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gossip girl: malam pesta muda mudi

Three Red Roses
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We were staying in an apartment after ibu has been promoted. It was not huge, the place was secluded, and most facilities were not easily obtained - less public phones, no family stores, no restaurants or stalls nearby. To conclude, we were out of nowhere:(

The apartment was in the compound of government's quarters; whereby the community consists of teachers and their families. Our nearest neighbour was a group of female single teachers and four more families on level one and ground floor. I was a senior in college; my younger brother, Shahmi, was in his freshman year. The other two brothers were still studying in Seremban.

The all-Malay community was nice. Even though some of my neighbours were too stingy to pay for the electricity bill to ensure the corridors lights were switched on at night, we still had our Family Day and other activities. Some of my neighbours were friendly too. Most of their stories were about their children accomplishment - either it was about the daughter who was studying in not-so-famous boarding school or about the son who learned how to say, "Mommy!" The community also practiced a health competition in terms of whose car is the biggest and whose house has the latest furniture. This has been shown when Pakcik Sayur came into the compound on weekends. In the community, we celebrated even the smallest thing;)

Our family had a massive cultural shock. I was home on weekends; so I didn't pay that much of attention. Furthermore, I was just a senior, remember? Nobody would pay attention if you took the bus to college. People would just asked, "Kenapa tak belikan anak kereta, Kak Kiah?" or they would divert the conversation to their children's greatness. As for my parents, I encouraged them to socialise as long as they were not talking about their children. I bet nobody would listen, they were too busy talking:P

During Family Day, we had barbeque. I asked my brothers to play gentleman by not touching the food until the children had their part. Sadly, my neighbours taught their children to take as much as they wanted to; regardless whether they ate the squid or the cockles. In the end, there were lots of wastage. Never mind then, because they were all rich and successful - there was no concern at all. The money was like water, what was there in one kilogram of prawns? Who said that government is not paying the teachers well?
(please sense the sarcasm before getting sensitive, okay?)

Suddenly, there was a sound of a person singing:

"Bulan sabit...."

Errr...Broery? Everyone was silent.

It was the uncle who stayed on the ground floor. I personally thought that there would be other uncles after he sang Biar Bulan Bicara but it didn't happen. From Broery, the uncle changed his voice to A. Ramly, M. Osman, A. Rahman Hassan and the famous and talented S. Jibeng. The uncle? He was talented too. He was so passionate; he didn't realise everyone was yawning;)

Few months later, we had another event in the compound. The son of the Pakcik 60an was getting married (we finally got a name for him!). One of my neighbours who talked about her newly-purchased car forgot to take care of her own children. The children were choking because their mother was so busy gossiping - she forgot to serve the water in a buffet wedding. My brother who was serving the guests looked at our neighbour differently while he handed the glass to her children. The other neighbour, who was famous with her bright daughter was nowhere in scene. Apparently, the daughter's PMR result was too brilliant - she had further her form four in a normal school because she was too bright to study in a boarding school. The boarding school was not accepting her to continue her studies there.

Later that night, the groom's family had a karaoke session and as expected, the father of the groom was singing. But this time, the mother of the groom joined him along with his stepmother. Apparently, our Pakcik 60an had two wives and both wives were taking turns to sing with him. During joget lambak, both wives held their beloved husband. One of my brothers cheekily compared both wives and based on our findings we didn't see that much of comparison except that one was dark while the other was fair.

How about the bride?

If she was stunned with everything (just like our neighbours who couldn't stop whispering), she managed to hide it very...very well. She didn't flinch a bit when both her mother-in-law and her stepmother-in-law were dancing like the women in Malam Pesta Muda Mudi (the one with Mahmud June as Pak Maon in the video clip!). The morning ended romantically - both wives were satisfied with the dancing. All eigth children of Pakcik 60 an (from both sides) were the spectators of their parents' happiness:)


My father and my three brothers went to a stall in the village. Ibu and I stayed at home. I heard the stall served nice Mee Kembang (or famously known as Cantonese Beehoon), so I ordered for take away. There was one small stage near the stall meant for karaoke. It was 12.00 a.m. and it was all-men event;)

When they reached home, all of them were laughing. I asked my brother what was happening - all of them started talking at the same time. They said they were listening to the single mothers who were singing Kocok-Kocok from Inul D when they saw a familiar face with a young Indonesian lady. The man who was wearing a batik shirt meant for general election; sang Cinta Sabun Mandi with his heart and the Indonesian lady was dancing. Frankly speaking, my brothers didn't know whether the fascination from the Indonesian lady was sincere;)

They sang and they danced. Dangdut was the music. No more A.Ramli. No more M.Osman. No joget lambak. Everything has changed. Their butts rolled 360 degrees and they forgot about the eyes who were watching. Mee Kembang had certainly expanded the size of my brothers' throats!

