Tuesday, October 13, 2009

birthday girl: the cheryna pires chronicles

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My e-mail, cheryna_27 started back in 1997 (or 1998, I can't remember). I was 15 years old. Both number 2 and number 7 were my favourite numbers so I combined them both and put 27 instead of 2 or 7. The name cheryna was a long history:)

The name Cher Horowitz who portrait the modern days Emma from Jane Austen was one of my inspiration. I was fifteen and I thought that the movie Clueless was somewhat intresting. I mean, Alicia Silverstone was a cute and adorable creature during 90s way before Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus came into the picture:)

I did not escaped the boyband influence. In the first album of KRU, Canggih was a song called cherrina:)

When I was in form four, I then fell in love with the song Believe sang by Cher, one of ibu's favourite singer. I was so into the song until I've decided that Cher was such a cool name.

The so-called romance part of this name was when I met a guy in the chatzone whom I called Ry. He was 6 years elder than me. When we met, he was still in university. We met once (with the help of my cousins) when he was on his raya break (because he was from Seremban too!) He was so handsome but I was still in school so I've decided to be just friends. We lost contact when I was in form five and I didn't pay that much of attention because we met in the cyber world (who knows he might be a fraud?)

But during my freshman year, I had learned that all his stories were true. He was the sportsman in that boarding school, he studied Geology and he was indeed an orphan. I found that out from my seniors who were his juniors in school.

So, Cher + Ry. Na came from the word La Nina which means "Crazy Woman" in French. When MIRC was a hot stuff, you need to make yourself covered using a nickname so I used La Nina. I wanted to change my e-mail at that time, but I couldn't use La Nina. Therefore, I combined all Cher, Ry and Na which equals to Cheryna.

Cher + Ry + Na = Cheryna.

Since then for almost 12 years, I have been using this name in Forum, E-mails and my own blog. I'm not claiming any ownership for this name, however, considering there was a song called cheryna:)

So, that was how Cheryna_27 was created. I always got question like,

"Are you 27 years old?" from almost everyone who saw my e-mail. One of those people who asked was my ex-boyfriend, Sepet. He then called me 27 instead of my own name.

Ironically, nobody ask that questions. Perhaps, it is well-known physically that I am 27 years old this year beginning from today - 13th October 2009. Cheryna is 12 years old but the person who holds the nickname is 27. Today.

I'm not going to make a cliche statement for my birthday today. I'm not going to ask for any expensive presents.

If you have the time to honour my birthday today, I will appreciate for you to visit these blogs who have been linked to this blog more than a year:

which introduced me to the likelihood of Bendul, Zara, Mizzamy, CheQemm, SiRibenMerah, and miera a.k.a. merr. His comments made my day and will always be.

Who introduced me to the names like Yunus Badawi, Sonata Anak Kancil, and Zyma Samad (and others too~!). She will leave her comment in this house regardless whether the host is/not at home - I appreciate that a lot!

Who made the world of culinary blogging a very intresting journey by introducing great people like MrMrsFaiz and Cik Wan. (please try their recipes! I managed to cook butter prawn at last!)

The journey of romance which never fail to intrigue me - from office mates to couple, to engagement and the preparation of wedding and the wedding last fortnight:)

e) Kak Neeza, Fairy and other blogs who have been supportive especially during the period of The Chrysanthemum Story:)

You can also visit
LOL's blog:
- she was celebrating her birthday on 10th of October - it's still not too late to wish her!:)
Syayassir's blog:
- Her son, Dariwisy, is celebrating his birthday this month:)
Kak Zana's blog:
- she's celebrating her birthday in another 2 days:) * edited

I know there'll me more names next year, insyaAllah. I might have forgotten certain names, I'm sorry. I'm giving the priority to those who have been throughout the journey from being a 26 years old to 27 years old Sha.

Everyday is my birthday because of these great people who are writing their great blogs!




Tie said...

Happy birthday Sha sayang !!

Kak tie tak ada hadiah untuk Sha..melainkan doa ikhlas agar Sha bahagia dan temui apa yang dicari...

