Saturday, October 31, 2009

orkid's cafe: garfield's caramel apple

Caramel apple
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Caramel Apple. It is a beautiful dish in Cafe World - the game I'm playing in Facebook right now. That two hours of cooking is certainly worth it by the looks of nicely animated Caramel Apple. Nom...nom...nom...nom...

His name was Garfield. He was my crush when I was in form four. When I first saw him, he was eating nasi lemak while silently listening to his friends. He was wearing a apple green tag which identified him as a form five student. He looked at ease and calm. I liked that;)

Then, I tried to cover my infatuation by grinning to my friend, Masyetah. Masye noticed, because I was this type of a girl who rarely laughed and smiled in public. Those privilleges were given to my close friends and not the boys. Unless they were really close. The moment we reached the class, I was holding my breath to let excitement went to Masyetah;)

Since then, I made a point of checking 5A1. Luckily his class was just near the canteen itself. He was almost 2 metres tall, so it was easy to identify him. He used to have this GQ hair, all black and shiny. Besides, he has thick eyebrows with long chin. The parts I liked? The sleepy eyes and wicked grins. Just like Garfield.

My secret was kept beautifully by my close friends who couldn't understand the meaning of opposite attraction. They questioned about his height - because I was just over 150cm, his quietness - because I was noisy and his capability of answering language questions - he was superb in Math and Physics but he had to work hard just to get credit in English. I secretly checked his desk one day, and I saw a big question mark in his English book. Past tense of MAKE = MAKED. Yet, I still liked him. Hehe.

In August, The Scouts created an event called "Merdeka Surprise". It was just a special dedication to someone you like - you got to choose between flowers, chocolates, apples and soft toys.

I did not have any money. So, I chose Caramel Apple. It was just for RM1. I wrote:

To: Wan
Class: 5A1
All the best for your future undertakings and enjoy your life!

From: Iris
Class: 4X1.

Then I submitted the forms. The organisers were good, no one knew about it.

During recess, I checked whether Garfield received his Caramel Apple. He did and he was fascinated with it. I was happy until I heard this:

"Aku tak retilah cakap omputih. Ko leh cakap ngan aku tak apa benda dalam mesej ni?" He asked his friend.

"Wan, budak ni dak form 4 ek?" his friend asked.

"Agaknya. Aku tak tau siapa dia," he answered.

"Cari siapa dak form 4 pandai English," his friend suggested. I hid behind the pillar. Loor...someone who was not good in English certainly could send the message too. The message was too common!

"Boleh. Tapi nanti bila dia cakap omputih, satu apa tak paham, macam mana?" he said.

"Entah-entah Cina tak?" his friend said.

"Entah-entah India. Budak Melayu mana reti nak cakap omputih ni. Tengok aku," he said. Then he laughed at himself -the friend was making jokes of his English.

That was a tactical error on my part.
And he shouldn't think THAT WAY. Hey, there are lots of Malays who can speak in English, okay! (that was the only part I didn't like about him - his assumption)

Later on, when the school pasted the SPM results on the main board, I checked Garfield's result. He scored As for his Math, Add Math, Physics and Agama. He scored C6 for both Bahasa Melayu and English. At least a credit for both - I was relieved.

While I was looking at the results, I heard a voice behind my back,

"Good luck untuk SPM tahun ni."

Garfield was smiling behind me.

Errrrr...I got so nervous, I blushed to the roots of my hair. His smile has never been sweeter.

As sweet as Caramel Apple:)


* Thanks for commenting on my posting about Jack Bass. I'm thinking about sending him Caramel Apple because he is my latest crush! Uuuuhhh...still watching the clips of him...nom...nom...nom...nom...

If I ask you to send any Caramel Apple today, who do you want to send it to?

sha: that man is my dream guy

Today is Saturday and while you're reading this, I might be sleeping. Hehe.

I'm typing this before I'm going to sleep. I think I'm having maggots in my head. Everytime I go online, I will check on this video and look at the picture of THAT MAN. I know, I'm still in love with Pires (always be!). But this guy has been distracting me for a fortnight. What? A fortnight? Yes...a fortnight.

I can't sleep. I can't eat. I might be thin after this. Thinking of Jack all the time.

Please..please...check out his wicked smile when he is on the phone. Ooohh....I'm in the clouds!!!

That man is the man of my dreams. At least physically.

Can someone tell me what is wrong with me?


Friday, October 30, 2009

cheryna love story: it's not nur kasih

This is a story about Teja and Transformer:

Pernahkah kau bicara
Tapi tak di dengar
Tak di anggap
Sama sekali

Teja: Assalamualaikum!
Transformer: (silent - continue reading the already-read-newspaper)
Teja: Hai B...baru balik kerja?
Transformer: (silent - frowning at the front page)
Teja: B...balik kerja tadi Teja pergi kedai. Beli groceries. Nak tau Teja beli apa?
Transformer: (silent - flipping the pages)
Teja: (holding back tears while maintaining the bubbly voice) Teja beli udang dengan ikan siakap. B suka tak, B?
Transformer: (smiling to the comics)
Teja: Teja belikan semua favourite B. Teja masakkan B sambal udang dengan petai, siakap 3 rasa. Ok?
Transformer: (checking out the 4D section and sigh)
Teja: Teja tukar baju dulu, solat...nanti kita makan sama ye B! (trying to smile)
Transformer: Cepat sikit. Lapar.
Teja: Sure, B. (kissing his cheeks while taking off his socks)

Pernahkan kau tak salah
Tapi disalahkan
Tak di beri

Transformer: Buatkan kopi jantan (while looking at the newspaper)
Teja: B...minta tunggu sekejap je. T-Rex tengah menyusu nieh.
Transformer: Tinggallah situ dulu. Dari tadi menyusu.
Teja: Dia dah nak lena. Sikit je lagi, B.
Transformer: Nak ke tak buat air ni! (was raising his voice)
Teja: Nnn...nnaakk...
Transformer: Cepat!
Teja: Ok...(letting go of the T-Rex and T-Rex is crying again)
Transformer: Bising pulak budak ni!
Teja: Kkk...kejap...(quickly made the kopi jantan, passed the coffee and wanted to tend to the child)
Trasformer: Tttuuuii...tak sedap! (he splashed the warm coffee on Teja's face)
Teja: Sakit...(Teja was sobbing)
Transformer: Nasib tak panas. Kalau panas tadi, padan muka.
Teja: Apa salah Teja?
Transformer: Tak tau jadi bini!

