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something wonderful: beneath the satin and lace

La Senza bras
Originally uploaded by my 38Bs
She stepped from behind it,and Jordan stared at the indignant impression on her flushed face, then his gaze dropped to the daringlylow oval bodice of her shimmering satin nightdress, "This nightdress," she announced, pointing an accusing fingerat her exposed bodice,"has a hole cut out of the chest."The blue one has a square hole cut out of the back.The yellow one," she finished bitterly,"is the worst! It has hole on the back, another in the front, and the side of the skirt slashed up to my knees. The Frenchwoman," she finished darkly,"should not be aloud to hold a pair of scissors!"

Jordan gave a shout of laughter, snatched her into his arms, and buried his face into her fragrant hair, his shoulders rocking.

And in that moment, all the jaded cynicism of his past began to crumble.

"Oh Alex, he gasped, "I can't believe you're real!"

Since she was not responsible for the design of the absurd clothes, Alex took no personal offense at his laughter but she warned him in a dire voice: "You won't be laughing when you see the rest of what you paid that woman good money for!"

With a superhuman effort, Jordan managed to subdue his mirth long enough to lift his head and gaze tenderly into her upturned, indignant face. "Why is that?"

"Because," she informed him darkly, "the gowns that don't have holes out of the them are so sheer they're as transparent as window!"


- Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught.

Toooooooooootttt...I won't continue the next sentence (it's not fair to the author, don't you think). Furthermore, the part I'm taking from the book is the first night after the wedding ceremony (it's a romance novel okay!). So, get the book before I put something improper in this blog (as if!). Please don't get any ideas:P

I'm not an expert to talk about wedding nights and all that - I'm not even married. This posting has got nothing to do with all those things, it is just something which triggered my head after I received your generous comments in my posting - the colour of your brassiere.

I was asking on why men are not participating in choosing bras. I know most of blog readers are women, but most of you have given me a very good voice from all point of views. Thank you very much for that. At least I knew that I was not talking alone:p

I have chosen two comments which fascinated me regarding this topic:

1. PakcikDot 'x comment

pakcik tak malu.. tapi salegirl tu yg tersipu2....
malu?.. idok le... thinQ +ve.. it's necessary... dan semua orang tahu bra tu utk apa... cuma pemikiran kita je yg kurang terbuka.....
ntah le....
nak pilih bra bersama isteri malu konon...tapi dalam bra.. nak... opss... memang tak menahan btl...

I really like this comment because it inspired me to write this posting about bras. I totally agree with Packcikdot, who said that the salesgirl will blush when a man is choosing a bra. I guess that's the main reason why most Amois are selling Nicole, Padini or SUB. When we go to Triumph, we will frequently see a nyonya saying, "Amoi...mau beli baju dalam? Less 20%!" Right? When you go to the nyonya, she will definitely know how to choose precisely or almost precisely what you like. An Amoi, however, will choose something that she likes. For example:

Amoi: Miss, mau beli bla?
Me: Diskaun?
Amoi: 30%, Miss.
Me: Okay..apa ada?
Amoi: Ini miss...(she showed me a half cup push ups). I gulped.

My boyfriend at that time saved the day.