~ Mekasih kerana promote blog kak tie tu, hi hi...

Tie said...

Uwaa.... kak tie first laa...ekekeke....

~Kak AZZ~ said...

hepi besdei Sha.....moga segala impian menjadi kenyataan....amin..

*jgn selalu sgt bersedih...nnt mata jd lebih sepet....hehehe....Tapi kalau ketawapun mata akan jd sepet gak kan.....haha...(gurau je....)

zino said...

selamat hari lahir
semuga panjang umur
murah rezeki dan
di permudahkan segala urusan

cik intan (◡‿◡✿) said...

.hepi besdae kak sha! :)

♠ y.a.n.i.e putrajaya ♠ said...

SHA cayanggggggg

selamat ulang tahun ke 27 dear...

tak ada hadih nak kasi...
cuma iringan doa agar dikau bahagia dan ceria2 selalu

hehehe * daku mood : jiwang *

ZARA 札拉 said...

Happy birthday Sis!
Even already wished u in FB, I'm still not satisfied~ Must wish it here too..

...and a long prayer for you sis, may everything will be the best for you, not only today, but 4 the rest of your life~


Love u sis!


Zyma Saad said...

Happy Birthday,Sha Sayang....
May ALLAH bless you.
Age is just a number, the most important thing is young at HEART!!! :)

Take care,Dear.

Kujie said...

The year is almost gone but it has also made us strong…
The path was long but we walked it with a song…
There were fears and tears but we also had reasons for cheers…
Wishing You A Day As Special As You Are… Happy Birthday Sha

Lan Bingka said...

Selamat Hari Lahir..;)

dotblogspotdotkom said...

happy behday to me....ehh silap le..

happy behday 2 you fren..... walaupun pakciki tak kenal kamu.... tapi nak juga la wish... huhuhuhu...

tak de majlis tari menari ke?.. joget lambak ke?... huhuhuhuh

moga ALLAH memberkati kamu sepanjang masa....

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

happy birthday kak sha!!! may all your wishes come true. amin....

and wish you that 27 is a miracle age for you. *mana tahu kot-kot nak tukar status pulak lepas nih*. ahakss.. ;)

[ o k e d ] said...

owhoo cik puan..da tua dah..hehehe..
happy bday..yep..post yg cik puan myspace tu yg oked ckpkan..

semoga maju jaya dalam lindungan ALLAH

cikwan said...

happy besday sha lalingggg..semOga diberkati yang Esa kehidupan sha sehari-harian dan dipermudahkan...wish u all the best..

ween said...

happy birthday sis!
sy sgt adore dgn ur writing in English, hopefully I can improve mine :)

Quiyah said...

sha my confidante!

Happy Birthday dear.. babe, i miss you so much, god knows how much it is.. my heart goes for you...

There is no presents, no hugs or kisses this time, but my prayers are with you my dear..

Again, Happy 27th Birthday Dear.. May U Have A Better Year Ahead Of You.

Love u..

N A N I E said...

I enjoy baca ur blog..Happy Birthday..God bless..

babe..u minat Cher?
Cherilyn Sarkasian Lapier? =)
me too!

kuina said...

happy birthday sha..
moga panjang umur murah rezeki
bahagia selalu..

farah aminuddin said...

happy birthday sweetie~


Cik Qemm said...

happy birthday sha!

its an honoured when my name appeared in your post! thank you very much! :)

i always love to read your thoughts!

happy 27th bday kak sha!
*allow me to call u kak sha plz*

nURmALa mAZLan said...

happy birthday...
oo..birthday kita selang sebulan rupanyer..ehehehe~

happy birthday sha..
semoga panjang umur..
murah rezeki..
bahagia selalu..

aishah_conteng_je said...

kak sha..tenkiu

happy birthday!

seremban kat mana?
nak hadiah jom dating dgn aishah

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

Happy Birthday Sha!

May all your dreams come true..

God Bless..

azzaliena suziantie feisal said...

kak sha....
epi birthday
sori no present dari adek to kak sha :(

wish u luck in life n love :)

cookie devine said...