Kuhidup dengan siapa
Ku tak tau kau siapa
Kau kekasihku tapi
Orang lain bagiku

Teja: B...Teja ada buat salah ke? (knelt on the floor while he sat on the chair)
Transformer: Apa merepek ni?
Teja: Teja tak tahu kenapa sekarang B marah-marah...Teja ada buat salah ke?
Transformer: Aku kata jangan merepek tu dahlah.
Teja: (tears sliding down her cheeks. She took his hands in hers and kissed the back of his hand)
Transformer: (silent)
Teja: Kalau ada salah dan silap Teja...Teja minta maaf.
Transformer: (silent)

Kau dengan dirimu saja
Kau dengan duniamu saja
Teruskan lah...Teruskan lah
Kau begitu

Teja: B...Teja pergi kerja dulu.
Transformers: Ooo...okay...I sampai sana sekarang (talking through his phone)
Teja: B...(kissing his cheeks)
Transformers: Jangan buat malu aku lah! (looking around)
Teja: Nanti Teja urutkan macam semalam ye! B balik awal ke lambat?
Transformer: Suka hati akulah.
Teja: Teja tunggu, okay...(giving the sweetest smile)
Transformer: (smiling to his phone while replying the sms)

Kau tak butuh diriku
Aku patung bagimu
Cinta bukan
Kebutuhan mu

Teja: B...Teja balik ni!
Transformer: (laughing) make me happy...
Teja: (going to the bedroom)
Transformer: She is a stick. You're better.
Teja: B....?

Teja saw Transformer and Terminator together.
Terminator smiled at her wickedly.
In HER bed.

Lyrics: Teruskanlah from Agnes Monica

Heard this, saw this happened to people around me.
Some after 20 years, some after 2 weeks.
This story is a combination of things I've seen, heard and read.
I pray today that I won't be Teja and I won't be Terminator either.
These cases are making me damn scared:(
I'm reading about this in blogs and getting one dimension stories all the time.
My ears are too tired to listen to all these things.
Is it wrong to be single and happy?

I'm sorry. No funny posting for today.

* Anyone watching Nur Kasih tonight?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

sha: colour of peppers

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Dave Ward Photography
Wednesday is my confuse day. I have prepared some of my posting beforehand; it was difficult to determine which one was going to be my choice.

For instant, this posting is meant to be for last Wednesday. But I'm posting it today. Besides being confuse on which posting should go before the other, I am also facing dilemma between CSI:Miami and Iron Chef. CSI:Miami is currently going a new season and I have watched Iron Chef several times. However, most of the time the battle between two of my favourite tv shows will end with a victory to...Iron Chef.

Last Wednesday, I watched the battle between a female chef specialised in French cuisine. Her name is Kumiko Kobayashi. She was challenging the French Iron Chef Sakai. Before the battle started, it was mentioned that Kumiko Kobayashi was a wife of a baseball pitcher in Japan. She got married to him, then she went to France to study French cuisine.

I was impressed as hell. She got married and went to France alone just to study?
They must trust each other very well.

Somehow, Mr.Kobayashi's features distracted me. He looked familiar and I knew the person who looked exactly like him. When I looked at him, it suddenly reminded me of Jack Bass in Gossip Girl. When I looked at Jack Bass, I was drawn to the familiar looking guy in my life. Well, both Kobayashi and Jack Bass were really distracting - my head was imagining this particular person. I think I'm going insane with this familiar looking males in tv:P (let it be the secret on who this man is, okay?)

My brother told me that Blair Waldorf ended up with Jack Bass. What?! I don't know how far this is true. A stuck up high school student with a president of global corporation. Blair is young and Jack is old. Though I have to admit that I was so attracted to Jack Bass, I can't imagine Jack and Blair together. Why can't it be Jack and jump, I jump!

This makes me think about the times when....

I watched Ibu Mertuaku - Kasim Selamat is a musician and Sabariah is a daughter of a rich woman.
I met a woman who has a phD and the husband is a clerk.
I 've seen an example of a jobless man and a teacher.
I read about a mamat kilang and a lecturer.
I am thinking about a combination of occupations.

Someone used to tell me that his mother is allowing him to marry either a nurse, a teacher or a government clerk. If he is marrying someone other than that, his mother will take her time to approve. I guess the characteristic of choosing a daughter in-law these days is getting really intresting.

Some couples meet each other at work:
The engineers are marrying the engineers.
The bankers are marrying the bankers.
The doctors are marrying the doctors.
The bus drivers are marrying the lorry drivers (we rarely see this, right?)

Kobayashi said, as much as he is a professional baseball player, his wife is a professional chef. And their tasks are not easy - as professionals. Kobayashi sat silently while watching his wife cooking and when the wife cut her finger - the frown on his forehead was telling the audience on how worried he was. He was a baseball pitcher. It was not his field, yet he was concerned. How romantic. (I am drawn to this romance gesture. Hehehe. Something is happening to me)

What do you think, should we celebrate the similarities?
Do you have to be too choosy when it comes to your partner's occupation?
Green capsicum to green capsicum?
Yellow to yellow?
Red to red?
Can we mix them?

* Inspiration: Chairman Kaga choking face after he ate the raw yellow capsicum!
* I can't tell lies. I'm missing someone. Adoiii... I hate this! Telling that someone "I miss you too" is like digging my own grave. No way! Say yes to ego:)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

gossip girl: malam pesta muda mudi

Three Red Roses
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We were staying in an apartment after ibu has been promoted. It was not huge, the place was secluded, and most facilities were not easily obtained - less public phones, no family stores, no restaurants or stalls nearby. To conclude, we were out of nowhere:(

The apartment was in the compound of government's quarters; whereby the community consists of teachers and their families. Our nearest neighbour was a group of female single teachers and four more families on level one and ground floor. I was a senior in college; my younger brother, Shahmi, was in his freshman year. The other two brothers were still studying in Seremban.

