Friday, September 04, 2009

sha in love: sinful

Sweet Peas, originally uploaded by Nana* (salala817).

Captions from Sinful (Susan Johnson), Bantam Book 1998:

" Do you like lilies?"

" I love lilies."

" We'll have luncheon with the lilies," Sinjin instructed Somerset, "and my usual too," he added.

When Sinjin opened the door to the parlor set aside for Chelsea's withdrawing room, she gasped.

The majestic room - high ceilinged, painted on the walls and dome with murals by Romeo depicting Neptune and sea sprites, resplendent with ormolu molding, carpeted with a Gobelin of gigantic proportions- was eclipsed by the dramatic display of lilies in shades of cream and saffron and pale yellow, disposed in lush tropical abundance on tables, consoles, tripods, mantelpieces, windowsills - in short, everywhere.

What if you have this? I'm this type of person who will delved myself into the books that I'm reading and I couldn't stopped reading this part. How very fortunate if I have a room of full lilies. How very romantic! (I'm feeling disgusted with myself now)

Lily is my favourite flower. My friends bought white lilies on my 15th birthday, ibu gave me yellow lilies on my graduation, I gave ayah pink-purple lily during his hospitalisation. I'm now planting peach-coloured lilies in my garden. So, a room full with lilies is beyond my wildest imagination:)

But of course this scene won't happen to me. I'm being realistic. Do we need a room of flowers to show affection?

I'll say: Perhaps if it's not much of trouble:P

" Flowers were delivered into Mrs. Macaulay's care to the Priory Cottage every day, at times when Earl and Chelsea's brothers were sure to be attending the races.Violets on Wednesday, with a whimsical note that brought a smile to Chelsea's lips. Rare orchids on Thursday, brought down from the orangery on Sinjin's estate. Frilled tulips on Friday, arranged in seventeenth century blue and white Chinese porcelain tulip vase from his family collection. And on Saturday, after the race meet was over, when Chelsea entered her room very late, flushed with victory and the improvement to their finances, she found yellow roses, delicate single-petaled Austria Copper roses blooming weeks before their season."

Do we need flowers everyday? Not to mention, uniquely presented rare flowers? Will this translate the intention? Or will this symbolise the attachment?

Violet, orchid, tulip are my favourite flowers. I can't say I'm not tempted when I'm reading this. I'm someone who is fond with flowers. But this is Malaysia. Where the prices of rare orchids are high - even though I'll settle down with a stem of cymbidium. Tulips are almost gone case and they have some in Bukit Larut but I've never seen any at the florists' shop.Violet will be my dream come true since I don't think any is available in Malaysia.

I'll say: Yeah...I would love to have flowers. Even if it is a hibiscus. Merdeka!

I have never received flowers from any of my partners. Never in my life. Sepet told me he will give me other things but not flowers (because he thought flowers are a waste, he rather give me a plant) BoyFRIENDS gave me flowers but not partners.

I wonder how it feels have Sinjin's treatment when I'm Chelsea.

One can only hope:)


Hanis Razak said...

sha, we have so much in common..mcm long-lost twin plak..hehehe..hanis pun sgt suke lily..i think roses are so kalau bf/partner bagi, still amik jugak..hihihi...

papabear said...


Kak Long Mawar Merah said...

hi sha,
Kak Long suke juga lily tapi mawar merah still be my favourite flowers.
sentiasa dapat roses on my birthday...tu yang suka sangat tu!

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

---> tuh la sha tgk gambo konvo hanis pon lily kan? bunga apa pon janji bunga...:)

---> hello!!! lama tak nampak?

Kak Long:
---> Dah name pon mawar merah kan! waa...jeles betul...mesti seronok kan dpt bunga selalu...

Zyma Saad said...

Erkkkk,tgh in love ke?
bagus...bagus... :)

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

i love ngan bunga2an....ehehehe...

Anonymous said...

Kak tie pun suka lilies... rose pun suka gak!

Sha.... in love pun tak pe... dah sampai masanya pon. Jangan tunggu lama2...

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

yeke kak tie...patutlah kita leh geng...

ntah la kak tie...insyaAllah kalau sampai jodoh nanti:)