Monday, October 12, 2009

sha: the anonymous in your blog

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After taking into consideration about certain factors, I have made a decision to write this posting about blogging. Interested? Please read...I think we can share something over here.

When I started blogging in July 2004, I did not realised that the world of blogging will be wide and popular. There was no comment at that time. No blogging friends (if any, only one or two). You wrote something in your blog, but couldn't blog hop that much. There was no one (or if there was, only one or two) who will appreciate what you wrote.

The best ever comment I've ever received was from an author of my favourite book, but she said she couldn't understand what I wrote about her because it was in Malay (one of the reasons why I'm writing in English right now)

Nevertheless, there were people who hated me because I was a blogger who apparently wrote my personal diary in the net.

I remember getting this verbal comment:

"Bloggers are losers!"

We had an internet kiosk at our workplace (because they did not installed internet at our PCs). This person stood behind me, saw what I was doing and simply said that to me (even though he was nice all the time, but the comment he made about bloggers was really painful to bear). It was just 3 words.

Then one sunny day, I received another comment. This time, in my own blog:

Anonymous said...
huh !!poyo giler minah nie,suka2 nak kondem kedai org,kalau dia nak nama kedai Siti Nurshahida Binti Zamrinor sengal pun suka ati dia lar,hahaha
8:15 PM , 27th November 2008

I was writing about how funny the name of a place can be and how delicious ayam golek was until I received this comment. Ironically, it was way before created my Facebook's badge or put anything personal like my full name. So, my best guess was this person must be a person I knew personally. The person did not realised that my boss accidently blurted the name out when he was calling me because of my blog - read: cheryna love story). Therefore, I have a vague idea of who wrote this and if my prediction was true, I wish the person will live in harmony:)

Since then, I thought the name anonymous was such a good name for a child. I highly recommend this name if you're planning to have a child soon. Perhaps, that would be for my child. Forget Orkid. Let's name her Anonymous:)

Today, I've visited Zara's blog and I found this:

Anonymous said...
Wow, pasal payung pun nk kecoh! :P

I was screening everyone's answer to ensure that I'll give a good comment because I truly enjoyed reading the blog since I knew how much effort would Zara made to post such ideas (I would've been blank if I was the one whose having chicken pox!)

So I put my reply:

cHeRyNa PiReS on October 12, 2009 12:30 PM said...
Anonymous said...
Wow, pasal payung pun nk kecoh! :P

--> siapa nieh? rasa mau pelangkung saja!

takpelah zara, kak sha can read between the lines and i think you posting is superb!

The person then replied:
Anonymous said...
>:( Ehh, nk pelankung kite lak, x ksian ke!? Lgipun, wat pe nk beban, bli la payung yg boleh dilipat dan kecil (portable) kan senang! work smart! bak kata Najib , skrang bkan mse utk maju, ttpi utk bersatu! 1Malaysia! :P

I mean, all of the sudden you're talking about politics? That is lame...You know how to be sensitive when someone replies you back, but you don't know how to be sensitive about your own reply. In this world, the only sensitive person are YOU....YOU...and YOU...

I also read a posting by siTedi, which amazed me of the copy and paste comments. They were made by certain blogger just to increase the traffic to his/her blog. Say:

Good posting. Keep up the good work.

Even though you were writing about your dying cat.

Then you go to another blog, you'll see the same comment about a girl who was dumped by her boyfriend. Aiyoooooo...????

Pathetic isn't it?

When we write a blog, we're expose to these kind of people. We might be hurt but do we have to be hurt? The moment we created the account and posted the articles, we're accountable to whatever we said. But do they have the right to criticise?

Might be. If they think they are:)

It's like you know the ayam golek is not fresh, yet you eat the ayam golek. Can you blame others? No.

But it is also not justifiable if the person whose commenting in your blog fail to read your posting properly. You're writing about something else, but the person says something else. Then, you have to let the person go to school and learn how to read, right?

Take care of others and others will take care of you.

The campaign of the day:
Learn to read. Not just how to write.

Care to share your experience with me?

* bloggers: your visits are very much appreciated:)


Adila said...

but i don't mind if someone stop just saying hi as as long as it's not some kind of comment that could make me feel like nak trajang je the commenter haha

that's why i tend to reply to comments when i'm in a good mood
at least i could intrepid some negative comments into i-dont-give-a-damn haha

the thing about blogging is..
suka hati la nak tulis apa pun

kan? if org tu xpuas hati, go on, create his own blog
ape kes nak kondem org lain punya blog :)

imHepPie said...

apsal org slalu x pueh ati kita, kita punya suka la..tensen la..

ween said...

great entry!
eh. seriously. I read till the end ok (^_^) hik. yeah. slalu rasa pelik knapa ada makhluk yg suka comment ayat yg mampu menguris hati blog owner, then hiding behind the name 'anonymous'. haih

oh. tp I mmg suka bloghopping n say HYE to all blog I bump into ;P

xiiinam said...

ckLah dah tutup komen untuk anonymous....
Biarlah entri ckLah tak ada orang komen pun tak apa....daripada dipenuhi jejak si pengecut yang main sembunyi balik tiang, tapi baunya sengit meusuk hidung...