The all-Malay community was nice. Even though some of my neighbours were too stingy to pay for the electricity bill to ensure the corridors lights were switched on at night, we still had our Family Day and other activities. Some of my neighbours were friendly too. Most of their stories were about their children accomplishment - either it was about the daughter who was studying in not-so-famous boarding school or about the son who learned how to say, "Mommy!" The community also practiced a health competition in terms of whose car is the biggest and whose house has the latest furniture. This has been shown when Pakcik Sayur came into the compound on weekends. In the community, we celebrated even the smallest thing;)

Our family had a massive cultural shock. I was home on weekends; so I didn't pay that much of attention. Furthermore, I was just a senior, remember? Nobody would pay attention if you took the bus to college. People would just asked, "Kenapa tak belikan anak kereta, Kak Kiah?" or they would divert the conversation to their children's greatness. As for my parents, I encouraged them to socialise as long as they were not talking about their children. I bet nobody would listen, they were too busy talking:P

During Family Day, we had barbeque. I asked my brothers to play gentleman by not touching the food until the children had their part. Sadly, my neighbours taught their children to take as much as they wanted to; regardless whether they ate the squid or the cockles. In the end, there were lots of wastage. Never mind then, because they were all rich and successful - there was no concern at all. The money was like water, what was there in one kilogram of prawns? Who said that government is not paying the teachers well?
(please sense the sarcasm before getting sensitive, okay?)

Suddenly, there was a sound of a person singing:

"Bulan sabit...."

Errr...Broery? Everyone was silent.

It was the uncle who stayed on the ground floor. I personally thought that there would be other uncles after he sang Biar Bulan Bicara but it didn't happen. From Broery, the uncle changed his voice to A. Ramly, M. Osman, A. Rahman Hassan and the famous and talented S. Jibeng. The uncle? He was talented too. He was so passionate; he didn't realise everyone was yawning;)

Few months later, we had another event in the compound. The son of the Pakcik 60an was getting married (we finally got a name for him!). One of my neighbours who talked about her newly-purchased car forgot to take care of her own children. The children were choking because their mother was so busy gossiping - she forgot to serve the water in a buffet wedding. My brother who was serving the guests looked at our neighbour differently while he handed the glass to her children. The other neighbour, who was famous with her bright daughter was nowhere in scene. Apparently, the daughter's PMR result was too brilliant - she had further her form four in a normal school because she was too bright to study in a boarding school. The boarding school was not accepting her to continue her studies there.

Later that night, the groom's family had a karaoke session and as expected, the father of the groom was singing. But this time, the mother of the groom joined him along with his stepmother. Apparently, our Pakcik 60an had two wives and both wives were taking turns to sing with him. During joget lambak, both wives held their beloved husband. One of my brothers cheekily compared both wives and based on our findings we didn't see that much of comparison except that one was dark while the other was fair.

How about the bride?

If she was stunned with everything (just like our neighbours who couldn't stop whispering), she managed to hide it very...very well. She didn't flinch a bit when both her mother-in-law and her stepmother-in-law were dancing like the women in Malam Pesta Muda Mudi (the one with Mahmud June as Pak Maon in the video clip!). The morning ended romantically - both wives were satisfied with the dancing. All eigth children of Pakcik 60 an (from both sides) were the spectators of their parents' happiness:)


My father and my three brothers went to a stall in the village. Ibu and I stayed at home. I heard the stall served nice Mee Kembang (or famously known as Cantonese Beehoon), so I ordered for take away. There was one small stage near the stall meant for karaoke. It was 12.00 a.m. and it was all-men event;)

When they reached home, all of them were laughing. I asked my brother what was happening - all of them started talking at the same time. They said they were listening to the single mothers who were singing Kocok-Kocok from Inul D when they saw a familiar face with a young Indonesian lady. The man who was wearing a batik shirt meant for general election; sang Cinta Sabun Mandi with his heart and the Indonesian lady was dancing. Frankly speaking, my brothers didn't know whether the fascination from the Indonesian lady was sincere;)

They sang and they danced. Dangdut was the music. No more A.Ramli. No more M.Osman. No joget lambak. Everything has changed. Their butts rolled 360 degrees and they forgot about the eyes who were watching. Mee Kembang had certainly expanded the size of my brothers' throats!

Suddenly, the DJ played a very groovy song which started with:

"Sekujur badan berselimut putih
Rebah bersemadi sendiri..."

The singers sang the chorus heartily:
"Selamat tinggal pada semua
Berpisah kita selamanya
Kita tak sama nasib di sana
Baikkah atau sebaliknya..."

The man along with his Indonesian paramour paid for their drinks and went out of the stall abruptly.

The three boys were grinning.

They said to my father, "Pakcik 60an transformed into Pakcik Dangdut. This time, with a new partner."

I wonder what my former neighbours would say about this...

Those naughty brothers of mine. I hope they will learn from this:
Sometimes, there are rooms to brag. Too many to gossip.
I knew my brothers were hurt, as much as I did.
People talked and talked without realising we can do the same thing.
We can gossip. We can brag.
Is it worth it when we have our own weaknesses?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

lovesick girl: i think i'm in love

Shhhhhhhh... I want to tell you a secret:

This is Jack Bass.
Jack is Chuck's uncle. Who's Chuck?
A character in Gossip Girl.
When are they showing Gossip Girl?
8TV, 10.30pm, every Tuesday.
I know....he looks old.
But I like him.
He reminds me of someone.
And I miss that someone.
That someone told me he missed me.
But I said, "No, you can't be!"
Now. I'm missing that someone.
Will you keep a secret for me?

What is your definition of the word H.A.N.D.S.O.M.E?


sha: my new scandal...a true male

He loves to rest his head between my breasts. Exactly at my cleavage.

What should I do? That was his favourite spot. One day, I felt something hairy on my thigh. I looked up and I saw him. I tried to chase him away but he stopped on my belly. I hissed between my breath, hoping that he would understand. He didn't. I felt his cold nose on my tummy and the cold nose continued its journey to the north.

Once he reached his destination, he checked the right side for ten minutes. I was yelling, but he didn't care. Then he checked the the left side and I yelled louder. He pretended that he was deaf. There was no one who could helped me. I was alone in the house. I wished there was something I could do. Before I could say anything or grab anything, the hairy creature slept on my breasts with his head happily rested between them. He slept peacefully and reluctant to move anywhere even though my hands were trying to brush him off.

This is not a porno story. This is not something mistique. This is about a kitten called Fernando "Bulu" Torres who officially joined our family on the 10th of October (it was LoL's birthday). 13th was my birthday and my parents gave him to me as a present. They didn't plan to have him, actually. We were having breakfast and my brother, Shahmi, went to the pet shop to check out the hamsters. My father joined him and they saw this half-breed grey in colour Persian kitten. The moment he saw my father, he leaped into my father's arms and slept.

When I wanted to call my father, my father was already holding him. He woke up, he saw me and looked at me with this pleading, imploring eyes. When they put him in his cage, he meowed as if he wanted to ask for help or something. He showed off his white feet and gray paws when ibu said, "Nak kucing ni, dik," to the shopkeeper.

