Adila said...

I always like reading about those stuffs; but not when it's about compatibility la
I mostly read it when it says.. you'll be having some money problem this month or.. you'll be a bit off or something like that haha

not that those are true pun
but at least kasi kita lagi aware kot? and more likely we'll jaga our mood even more :)

pssst~ i'm taurus haha

Ili Saharudin said...

actly dah lama x baca horoscope ini.last one becoz ada kebetulan dgn whats happening in my life~so untuk elak sebarang kecelaruan~i stop reading it~

zino said...

zino sagitarius....
zaman2 dolu2 ada juga baca horoscope tu.. saja sesuka je...

Lan Bingka said...

jangan caye sangat benda tu, kebetulan je kot..;)

Anonymous said...

suke gak kadang2 bace horoscope nie... macam kebetulan2 tuh ade je.kihkihkih

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

amy layan je horoscope ni tapi tak secara serious. just suka baca je. kekadang tersama pulak dengan kita. btw, amy capricorn. so tak tau which zodiak yg sesuai. hehehe...

sya said...

haha, nak cek jugak lah..
ada kena mengena tak virgo dgn scorpion? :P

kalau dah jodoh, zodiac apa2 pun boleh on je kan.. :P

err, carik mr. virgo la, orang virgo baik2 belaka.. hehehe

ashley said...

Are you talking about "Jula Juli bintang TUJUH"?
.....errr..where am I?
ngeh ngeh ngeh..
Don't bother about all these horoscope thing....
The statements are mostly in general!
So they suit almost everybody..

~nUmb GurL'z / Miz Fantasy~ said...

ahaks~ kekdang zodiak nie btl.. tp byk yg xbtl pn... :)
dlu smpai ar skang sy pling gmar bca zodiak.. tp sumtme, bnda 2 mmg "trjd" spt yg d tulis... tp byk yg xjd pn... nak cya pn ssh nak ckp... kalo ar btl spt yg d ktakn olh zodiak, so xde ar prktaan "takdir" dlm idup sesorg.. :)

n sesorg 2 blh ar "brhati2" andai zodiak dia kta dia akn brnsib mlang pd bln nie... :))

apa pn, zodiak hnye ar sbgai pnghibur kite tiap kli kite selak2 mjalah... :)
nak cya @pn x, trplang ar pd dri sndri.. :)

ps: dlu ktanye soul mate sy dr golongan leo.. tp ngape C Leo sy prgi dr dlm idup sy eik?? ;p

~nUmb GurL'z / Miz Fantasy~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~nUmb GurL'z / Miz Fantasy~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kakpah said...

ha.. yang ni baru boleh masuk hehe..
zodiak? jangan le pecaya. Sume nya mengarut je tu.
its okay if u take it just for fun only.

lupekanje said...

bintang2 ni temerang jer....klu betul pung, just co incidence ..kannnzz..

speckurosaklagi said...

iam virgo boi..

speckurosaklagi said...

iam virgo boi..