Suddenly, the DJ played a very groovy song which started with:

"Sekujur badan berselimut putih
Rebah bersemadi sendiri..."

The singers sang the chorus heartily:
"Selamat tinggal pada semua
Berpisah kita selamanya
Kita tak sama nasib di sana
Baikkah atau sebaliknya..."

The man along with his Indonesian paramour paid for their drinks and went out of the stall abruptly.

The three boys were grinning.

They said to my father, "Pakcik 60an transformed into Pakcik Dangdut. This time, with a new partner."

I wonder what my former neighbours would say about this...

Those naughty brothers of mine. I hope they will learn from this:
Sometimes, there are rooms to brag. Too many to gossip.
I knew my brothers were hurt, as much as I did.
People talked and talked without realising we can do the same thing.
We can gossip. We can brag.
Is it worth it when we have our own weaknesses?


::puteri_katak :: said...

"Pakcik 60an transformed into Pakcik Dangdut. This time, with a new partner." : hahha zaman berubah..~

kuch said...

duduk dlm komuniti melayu ni kdg2 menyakitkan hati jugak ye?
nsib aku kt penang duduk dlm komuniti yg majoritinya org cina..
cina takdela seteruk mcm yang rmai org sgka.
diorg tak byk gossiping

mier@merr said...

gossip?? lali sudeh.. lantak la maw kata ape pon...

xlarat nak layan mulut meka2 nih...
smpai masa malu snirik....
janji kita x kaco dorang....

sy sdg emo...dilarang diri sniri mengkomen secara pjg..nnti sy bergossip d cni..~~ :)

Yunus Badawi said...

Nasib baik komuniti Melayu saya taklah seteruk ini. hehehe

Yunus Badawi said...

Bilalah agaknya pakcik dangdut ni nak sedar? Semoga dia berubah ke arah yg lebih baik.

Org bukan Islam pun ada yg dpt hidayah di usia emas. Malulah kalau kita yg Islam dari lahir ni tak sedar

dotblogspotdotkom said...

gossip itu halal.. fitnah itu haram... sbb tu ada ruangan gosip... tiada ruangan fitnah kat majalah separuh lucah malaysia ( manga )


~Kak AZZ~ said...

nak kena baca betul2 entry ni....dh baca nnt baru komen hehehe....

*hv a nice day Sha...

imHepPie said...

alahaiii pakcik dangdut..

~LP Lum~ said...

dah biase dah ngan komuniti malay nie..
but now komuniti cina pn sma aje..
dorg pn kekdg terbz body gak ngan kite...
tp apa yg sy wat??
sy ignore aje dorg nie.. wat ar gossips smpai trcabut mulut dorg... :))
(blh ke mcm 2??)

ashie023 said...

uh...lagu rabbani...meremang bulu roma kalu dengor lagu nih...

Ayu said...

gossip ada dimana-mana saja kan sha kan..

ashley said...

Is blogging a kind of gossiping too?

ngeh ngeh ngeh!
and...what is gossiping anyway
ha ha

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

Dear Sha,

Teringat lagu2 Amelina..

Tentang artis suka layan..

*citarasa pakcik dah berubah..

Samaira said...

masa bc entry ni sampai tang rabbani tu mmg x thn gelak sampai sakit perot ekeke
sian pakcik tu wakaka

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...


terasa segan & malu bila tengok orang menari dangdut. tak kiralah gaya Inul atau yg lain...

♠ y.a.n.i.e putrajaya ♠ said...

"Bulan sabit...."

ni lagu BIAR BULAN BICARA kan?

Cik Cookie said...

Hurmm, PakCik 60an really enjoy his life.
Bila kita sedar kita ada kelemahan sendiri, baru kita tahu menilai diri kita.

farah aminuddin said...

biasalah kan. org selalu berckp psl org lain pdhl mende tu dia sendiri pun buat jugak. hmppphhh

~Kak AZZ~ said...

akak suka la dgn lagu Biarlah Bulan Bicara nyanyi sorang2 je la...tu pun bisik2 je takut orang lain dengar hehe...

emmm...tu baru part dangdut....belum lg part main ekor ataupun minum...susah nak disedarkan kalau dah usia cmtu...

akakpun tak suka dgn org yg suka ckp besar ni...(brag...siap cr makna dlm kamus ni hehe...).Even dorang kaya melaut pun jgn la suka ckp besar....benci sangat2 dgn org cmni...huhu...

*gossip....dh tak berapa minat nk dengar/ kdg2 tersasar jugok...hehehe..

joegrimjow said...

slain berbbq
cuba bersteamboat plak

like the rhythm...

sya said...

hehehe... berubah ye... :D

syoknya rapat dengan adik beradik gitu... :D

hasni said...

for me
gossip n fitnah itu sm

Anonymous said...

bini ke3 ker tu?
dapat bini indon jd dangdut ler plak