He was not costly because he was not a pure blood. But this cute creature is a metrosexual cat! His name is supposed to be Chuck Bass. He deliberately rests on anyone's lap to sleep, unless you lift him and put him in a special basket for him to sleep. He rests on cushions and won't sit on the floor. He is very particular about his appearance - he can't stop licking his furs. He won't drink water in the same container for more than one day. He will be noisy if his cat sand has his own poo and he won't step on it. He loves to watch TV and his loves football matches!

Ooo..I forgot. He loves to be in the crowd when all my brothers are at home. Even though he is not talking the same language, he'll join the conversation by sitting on the cushion and watch my brothers.

The last time I had a cat, his name was Rio Ferdinand. An MU star. This time I badly wanted him to be Fernando, so I started to call him Nando. Fernando Torres (Liverpool footballer), Fernando Alonso (Former f1 Champion), and Fernando Verdasco (tennis player). He responded but my brothers objected. One of my brothers wanted his name to be an Arsenal player's name. I personally wanted Pires (my precious darling's name) but no one was intrested. Owen seemed to be very common. Then, my brother Atan said, "kau ni kucing Parsi...bagi nama Parsi tak ada ke?" Following my instinct I called him, "Ahmadinejaaaaaddd..." and the kitten ran away. The name was too heavy for him, I guess. Ahmadinejad is the name of Iran's president:P

Any anime fan might know the character Plue from Rave. My brothers used to call me Plue because it was a fragile and odd-looking creature. But I like Plue! I didn't mind at all. So, I started to call him Plue (I didn't follow that odd Japanese pronounciation, of course). But the moment my ibu heard it, she said BULU instead of Plue. So, he got a new name. The name is Bulu.

My platonic relationship with Bulu is growing. He is one lazy and naughty kitten who loves to surprise me in my sleep. Despite having his own basket to sleep, he will occassionally visits me on my bed, slipping into my blanket and end up on my bosom. He is a true MALE!

One day he licked my lips when I was sleeping. I scolded him and he ran under the bed. Whenever I'm typing my blog, he will play with the mouse and try to bite my fingers and lick it. Fernando "Bulu" Torres is uncontrollable! Jenab is getting jealous and he is jealous with Jenab.

I have a MALE in my life. He loves me.

His name is Fernando. Fernando "Bulu" Torres.

Too bad I can't marry him:P

* I'm working on his pictures. Just wait:)
* will visit fellow bloggers later - I'm bringing him to the vet.

Monday, October 26, 2009

sha: can i blog like this...

Impressive blue pattern, originally uploaded by Giovanni88Ant.

blablablablablabla....or do you want words?

sha: a princess

This posting is specially dedicated to:

When I was five, my teacher asked me to give a letter to my parents. I didn't know what was the content of the letter, but it has got something to do with my outfit for the upcoming Tabika Kemas' concert.

After I passed the letter, ibu, ayah and Mak Long went to the shop and bought me a frilly white gown. Then they bought a white hairband with embroidered scarf, white ballerina shoes and white socks which looked almost similar to a fisherman net.

Days after the shopping, ibu was busy - sewing the scarf and hairband together with ribbons. Mak Long on the other hand, bathed me and put some make up on my face. It was a very unusual experience, considering I just received some beatings from my mum after snapping her red lipstick into two. So, I was delighted - my nosetrils flared because I knew I would look beautiful.

After settling me into the gown, Mak Long dealt with my curls. An embroidered veil rested on my crown. I found out that the scarf and the hairband were for the veil and ibu didn't sleep because she was sewing all those ribbons and sequins. Back then, I didn't know how to appreciate that much.

Then I put on the fisherman net along with my ballerina shoes. The moment I reached school, my teacher asked me to queu behind my friends. Some looked like a soldier, a policeman, a Malay bride, a teacher and so many other occupations I couldn't remember. Ibu passed me a bouquet of white lilies and roses while reminded me to smile.

Being ibu's only daughter made me nervous; she was always so demanding. I didn't smile but I was thinking of crying. The moment my teacher called up, "Siti Nurshahida dengan baju tuan puteri!" I was swallowing my tears. The 'U' on my mouth turned upside down and my thick eyebrows drawn together to form a frown. I ran to my parents when I saw the adults grinning while I was walking on the stage. My self-confidence went down to zero. That princess was so scared and angry!

However, I knew why my parents chose Princess instead of other identity for me. I was this girl who loved Lego as my toy but loved Snow White as a bedtime story. I used to matchmake Lion-O in Thundercats with her. It turned out that she chose a very awkward prince to be her happily ever after companion. Thanks to that Seven Dwarves, she has made a decision which was obviously against mine! Huh!

Since I loved fairy tales, my parents made a point of making me a princess at least for a day. I was happy, of course. I got to wear what Cinderella was wearing! I was afraid of mice and I hated gulai labu, there were so many times I wished that those creatures would changed into carriage like a Cinderella story - they didn't. Cinderella must be really kind; for she could endure having pumpkin and mice in her life while I couldn't. Clearly, I was no Cinderella. I just loved her outfit except for those glass shoes:)

My taste changed as I grew older. I eventually acquired my liking towards Ariel, a mermaid princess who had lots of friends! When I made new friends in primary school, I named them with Ariel's friends name - Hanim was a Flounder and Zuraidah was a Sebastian;)

As someone who loved books very much, I developed my interest in Belle, the girl who had the beauty and brain at the same time. I loved Belle because she had such a grace and knowledge, the Beast loved her so much and I truly liked the Beast too! I mean, he was not like the princes of Snow White or Cinderella (who I found very stereotype!). He was not handsome but his actions were cute. Honestly, I would rather have The Beast as he was before he changed into that average prince. The Beast was the type of man I wanted to have as a partner when I grow up:)

I enjoyed so many other tales, but the list will be too long for me to put it here. I fell in love with several non-cartoon characters as well - thanks to Judith McNaught and Jane Austen. But none of the heroes would ever match The Beast;)

Monday is a public holiday in Negeri Sembilan. I've never seen any Majlis Pertabalan in my entire life but today is the day. While we're officially going to have a new master, this fatty princess over here is thinking about so many other things.

Being a pure blood Negri Sembilan princess is not easy. The prince in Sleeping Beauty knew where she was coming from before he kissed her, so he wouldn't mind. The prince who climbed the tower using Rapunzel's long hair knew she had a beautiful voice before risking anything for her. Jasmine, in Aladdin, is a royal princess who fortunately fell in love with a kind hearted thief (with help from the genie).