~Kak AZZ~ said...

hmmmm.....akak ni baru je belajo jd bloggers awal tahun ni...Tp, biasa la kan....kdg2 ada yg suka, kdg2 ada yg cemuih....apa yg penting, kita luahkan apa yg kita rasa...dan kita rasa seronooookkk sangatttt....cuma adakalanya post2 kita tu mgkn menimbulkan ketidakselesaan pd sesetengah org....atau dlm ertikata lain.."kena kat batang idong dorang"...Blog kita, sukahati kita la kan....hikhikk...

*bg akak...komen yg giler2 tu ok aje...jgn sampai bg komen tahap giler ba** sudah la....Cuma, kalau boleh jgn camporadukkan isu2 politik dgn agama dah la...Sbb, akak takut akakpun terpesong sama...

**Sha jgn bimbang, akak ttp baca entry kt blog ni w/pun kena guna kamus...huhu...

Tie said...

Anonymous ni memang pengecut. Dah baling batu bukan setakat sembunyi tangan, terus menyorok dalam tanah! Nak tulis nama samaran pun takut!

Kak tie pernah kena. Dulu, kak tie komen pasal mangsa banjir yang keterlaluan dan mengada2. Sukarelawan kena sindir walhal mereka ni tolong masakkan makanan untuk mereka. Sampaikan sukarelawan merajuk lalu diambil alih pihak tentera.

Kak tie tulis dengan jelas. Bukan nak kutuk semua mangsa banjir. Tapi sibongok ni marah2..tak tentu pasal. Terkena batang hidung sendiri la tu.

Kisahnya di sini ( Tapi kak tie dah delete komen dari sibongok tu.

iza~de~bintang said...

Semakin popular/high traffik blog tu semakin akan datang komen2 yang meletihkan. Nasib baik blog saya tak popular, jadi yang datang tu org baik2 ja, komen pun yg baik2 ja hehehe.

Tapi pernah jugak lah ada mamat tu datang pertikaikan apepasal blog ngko ni tak de traffik, takde ranking takda rss bla bla (masa tu pakai template klasik ja)... herm buat derk ja, malas nak layan :D

Pinjam komen Kak Azz : Sha jgn bimbang, saya ttp baca entry kt blog ni w/pun kena guna kamus...huhu... (^__^)

Lan Bingka said...

orang yg bagi komen merapu tu jeles la tu, blog dia trafik kurang..;)

Pocket said...

definitely the guy from zara will be reading this, and hopefully he'll learn a bit or two about being nice to people,
Yes, we can write cynical things to people, but can we accept?

those people who's writing bad things anonymously simply dont have any spine to back their thoughts,
kalau aku bubuh nama aku,
jatuh la saham aku,
nanti org tak suka aku,
baik aku stay anonymous.

sama cam surat layang jer,
cuma surat layang yg tak bersignature.
pengecut? kecut? prune tu kecut?
so does kismis.

'being kind means that u have to agree wit people, and that's even more spineless'
u can be in the opposition without being rude. i did.
I've even tell my two cents regardless of where i stand. OK jer.

so sha, i'm reading this and i take it in me that its a nasihat for me to be nice wit people, n i've wrote these words ere in the comment column to remind me, dat if i can write bad... others can write worse.

thanks sha.

lupekanje said...

our blog...its up to us, wateva we want to write in it...

if those people dont like the story, or the way we write...ask them to go back at their own blog...or go to other blog..

Ayu said...

erkk.. thats y la x nk letak anonymous setting kat komen box tu.. set la setiap pengkomen tegar either use google ke atau ID lain.. jangan sesekali benarkan anonymous..

out of topic --> kenkadang tak sempat nk baca abis sha.. hehe..tu yg men komen je..

[ o k e d ] said...

hahaha..makcik..oked baru tulis yg seumpama ini and oked baru nk blog hopping ke blog chery ni..hesy..mmg klaka kan..

nk buat cmne kalo menulis kerna lah jadinye

ashie023 said...

oh..lam belog zara tuh..ada gak terbaca yang enimos tuh..uh?takut nak letak anma sebeno, letak enimos je, selamt..pengecutnye..

em,,,sama lah kita Sha, dolu masa ambe berblog, ader gak geng2 yang kutuk2 pasal berblog nih..sedih jugak ambe ambe buat x kesah je...ambe berblog pong just suka2 je..

