Sunday, September 27, 2009

sha in love: being a libra babe

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As you know, Facebook is good.

I chatted (through FB & YM) with one girl who was not really close to me in college. We were from different circles, she was with somewhat came from an elite group (because she was damn smart and hardworking) and I was with the average ones (the ones who loved to break all rules!). But we definitely knew each other.

Facebook has allowed us to pass comments even though the girl was in Manchester. Unlike myself whose just interested to have a master's degree (which is just still a plan right now - it has not been executed as yet), she has finished her ACCA. I respect her for that. ACCA was not easy. I wish I would do the same, but commitments held most of my dreams:(

One day, while we were chatting, we talked about college mates who got married recently, who gave birth and who are getting married. The normal stuff. We also talked about the ones who remain single:)

Perhaps that is something that we have in common. Our species nearly go to extinction. The single species! Only few of us left. Most of our colleagues are pasting wedding pictures and baby pictures in their Facebook. I rarely changed my profile pictures (because I don't want to look at my own fat pictures these days). On the other hand, this girl will put her pictures traveling across England - looking happy in flower beds:)

What made me laugh was that we were not close but at this stage we were suddenly discussing about our taste and preference. We talked about our fears (to be in a marriage). I was surprise. Never in my wildest dream that someone like her will talk to me about men. I just couldn't believe it.

I guess that was a Facebook magic:P

But there was something interesting in the conversation which I would like to share with you.

"Tulah. Nak orang hebat2. Yang pandai. Ada rupa pulak tu."

Something like that. Not exactly her sentence.

I laughed. What I didn't tell her was:
"Ye, aku pon nak orang pandai. Someone yang faham apa yang kau cuba nak sampaikan. Tapi aku susah sikit nak terima yang handsome. Walaupun aku sangat suka mencuci mata tgk orang handsome."

At least at that point of time I knew I was not crazy by liking someone's smart.

Realistically, I found the handsome ones but rarely find the smart one. I don't care about qualification, a street smart will do. Just like Troy in The Apprentice Season 1. But that is hard to find too:P

Am I being choosy?

At this point of time, I knew for a fact that this does not happen to me alone. Hehe:)

After almost 5 years, I'm suddenly reading Cleo back.It was my habbit when I was in college, before I changed to Women's Weekly or I flipped the Stargazer section, my favourite section everytime I have Cleo in hand:

Love Match:
" Your life feels more balanced when in a committed, faithful relationship, knowing there's someone to watch out for you but you'll always need space for your own life. Am intellectual equal who'll stimulate you brain is a must but if he has looks, sophistication and style, you'll fall in love with that a little bit more!"


I don't know.

I had this conversation in Ramadhan. I read this Cleo in Syawal.

What I read was absolutely the same thing I have been thinking and talking to the girl.

I don't really believe in all these things.

It was just for fun.

But there's more.

There is also a suggestion in Stargazer.

I'll tell you more about that in my next posting. This posting itself is getting long.

Tell me: What's your zodiac?

* I just realised that my posting was too emotional yesterday and I had changed my direction to food recently....adoiii....


~nUmb GurL'z / Miz Fantasy~ said...

ahaks~ mmg kuasa FB xdpt nak d sgkal lg.. FB ada magic yg trsndri.. ada pngaruh yg trsndri.. :)
btl x??

n zodiac sy??
sy bngga jd Aquarius.. :)
cpt sjuk kalo mrh sma mcm air memadamkn api... :))

zino said...

tak salah memilih... tapi akhirnya jodoh akan nmenentu kan...

Tie said...

Kak Tie pun libra... suka berangan dan berkira-kira. Nak buat keputusan pun susah.

Pocket said...

pocket pun sagitarius,
kononnya a wanderer, traveler, and just like the stallion, wanting to run free on the grassy plain:D

I laughed. What I didn't tell her was:
so u didnt tell her dat?
why didnt u?
but now, people here know your requirement already:D
buckle up sis!! ramai beratur nih:D

Kujie said...

Kak Jie tak de akaun FB, mcm dah tua utk ber efbi


azzaliena suziantie feisal said...

fb besttt :)

Arjuna Qaseh said...

akak..jom lepak2 makan..
kite kat seremban=)

iza~de~bintang said...