Looking at the experiences of people rejecting a Negri Sembilan girl sometimes makes me think that it's good to celebrate the similarities instead of differences. Deep in my heart I would say, "Cari orang kampung sendiri." Nobody want to learn the heart, they just look at where I'm coming from. How frustrating - but that's the reality.

Somehow, when you're poisoned, there will always be the cure. My roommate said this to me after I broke up with my boyfriend who cheated on me with a Terengganu girlfriend (because he celebrated similarities and not differences),

"Aku tak mati pon makan gulai yang ibu kau masak. Kalau aku tak suka orang Negeri Sembilan, sampai bila-bila pun aku tak makan gulai siput sedut tu tau! Rugi je. Gulai kau, style lain. Gulai aku, style lain. Susah senang kita kan sama-sama, Sha? Kita kan kawan? Peduli apa aku kalau kampung kita tak sama?"

Thanks to Azwa, my roommate in college who had a Terengganu IC with Kedah ancestors.

"Why did he came into your life when he knew that he couldn't bear with the differences in the relationship?" she said. I agreed.

When I raised my concern to Sepet, he told me this:

"Check la the late Sultanah Kedah tuh orang mana, ye sayang?"

And I did.

At least someone was thinking positively about this. After years and years of people saying, "Woooo...orang Negeri Sembilan banyak ilmu guna-guna." Or, "Jangan...nanti semuanya dilebihkan ke perempuan!" They didn't know me. Yet they made such statement.

I would rather be a princess of my parents forever than becoming Raja Sehari if that is the mentality.

Let it be, until someone accepts me as I am.
Accept where I'm coming from.
I can't change my origin, kan?

Is there anyone who can materialise the dreams under the sakura trees?

Hehehe. That's so cheap.
I won't go to that extend of finding myself a husband:P

But there's no cherry blossom in Seremban.
Maybe I should go global. Hehe.
No harm in asking kan?

I just want to nurture an Orkid.
Please pray?;)

* Check out Tadika Aulad's Konvokesyen (found this while I was blogwalking)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

something wonderful: i see love

Originally uploaded by kycellis
"What are you looking at?" Jordan demanded finally, watching her.

"A dragon." When he looked bewildered she lifted her arm and pointed to the sky in the southeast. "Right there-that cloud-what do you see when you look at it?"

"A fat cloud."

Alexandra rolled her eyes at him. "What else do you see?"

He was quiet for a moment studying the sky. "Five more fat clouds and three thin ones." To Jordan's surprised pleasure, she burst out laughing, rolled onto her side, and kissed him full on the mouth but when he tried to hold her tighter, Alexandra drew back and insisted on resuming her study of the sky.

"Have you no imagination at all?" she chided softly.

"Look at those clouds- surely you must see one that reminds you of something. It can be something whimsical or real."

Goaded by her insinuation that he possessed no imagination, Jordan narrowed his eyes and study hard - and then he finally discerned a shape he recognised. Off in the sky, on the right, there was a cloud that looked remarkably like, exactly like - breasts!

As you know, I like this book a lot. This is one of my favourite part. - it was the first time they try to spend time with each other as husband and wife. The girl is very imaginative but the man is too hardworking, he loved his job more than anything else. One day, the wife requested some time from him and they went for fishing;)

No, I'm not going to tell you the full story. This book is available in MPH and it's on sale most of the time. I've been reading Judith McNaught's book since I was fourteen - I just want to lie on my bed today, wondering how could I have been so romantic when I was young:P

It's the end of the year and the sky is cloudy. I wish I can stay outside with Jenab and look at the clouds like Jordan and Alexandra. I don't want to see any dragon nor breasts (why men are so creative?). I want to see something else...

If I can see the cloud today, I would like to see the cloud in the shape of....

1. Caramel Apple from Cafe World - I'm refurbishing my cafe;)
2. Cattleya Orchid - there's so many I want to tell you today but I can't!
3. A smile:)

There's so many things to be done. My parents are in KL with my brother. I'm alone and craving for ibu's chicken rendang in the kitchen. After that session of visits in Pocket's new cafe, I'm starving. Jenab just had her breakfast. It's my turn.

If you can form the clouds into an object, what do you want to see out if it?

Happy weekend, everyone!

* Check out MrsFaiz's Puding Kukus Laici - it's like Triple Berry Cheesecake in Cafe World! Wooooooo...impress!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

sha: overwhelm with gratitude

This is AGAIN - a scheduled posting from my side. I have kept this posting for quite sometime but I didn't get the chance to post it because I couldn't find the right words for this posting. I hope what I'm going to say is going to be sufficient to those concerned;)

This blog has created its own history by having altogether 48 comments on my birthday alone! Thanks a lot for all the warm wishes. I really appreciate whatever you were saying to me on my birthday.

I also received some wishes in my Facebook - thanks to Zara for the cute wishes (altogether in my shoutbox, blog and facebook). Special thanks to Kak Suzi who sent me a virtual Haagen Dasz ice-cream. I tried to use print screen to capture the wishes in Facebook -but they were too many (because I received some from family and friends too) and I was busy on my own birthday - I'm very sorry. But I know things are well captured in my heart. Whoever you are, your wishes are very...very special to me:)

These two cards are from my beloved blogger sisters - Kak Suzi and Kak Long Mawar Merah;)
Kak Long made great effort of sending the card through e-mail and Kak Suzi, as always, will not going to miss anyone's birthday. She is the best!

There were also few wishes in personal blogs -it was like a blog promotion to me and I truly feel that it is my duty and honour to thank and promote those who have been wishing me Happy Birthday in their blogs:)

1. Wishes from miera a.k.a merr

She took my picture from my Facebook...hmm...naughty girl! Honestly, I was thankful because she took the right picture and made a very beautiful card like this:

It's purple and pink! They are my favourite colours. Thank you miera for such a lovely card. Thanks again for the comment you made for about me and my blog.

I was laughing when I read this. Arjuna Qaseh made a comment in Pocket's blog stated that my comment is lengthy and can be transformed into a posting. Am I that bad? I acknowledged that. Honestly, the comments came straight from my heart. That was the intention. I know it's not easy to write. I have lost my ideas so many times and I feel it's good to motivate so that people will keep on writing. Whatever it is, I will keep on commenting the way I'm commenting right now, appreciating you stories and sharing my ideas. Hope you don't mind;)

2. Wishes from LotsofLovePearl

We are sharing the month of October together. LOL's birthday was on 10th and mine was on the 13th. LOL did a contest for the bloggers to guess her birth date. I didn't win and get the prize, of course. But she presented me with this posting with my picture at the sidebar and beautiful cards! Even when I was not wining the contest, she made an effort of commenting each slogan and her opinion of the bloggers. I took this from LOL's blog:

Slogan: Thanks Sha. Even baru kenal tapi seolah kita mcm dah kenal lama. Kebetulan lak kita punya bulan kelahiran yg sama. Memang best. Blog Sha pun memang sangat hebat. Lagi best boleh improve english. Hehe.. Baca sambil belek2 kamus. Huhu.. Thanks Sha.