Happy Birthday Sis.
May God Bless u.
Be yourself.
All best best.
Love you.

t.a.c.a said...

happy birthday sis sha@cheryna.... hope u'll cherish each day and remember to thank Allah for every happy and sad moment... cause He's always with u and loves u no matter what... and only HE knows what's the best for u :P

speckurosaklagi said...

hapies besday to u ...

all the best to u...

ashley said...

Allah selamatkan kamu..trrrr( bunyi drum
Allah selamatkan kamu..trrrrr
Allah selamatkan Cheryna Pires..
Allah selmatkan kamu..

kaboooommm kabbaaabooommm..kaba booomm

bunyi meriam 27 das...meraikan this birthday girl!
he he he

imHepPie said...

epi beseday..waa cpt2 kawen eh...buley dpt anak buah ahaha

et said...

epi bday kak cheryna..
wah3..a yr older..
may ALLAH bless u alwayz..
uh2..luv u sis~

julietchun said...

Selamat ulangtahun sayang
kini kau bersayap
pergilah terbang
rentas langit cita2mu..

Hepi besday sha...

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

baca di blog Ashie023 dan wish lagi sekali di sini.

"Hpy Bufday to you. May ur wish come thru".

Pocket said...

if my post last night can be considered as a wish to u,
then i need to ask,
who wished u the first? :D

thanks for the link,
i luv coming ere reading your karangan,
and i luv reading what was laid in between the line.
often failed. but will keep on trying :D

so now i know why the whole cheryna,
dont ask me on my birthday how does the whole pocket comes into life.

for it is not worth a karangan, heheh.

hepi bday!!
how we wish we can be there to read your lips while u were making a wish before blowing the candle :D

manje said...

happy birthday sis!
hope you have a great life ahead of you!

i love alicia silverstone, ... "AS IF!"


sya said...

happy birthday sha! :D

sya pun gile2 dengan lagu cherrina dulu.. siap rekod dalam kaset dua2 side.. (masa tu cd belum glamer lagik.. :P)

alamak sha, birthday darwisy bulan januari lah.. yang bulan ni, genap setahun sembilan bulan... :P

sI tEDI said...

sha selamat Hari lahir. walaupun aku terpaksa membuka kamus membaca belog kamu. aku seronok di sini..

semoga segala impian menjadi kenyataan.

semoga akan muncul orkid secepat mungkin. ekekekekeke


Ayu said...

hepi besday sha.. baru bukak tenet this evening.. ..

Ili Saharudin said...

happy birthday kak Sha!!!! rasa bertuah dpt kenal akak~heheh..may all u wishes come true~

miera a.k.a merr said...

epi beday kak sha... sila amek kad kamu di blog sy...da wishes also there...ekeke

iza~de~bintang said...

Happy birthday Sha... mendoakan semua yang terbaik untuk anda, sepanjang hayat :)

p/s: maaf tak ada hadiah sekdar doa dari kejauhan, tapi kalau Iza boleh amek gambor Sha ngan Jenab kan bagus hehehe

hasni said...

today is ur besday ek kak sya
selamat hari keputerian ya
moga panjang umur n dimurahkan rezeki
n moga dpt jodoh y baik n sesuai dengan kak sya:-)

Kak Long said...

Dah baca pagi tadi, tak sempat nak komen sebab asyik pergi lompat-lompat kat blog yang sha promote tu je..
Anyway semoga dah dapat e-card kat peti email.
Semoga tambah sweet dan segala cita-cita termakbul.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cheryna, Happy birthday!!! may you'll be blessed with happiness and success in your life! :)

izan said...

"Selamat Panjang Umur"... mudahan dimurahkan rezeki, diberi keceriaan sentiasa dan diberkati.

Cik Qemm said...

link kak tie tu redirect to wiki la. :D

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

Dear Sha,
Happy Birthday..

Kejamnya LOL tak tinggalkan komen kat sini..


Jangan kecik hati ya..

Adila said...

happy belated birthday!!
*sends virtual cake* hehe

Merissa K. said...

a tad bit late (i wasnt around the pc much to browse) but happy birthday. :)