Sepet: Moiii...takkan isteri saya mau pakai push up? Mau push brapa tinggi lagi, maaa?
Amoi: Hehehe. (The Amoi laughed quietly and blushed)
Sepet: Biasa punya tak ada?
Amoi: Ada...ada...(she showed me bras without wire)
Sepet: Wire tak ada? (while touching below the cup of the bra. The Amoi's face turned red!)
Amoi: Pakai wire ke miss? (by this time the amoi was as red as butter prawn dish!)
Sepet: Mestilah. Nanti jatuh maa...(he grinned wickedly at the Amoi. I pinched him)
Amoi: Betul...betul...saiz apa, Miss?
Me: **B.
Amoi: Sikijap...sikijap...(She went through the stacks of bras. Then she showed me an apple green satin. I smiled.)
Me: Amoi..ada colour lain tak? (I felt embarass about apple green)
Sepet: Amoi...colour purple, pink, biru tak ada?
Me: Uiiikkkk....??? (I looked at him incredulously. Those are my favourite colours!)
Sepet: Jangan nak pakai colour makcik ye! I know you want that grey one. Tak boleh. (he grinned)
Me: Macamlah you yang pakai...
Sepet: Itu oren tak bolehlah, Amoi. Itu untuk Deepavali.
Amoi: Ada sweet punya. Colour purple-pink. Boleh tak, encik?
Sepet: Cun!
Amoi: (grinned from ear to ear - but she still blushed)
Sepet: Tapi kan, you bagi dia **B. One size bigger.
Amoi: Apasal encik?
Sepet: Itu cutting kecik...tak sesuai.(I knew I looked horrified even though I didn't look at the mirror)
Amoi: Okay...
Me: Mana you tau?
Sepet: Adalah! I selalu teman my mum and my sisters.
Me: Not the other girlfriends ek? (jealousy crept into my system)
Sepet: Hooohh...this requires years of experience okay!

I tried the bra and agreed to buy. Surprisingly, it fit me well. While my boyfriend looked at something else, the Amoi said to me, "Suami you pandai pilih!"
I smiled. (of course I didn't tell her he was not yet my husband!)
Amoi then told me,
"Selalu suami malu-malu mau beli. Tapi sekarang saya malu-malu mau jual!"

So, PakcikDot? I totally agree with you. The salesgirl will blush if a man is choosing a bra. In contrast to the nyonya who will say, "Abang..beli baju dalam untuk isteri!"; an amoi will certainly feel the heat in the air-conditioned mall:P

Pakcikdot last sentence was the sentece I like the most:
"nak pilih bra bersama isteri malu konon...tapi dalam bra.. nak... opss... memang tak menahan btl..."

That's exactly my point! Thanks Pakcikdot for noticing what I'm trying to say. Hehe. But of course I can't force you to buy bras with your lady just because of that sentence. But it does make sense, isn't it?

We'll move to another comment:

2. Pocket's comment:

its because we dont know how to participate, and the usual answer u'll get from us would be somewhat as below:
1) look comfy,
2) Beautiful? u'r not intending to show those in public do u? they why care?
3) 149.90!!?

so why do u even bother to ask us to tag along, let us sit somewhere with a newspaper n u can have my card...

hehehehe, the man in the pocket commented.

the boy in the pocket would say,
'sha sha!! jom main galah panjang jom:D'

I agreed with Pocket in terms of men don't exactly know how to choose. This is because even though bras look almost similar, there are too many characteristics. That small piece of cloth should not cost RM149.90, right? (in your opinion). Look at it this way, a nightdress for a wedding night might cost a lot to a guy too. Even though it has holes, and the fabric is too thin until you can see almost everything beneath it (that's the whole intention, right?). But why am I hearing: "He is buying me a nightdress," from most of my married female friends before their wedding night? The cost for a nightdress, even for a wedding night is high too:)

And to answer Pocket's question, I will definitely enjoy playing galah panjang with you, Pocket. As long as you know how to guard your elbow. I don't want any bruise on my chest! :P

I remember talking to one customer of mine who didn't know how to manage her account because she shopped at La Senza even when she didn't have any money. She told me something like,

" He's all I got. You know....this kind of thing that you want him to be happy because you love him. I just want to please him. I need to look good for him."

As someone who consulted people about financial problems, I was not that pleased. But as a woman, I truly understand that. Even though I'm a spinster and not trying to please anyone;)

The word pleasing itself has double meaning. A mother wants to buy a bra which fits her breast to prevent the risk of breast cancer, a pregnant lady wants to buy a bra to fit the grown breasts, or a mother wants to breastfeed the child - so she needs a new bra for breastfeeding - those are the example of pleasing. The husband, the children, the family...everyone. Because bra is not just an outfit of sexiness, it's a convinient tool for so many other things in this world.