3. Wishes from ashiemocca

Co-incidentally, ashiemorca's Tok birthday was the same as mine. So, when ashie realised that, she edited her posting. I didn't expect that, though. Happy? Of course I was! The purple Korean blog was talking about me and ashie was pasting my picture. I felt like a Korean star! (because ashie's blog is educating me about this Korean entertainment industry that I never explored in my life. I'm showing off Jenab's picture to Ashie today - is it possible for us to be besan, Ashie?;)

Ashie said:
lupa hari nih pong behday sorang blogger yg baru je ambe kenal iaitu Sha...ske je ambe pegi baca belog dier sebab dier tulis bahasa inggeris..ambe kalu baca entri dier, cam ambe baca cerpen omputih..inspire me!
HEPI BEHDAY SHA ..dongsaeng nih..kekeke..muda pada ambe..semoga gumbira di hari lahir salam kat ur rabbit, Jenab,kang bleh ar kite berbesan..ehehehhe(ambe debor wase , senpai mesti tenung arnab cam sate..aigooo)

Which blogger was the first one to wish?


1. It was...Pocket - at 12.01 a.m
2. Kak Suzi with the Haagen Dasz gift wished me through Facebook - followed with Zara.
3. Kak Tie was the first one to comment on my blog:)

It doesn't matter to me when or how you wished me. The thought was very much appreciated. Especially to those who have mentioned Orkid, I hope your wishes will turn into prayers.

Thanks again and best wishes.

I love you all,
--Sha a.k.a cheryna pires--

sha: jenab...exclusive...

Since my internet is not functioning right now, I have prepared a scheduled entry for his blog. I think this is the right time. I'm so sorry I can't visit your blog at this moment, I hope I'll be able to catch up on your postings by the time streamyx realise that they need to improve their services.

For now, I would like to show you the picture of the star of my heart, Jenab Spears a.k.a Jane Spears.

Check out Jenab's favourite action:)

Friday, October 23, 2009

sha: i wasn't naked!

Memory of Rain
Originally uploaded by Tapio Hurme

When I heard the generator from the commuter station nearby, I knew the rain was coming. I knew for a fact that if the rain was going to be bad, there was no chance of going online with streamyx. Even though I was not using wireless or broadband, streamyx can be annoying sometimes. I think I have to POTONG! (my twisted mind is thinking about something me!). More than 2 working days of bad services was UNACCEPTABLE!

At first, I was still listening to my brother's compilation of songs. Similar to manje, he had this partiality towards Grease - grinning and smiling when he saw Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. He even knew how to immitate them. That was just his hobby. His favourite was - "Anak bapak balik, menantu bapak cantik!" from Musang Berjanggut:)

Then, I went outside. No Astro, no streamyx. No computer either. I only had Jenab, my dear rabbit. I checked her poo - there were lots of them even though I cleaned it up in the morning. With the rain pouring heavily, I used the water to wash container beneath her cage. The water did not flow through the drain. Something was clogging somewhere. I saw dried leaves at the end of the drain before the main stream.

I quickly grabbed the broom and cleared the way. There are three big trees in front of my house. Though we have no autumn in Malaysia, at the end of the year, the leaves will fall drastically and clog the drains. We have to sweep it everyday, otherwise our house will look like the house of Adam Family:P

Without my realisation, I was wet! Hahaha...something nasty came into my mind. I looked around and I couldn't see my neighbours. So, I went inside to grab my syampoo, shower cream, toothbrush and toothpaste as well as my towel and kain batik. At the same time, I picked the jasmine, kenanga and other flowers to dance in the rain!!! With flowers too! (people said to me I need to mandi bunga to get a think I'm that bad?)

Ooo...just to let you know, I was not naked. I was wearing an Italy World Cup shirt with a blue kain batik (lucky it didn't drop!) Since my house is at the corner, I went to the most hideous spot and started my own concert. I sang Takdir Cinta with all my heart in the pouring rain which hid my pouring tears...then I sang Hey Ladies, pretending that I was the Herbal and Essences new fat model. After that I sang this stupid song which was dedicated to me on my birthday:

"Ibu-ibu bapak-bapak
Siapa yang punya anak
Bilang aku aku yang tengah malu
Sama teman-temanku
Karna cuma diriku yang tak laku-laku..."

I know...the song was pathetic wasn't it? My youngest brother, Adik, played that song through his handphone and asked his brothers to sing this song to me....haiyyooo...pity me, okay?

Then something triggered in my mind, "Dah hujan nieh, pergi mengaji. Langit terbukak tuh!" my late grandmother used to say that. I did the same thing last time, I sang like a fat frog waiting for a kiss from her prince! The heavier the rain, the louder I sang. That was the reason nenek scolded me. She was not scolding me yesterday, of course, but the bubbles popped just at the right time.

So, while rubbing my arms with the loofah, I silently recited the prayers. It was my deepest regret that I was having the time of the month, so I couldn't do what she taught me to do.

But releasing everything in the rain was so much fun, so peaceful...How I wish I could stay in the rain forever...

Another thunder.

I finally realised that I was bathing alone. No more, "Shahmi, kau jangan jatuhkan sabun dalam longkang!"

My brother's convocation letter is arriving.
He is no longer the same boy who danced in the rain with me.
I need to dress up before someone sends the letter.
Oh, no!!!!

Happy Friday, buddies:)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

something wonderful: beneath the satin and lace

La Senza bras
Originally uploaded by my 38Bs
She stepped from behind it,and Jordan stared at the indignant impression on her flushed face, then his gaze dropped to the daringlylow oval bodice of her shimmering satin nightdress, "This nightdress," she announced, pointing an accusing fingerat her exposed bodice,"has a hole cut out of the chest."The blue one has a square hole cut out of the back.The yellow one," she finished bitterly,"is the worst! It has hole on the back, another in the front, and the side of the skirt slashed up to my knees. The Frenchwoman," she finished darkly,"should not be aloud to hold a pair of scissors!"

Jordan gave a shout of laughter, snatched her into his arms, and buried his face into her fragrant hair, his shoulders rocking.