Cancer dan suka biru hurmm ;)
Tentang jodoh masih memohon pada DIA, tapi buat masa sekarang nampaknya belum ada stock yg sesuai :D

a kl citizen said...


sha... wah.. kejap emosional, kejap berangan...macam naik rollercoaster...
gini lah sha...

bila tengok kengkawan kawin, dpt baby, memang teringin nak begitu kan...sememangnya...
bila tengok sekeliling, macam yang baik2 semua dah berpunya kan...

doa banyak2, agar Allah jodohkan yang terbaik utk sha... cari, berkenalan, dan juga jangan malu minta tolong orang carikan...apa salahnya kan....

nanti cikgu teropong2kan utk sha gak ya...

Ili Saharudin said...

karma is a funny thing~ kad warna merah..kebetulan

sonata anak kancil said...

handsome ke atau tak handsome adalah satu yang subjektif.....

ashie023 said...

ahaha...x kisahlah handsome ke tak..yg penting ader ala ala ustaz skit yg bleh membimbing kite..dan setia serta lawak..ahaha..manyak plak ambe nye permintaan(3 manyak ke?)

x kisahlah ko nak memilih ker Sha, yg penting x buat perangai,..kalu x , x kuasa..ahahha(aku ke yg memberi nasihat nih?)..hehe

Adila said...

..kena la memilih hehe
dah idup semati wooo~ bkn main2

fb mmg the best thing ever!
i byk got back in contact with my friends time high school.. and lately dgn my primary schoolmates tru fb
and that's like.. getting in touch again after 9 years! :D

it's easier talking to friends whom we rarely talk to if it's by chatting
when face to face.. err a bit awkward kot unless dah chatting liker superb before :D

my friend dgn i pun mcm tu jgak
time skolah xpenah ckp pun
tetiba je skrg bkn stakat boleh buat lawak kasar dgn dia, leh plak gi join jadi sekepala hehe

i guess.. we usually group people as how we see them kot?
i mean, if org tu baik sgt time skolah, doesn't mean dia think differently from the rest of us pun, kan? :D

dotblogspotdotkom said...

biar pening kepala kerana memilih.... asalkan jgn pening kepala kerana salah pilih udah la....

"di cintai oleh orang yang kita cinta".....susah juga tu......

Zyma Saad said...

Sy Kembar yg gitu-gitu!!

Boleh geng ke dgn Libra?? :)

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

~nUmb GurL'z / Miz Fantasy~:
---> aquarius ke? patut la kita leh masuk kan:)
fb ada kuasa tersendiri, tp bengang jugak kalau fb asek hang je...adoi...kenapa sangat menyakitkan ati:(

zino said:
---> hehehe...kadang2 memilih itu pon seronok juga:P

Tie said:
---> samalah kita ye kak tie! berangan memang seronok...lagi2 kalo tgh2 boring kan:)

Pocket said:
---> uh-oh....pocket sagittarius eh? abehla..pasnieh sha nak sangat pocket baca posting sha:)

nywayz, tak diberitahu kerana segan nak bagitau. takut dia kata, "kau tak payahlah pilih2. kau bukan hebat pon." because in the conversation, i was the listener, k:)

ramai beratur ke...hmm...meh check. q takde org pon?:P

---> sape kate...ibu dan ayah sha pon ade akaun fb kak jie...sbb senang nak berhubung dgn saudara mara:) kak jie mane tua sangat...

azzaliena suziantie feisal:
---> best mmg best dik. asal tak hang, best la:P

Arjuna Qaseh:
---> nak lepak mane? gi tgk wayang nak?

---> kita leh geng la iza. nak cari calon itu agak leceh kan. hmm...cancer ye. nanti sha nak baca ape kate forecast tuh. mesti ade partnernye. hmm...kena buat research sket posting lepas nieh:)

a kl citizen:
---> cikgu nak teropongkan ke? ish...nieh yang best nieh (gatalnye anak dara ni kan).

Ili Saharudin:
---> tgh dok nak mencari kebetulannye cik ili. ape agaknye? kak sha agak blur la..

sonata anak kancil:
---> betul tu. itu sbb sha suka cuci mata. boleh tgk pelbagai jenis kehenseman...ehehe..:)

---> waaahhh!!! kalau sha pon nak yg macam ustaz kan, berebut la kite! hehehe...nasib tidak:P

sha suka yang simple2 ada akal fikiran dan tanggungjawab:)

Adila said:
---> true!!! 100% with you.

sometimes, yang dok termalu2 masa sekolah itu boleh terkapel pon kan!

---> pakcik dot...sha suka sangat komen nieh. betul tuh...lebih serik bila dah salah pilih:)

yang last itu....hahaha...itulah yg paling susah. tp "sayang org yang sayang kita" lebih elok kan?

Zyma Saad:
---> yang tuh sha letak kat posting selepas nieh ek!:)