Samaira said...

enter dunia blog bkn tuk suruh semua org baca just nk catat ape yg kite rasa setiap hari spy satu hari bila kita baca balik kita akan ngat ape yg pernah terjadi pd kita sy klu nk kutuk2 blog org len x yah la baca blog org tu..cari la blog berilmiah hikss ehe

miera a.k.a merr said... lom bc lg yg d jwb oleh anonymous kt page zara... sy mmg sokong kak sha lam hal tu...
tak salah scara baek n pocket said..
'u can be in the opposition without being rude'...

klu cdgn yg mmbina ape salahnye kan...

tp klu stakat nk kata psl payung pn nk kecoh..xperlu kot...bc dulu sume yg zara tulis..payung tu cume set induksi je.. isi critanya yg laen...

aish..emo pulak seketika...

Kujie said...

Criticisms and reproaches are fine if you have a problem with something, but try to remain constructive and not be an asshole. No one is forcing you to give out your opinions, so if you don’t have anything remotely positive to say, it may be best to keep quiet.

farah aminuddin said...

that anonymous was such a coward. she/he wrote bad comments but she/he remained herself as anonymous. demn.

Arjuna Qaseh said...

anonymous=annoying=igbore it!

hasni said...

hai kak sya
satu lagi entry y menarik
teruskan ok
stuju ngan akak
learn to read.not just how to write

a kl citizen said...

assalammualaikum sha...

warna2 kehidupan...
kalau statik je tak best gak kan...
sekali sekala ter'sentap' bagus juga

apa pun,
kita mesti ada pendirian bila memberi komen
- jujur
- beradab
- bersetuju untuk tidak sependapat jika tak sependapat lah kan

si anonymous mewarnakan kehidupan blog kita
kalau tak suka deletekan je
kuasa di jari-jemari kita kan...

Zyma Saad said...

Dah adat dunia blogging,Sha sayang.
I`ve been thru`.....just leave it behind. It`s such a mother-fucker!!!

Remember pesanan Akak ni....
**Orang di luar sana hanya perlukan sedikit sahaja kesilapan kita utk menjatuhkan kita. **

Ingat pesanan Akak di atas ni dah cukup....

sya said...

ala sha, yang penting, kita suka apa yang kita tulis sudah..
diorang nak baca, nak komen bukan2, suka hati..

tapi kan, nasib baik blog sya tak glamer, jadi belum pernah dapat komen2 mcm tu... jangan lah ada satu hari nanti.. kalau ada, mau nya anon tu kena sembur... hehehehe

sI tEDI said...

pengecut sebenarnya anon tu.. berani letaklah link.. org boleh balas balik. tp cara berhemah lah...

org macam ni mmg x debelog kot.. kejenye mengkondemkan tulisan org lain..

lagi tu sha.. pasal org yg suka copy paste komen tu.. alahai... mmg aku menyampah.. nak org baca entry dia tp entry kita komen semua sama jek..

Kak Long said...

Agree with pocket,
"those people who's writing bad things anonymously simply dont have any spine to back their thoughts,"
"sama cam surat layang"
Kak Long pun pernah gak dapat komen cam tu, tapi taklah banyak sebab blog Kak long tak popularpun.
Agaknya blog yang popular, lagi macam2 kerenah dan komen yg mereka jumpa.
Ada masanya Kak Long fikir, mungkin juga orang yang suka komen yang tak membina tu mungkin rasa cemburu sebab kita pandai cerita tentang pengalaman kita yang dia juga mungkin pernah alami tapi dia tak reti nak cerita, hehehe...
kebanyakan org tak kisah dikritik asalkan cara mengkritik itu betul dan bukan dtgnya drpt org yang tak ikhlas, kan?

** Apapun, entri sha memang menarik dibaca walaupun biasanya panjang berdepa-depa..

ZARA 札拉 said...

The Anonymous is not the first time in my blog. Well, turned up to write his/her name as GAY in my Shoutbox.
Well, it's lame anyway.


Unfortunately I need to open it to Anonymous cz some of my friends didn't have blog and each time they dropped by they'll write their name even the name will appear Anonymous.

That kind of comments inspired me to write something. BTW, the person did commented to my previous entry about Varicella. Check it out but don't pissed off.

kuina said...

dlm berblogging nie.. jadilah diri kita yang sebenar..


manje said...

i like your entry ni pasal anonymous.
( i haven't had a hurtful comment from anonymous yet, pray that i won't. but if i did, what the heck,lantak pi la )

so, how you talk about them is so nice~ i mean, bile i bace kat blog orang lain pasal comment2 anonymous ni, lebih kepada MARAH n condemn.but cara sis so subtle.eheh =)