And in that moment, all the jaded cynicism of his past began to crumble.

"Oh Alex, he gasped, "I can't believe you're real!"

Since she was not responsible for the design of the absurd clothes, Alex took no personal offense at his laughter but she warned him in a dire voice: "You won't be laughing when you see the rest of what you paid that woman good money for!"

With a superhuman effort, Jordan managed to subdue his mirth long enough to lift his head and gaze tenderly into her upturned, indignant face. "Why is that?"

"Because," she informed him darkly, "the gowns that don't have holes out of the them are so sheer they're as transparent as window!"


- Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught.

Toooooooooootttt...I won't continue the next sentence (it's not fair to the author, don't you think). Furthermore, the part I'm taking from the book is the first night after the wedding ceremony (it's a romance novel okay!). So, get the book before I put something improper in this blog (as if!). Please don't get any ideas:P

I'm not an expert to talk about wedding nights and all that - I'm not even married. This posting has got nothing to do with all those things, it is just something which triggered my head after I received your generous comments in my posting - the colour of your brassiere.

I was asking on why men are not participating in choosing bras. I know most of blog readers are women, but most of you have given me a very good voice from all point of views. Thank you very much for that. At least I knew that I was not talking alone:p

I have chosen two comments which fascinated me regarding this topic:

1. PakcikDot 'x comment

pakcik tak malu.. tapi salegirl tu yg tersipu2....
malu?.. idok le... thinQ +ve.. it's necessary... dan semua orang tahu bra tu utk apa... cuma pemikiran kita je yg kurang terbuka.....
ntah le....
nak pilih bra bersama isteri malu konon...tapi dalam bra.. nak... opss... memang tak menahan btl...

I really like this comment because it inspired me to write this posting about bras. I totally agree with Packcikdot, who said that the salesgirl will blush when a man is choosing a bra. I guess that's the main reason why most Amois are selling Nicole, Padini or SUB. When we go to Triumph, we will frequently see a nyonya saying, "Amoi...mau beli baju dalam? Less 20%!" Right? When you go to the nyonya, she will definitely know how to choose precisely or almost precisely what you like. An Amoi, however, will choose something that she likes. For example:

Amoi: Miss, mau beli bla?
Me: Diskaun?
Amoi: 30%, Miss.
Me: Okay..apa ada?
Amoi: Ini miss...(she showed me a half cup push ups). I gulped.

My boyfriend at that time saved the day.

Sepet: Moiii...takkan isteri saya mau pakai push up? Mau push brapa tinggi lagi, maaa?
Amoi: Hehehe. (The Amoi laughed quietly and blushed)
Sepet: Biasa punya tak ada?
Amoi: Ada...ada...(she showed me bras without wire)
Sepet: Wire tak ada? (while touching below the cup of the bra. The Amoi's face turned red!)
Amoi: Pakai wire ke miss? (by this time the amoi was as red as butter prawn dish!)
Sepet: Mestilah. Nanti jatuh maa...(he grinned wickedly at the Amoi. I pinched him)
Amoi: Betul...betul...saiz apa, Miss?
Me: **B.
Amoi: Sikijap...sikijap...(She went through the stacks of bras. Then she showed me an apple green satin. I smiled.)
Me: Amoi..ada colour lain tak? (I felt embarass about apple green)
Sepet: Amoi...colour purple, pink, biru tak ada?
Me: Uiiikkkk....??? (I looked at him incredulously. Those are my favourite colours!)
Sepet: Jangan nak pakai colour makcik ye! I know you want that grey one. Tak boleh. (he grinned)
Me: Macamlah you yang pakai...
Sepet: Itu oren tak bolehlah, Amoi. Itu untuk Deepavali.
Amoi: Ada sweet punya. Colour purple-pink. Boleh tak, encik?
Sepet: Cun!
Amoi: (grinned from ear to ear - but she still blushed)
Sepet: Tapi kan, you bagi dia **B. One size bigger.
Amoi: Apasal encik?
Sepet: Itu cutting kecik...tak sesuai.(I knew I looked horrified even though I didn't look at the mirror)
Amoi: Okay...
Me: Mana you tau?
Sepet: Adalah! I selalu teman my mum and my sisters.
Me: Not the other girlfriends ek? (jealousy crept into my system)
Sepet: Hooohh...this requires years of experience okay!

I tried the bra and agreed to buy. Surprisingly, it fit me well. While my boyfriend looked at something else, the Amoi said to me, "Suami you pandai pilih!"
I smiled. (of course I didn't tell her he was not yet my husband!)
Amoi then told me,
"Selalu suami malu-malu mau beli. Tapi sekarang saya malu-malu mau jual!"

So, PakcikDot? I totally agree with you. The salesgirl will blush if a man is choosing a bra. In contrast to the nyonya who will say, "Abang..beli baju dalam untuk isteri!"; an amoi will certainly feel the heat in the air-conditioned mall:P

Pakcikdot last sentence was the sentece I like the most:
"nak pilih bra bersama isteri malu konon...tapi dalam bra.. nak... opss... memang tak menahan btl..."

That's exactly my point! Thanks Pakcikdot for noticing what I'm trying to say. Hehe. But of course I can't force you to buy bras with your lady just because of that sentence. But it does make sense, isn't it?

We'll move to another comment:

2. Pocket's comment:

its because we dont know how to participate, and the usual answer u'll get from us would be somewhat as below:
1) look comfy,
2) Beautiful? u'r not intending to show those in public do u? they why care?
3) 149.90!!?

so why do u even bother to ask us to tag along, let us sit somewhere with a newspaper n u can have my card...

hehehehe, the man in the pocket commented.

the boy in the pocket would say,
'sha sha!! jom main galah panjang jom:D'

I agreed with Pocket in terms of men don't exactly know how to choose. This is because even though bras look almost similar, there are too many characteristics. That small piece of cloth should not cost RM149.90, right? (in your opinion). Look at it this way, a nightdress for a wedding night might cost a lot to a guy too. Even though it has holes, and the fabric is too thin until you can see almost everything beneath it (that's the whole intention, right?). But why am I hearing: "He is buying me a nightdress," from most of my married female friends before their wedding night? The cost for a nightdress, even for a wedding night is high too:)

And to answer Pocket's question, I will definitely enjoy playing galah panjang with you, Pocket. As long as you know how to guard your elbow. I don't want any bruise on my chest! :P

I remember talking to one customer of mine who didn't know how to manage her account because she shopped at La Senza even when she didn't have any money. She told me something like,

" He's all I got. You know....this kind of thing that you want him to be happy because you love him. I just want to please him. I need to look good for him."

As someone who consulted people about financial problems, I was not that pleased. But as a woman, I truly understand that. Even though I'm a spinster and not trying to please anyone;)

The word pleasing itself has double meaning. A mother wants to buy a bra which fits her breast to prevent the risk of breast cancer, a pregnant lady wants to buy a bra to fit the grown breasts, or a mother wants to breastfeed the child - so she needs a new bra for breastfeeding - those are the example of pleasing. The husband, the children, the family...everyone. Because bra is not just an outfit of sexiness, it's a convinient tool for so many other things in this world.

Buying bra is not necessarily for your partners, folks! We buy bras for our mommies and grandmas too:)

Maybe we should spend some minutes and learn kan?

* I'm starting to teach my brothers - they ask, "kenapa ada yang besar dan kecik?" and I answered, "itu sama macam ko tanya kenapa aku pendek. Dah keturunan kita macam tu..."


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sha: you're hakuto, i'm minami

My Ultraman Husband
Originally uploaded by
Alisson Gothz
Back in the 80s and 90s, Ultraman was very popular. There were several types of Ultraman and honestly, I couldn't differentiate them all. For me, Ultraman was Ultraman, the ones which fought against the odd-looking monsters.

What amazed me about Ultraman was even though he fought in the middle of a city, he knew how to find a solid ground which did not required him to destroy any building. Regardless whether Ultraman fell or stepped back, the buildings would remain the same. Of course, as a child, I did not realised that Ultraman was fighting in a studio of small miniatures:P

However, there was one particular Ultraman which was my favourite. As far as my memory could recall, the Ultraman formed based on the power of a couple by the name of Hakuto and Minami. Whenever the monster came to attack the town, Minami would ran in Baywatch style, screaming,"Haaakuutooooooooooo....!!!" and Hakuto from the opposite would ran the same style, like a Japanese David Hasselhoff while screaming, "Minaaammiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....!!!" And when they bumped into each other, a great Ultraman with almost the same size as the monster appeared. Yiaaaaaaaaaaaaaasshhhh!!!

The Ultraman formed by both Hakuto and Minami fought against the purplish, bluish, greenish, and yellowish monster with all its strength. Sometimes, the red light at the Ultraman chest would blipped, indicating that Ultraman is almost losing its power. But, with the spirit of Hakuto and Minami, the Ultraman would eventually released its special power by crossing both his arms; one went horizontally while the other went vertically. Then, a white or blue in colour half moons would appeared from the crossed arms and demolished the monster. Arrrgghhhh...the monster fell on to the ground. What happened to the remain of the monster remain unspoken since I was seven years old until I'm twenty-seven this year. It was not like Transformers, where they showed Megatron dumped into the ocean. I guess there must be lots of monsters in the seas near Japan:P

I was Minami. He was Hakuto. We ran from the sides of the school's assembly point and I screamed, "Hakutooooooooo....!!!" while he screamed "Minamiiiiiiiiiiii....!!!" before we passed each other without bumping (because our parents said no to bumping!). Then we quarelled about who was going to be the Ultraman. He said, "I'm the boy, and he is Ultraman. So I should become the UltraMAN. It was not ULTRAWOMAN!" I was unsatisfied so I argued, "If it was not because of Minami, Hakuto won't become an Ultraman either!" It was not the first time. We quarelled and both of us went separate ways, pretended that both were UltramanS.

One day, the television showed an episode where Minami was sick and the monster came into town. Hakuto couldn't form into an Ultraman, so he went to the hospital to be with Minami; hoping that Minami would be well and be the Ultraman again. I told my Hakuto, "I told you, Hakuto cannot be an Ultraman without Minami." He then shared the concern of Minami with me. A boy and a girl sat together while silently hoping that Minami would be well. I pretended to be the sick Minami and he was the Hakuto who was always at my side:)

My Hakuto might not remember this as it happened more than 20 years ago. The last time we met he told me that he got engaged after he came back from Japan (Hakuto dreams came true...he always wanted to go to Japan!). While I was taking the pictures of iris in Seremban Lake Garden, he stood behind me and surprised me with his presence after few years of losing contacts. My Hakuto had transformed into a very...very...handsome Ultraman:) (I always thought he was cute, there were so many admirers who asked me about him when we were in school!)

We walked almost three rounds around the lake, remisnicing our sweet childhood memories of walking to the state library across the lake garden when we were young, talking about our friends, our work, our families and our love lives. And football (luckily he was not wearing Pires' jersey, otherwise this cheryna pires might faint!) That was the last time Hakuto told me, "Most of the time, after you see me, you get yourself a new boyfriend. Remember? I know you'll get another after you meet me today." He was so confident about my love life as much as I was confident about his.

The last time we met was when he came back during summer. We just couldn't stopped talking to each other. Besides my ex-boyfriend, Sepet, Hakuto was the only guy who could spent his days going through one book after another with me - discussing the possibility of outcome and debating the significance of the stories in our lives.

Before we separated, he asked me for my handphone number (because I changed mine without telling him), but ibu who was together with us said a very important thing to him,
"Sekarang dah jadi tunangan orang, Sha tak boleh bagi nombor phone lagi. Nanti apa pulak tunang cakap. Memang dulu rapat, kan...tapi kita kena tahu jaga hati orang. Korang mungkin tak ada apa-apa...tapi sebagai ibu Sha, biarlah apa yang berlaku tu jadi kenangan aje. Cikgu taknak nanti orang ingat Sha saja-saja rapatkan diri dengan tunangan orang."

He was ibu's favourite student. He listened to her and he adored her. That day, he proved that he still listened to her even though his imploring eyes were telling me another story;)

"Jemput aku, bila kau nak kahwin nanti ye?" I said to him. He took ibu's phone number instead.

My Hakuto,

Minami is not necessarily the girl who played Ultraman with you. She can be anyone. If there is no Hakuto, Minami won't be an Ultraman. And if there is no Minami, Hakuto won't be the Ultraman either. So, all the best and congratulations to both you and your Minami. I hope that you guys will get cute Ultrababies whose strollers might bump into Aunty Sha's trolley in Tesco! At that time, I'll make sure that you'll know that aubergine is purple and not blue. Hehehe.

I'll find my own Hakuto, don't worry. We shall remain friends:)

* I'm not that bad as a friend, right? How I wish that Mr. and Mrs. Ketupat can read this...

Who is your Hakuto/your Minami?