Buying bra is not necessarily for your partners, folks! We buy bras for our mommies and grandmas too:)

Maybe we should spend some minutes and learn kan?

* I'm starting to teach my brothers - they ask, "kenapa ada yang besar dan kecik?" and I answered, "itu sama macam ko tanya kenapa aku pendek. Dah keturunan kita macam tu..."



cik intan (◡‿◡✿) said...

.heee in my case, kite yg malu kalau beli bra ngan pakwe
.die ajak, tp kite lari tempat laen
.im blushinG! ^^

irazuraidin said...

akak hahahah kita sukaa cerita niehh beshhhhhhh

Kujie said...

seronok tau pergi beli bra ni...

kecik je....mahai ooooiiii


kadang2 malu kalau ada org yang dok intai kita pilih saiz bukan sebab bra tu sha...hahaha

Samaira said...

kamu b ekk
sy c wakaka

farah said...

nice entry la sis.

kalo saya la,
memang tak pernah2 nak beli bra ngan pakwe.




ween said...

masuk2 nampak bra warna pink kat sbela tu, wowww! ;p

this entry is well written as always :) kalau sy mmg maluuu nak beli bra dgn bf. he

tp suka tgk llk yg berminat utk amik tau ttg hal perempuan :)

ZARA 札拉 said...


ku beli sendiri selepas belajar dari magazine etc.


Ili Saharudin said...

i hate beli bra salah saiz. urm..terkecik or mane tu..

dotblogspotdotkom said...

huhu terharu pakcik.. mana taknye ingatkan komen memain je.. tp penulis kita nih serius...!!.. huhuuh

p/s :- kalau pembaca nak tau.. nape sha ambik kumen pakcik as a xample.... sbb pakcik beli pink bras utk sha... huhuhu mmg tak menahan...

anyway... sebenarnye itu seme perlu di ambil tahu oleh suami... jgn main tangkap beli je... lagi satu... ada sesetengah nak beli yang murah... tapi tiada kualiti.. bukan kata semua murah tak berkualiti...

sbbnye.. dalam bra tu nak guna bersama... huhuhu sisuami nak guna.. apatah lagi si siteri.... so suami... jangan larikan diri....

[ o k e d ] said...

eh..bukan da pernah ade ke?

ok caption of the day 'originally uploaded by my 38Bs'


azzaliena suziantie said...

adek xpenah beli bra ngn bf..
segan ah..

speckurosaklagi said...

* I'm starting to teach my brothers - they ask, "kenapa ada yang besar dan kecik?" and I answered, "itu sama macam ko tanya kenapa aku pendek. Dah keturunan kita macam tu..."

hohoho..kena ada klas tambahan nih...

akak sha bila nk ajar spec plak?

~Kak AZZ~ said...

wahahaha....yg kt dlm bra tu bukan utk suami utk baby huhuhu....Patut la kdg2 ada suami yang lagi manje n mengada2 dari baby hehehe....oopppsssss....

*ada org beli bra yg murah sbb dorang kata...."alaa, bukan ada yg nak tengok pun...lain la kalau pakai bra je, tak pakai baju luar dah..." cmni pun ada kaaa.....!!

♠ y.a.n.i.e putrajaya ♠ said...


pakcik sepet lagi luas pengetahuan bab2 beli bra eh

kekekkeke lawak gilosss.....

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

bila pi beli ngan hubby..mula2 dia dok sebelah;leka dok memilih tup-tup-tup dia hilangggg....erk..

segan agaknya.*_*

miera a.k.a merr said...

ekekek... sounds interesting...

pasni nk test enche S lah..

thnx sis...gud entri..

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

Dear Sha,
Memang Sha banyak idea nak 'menulis' lah..
So creative..

Soal bra tu plak, My Ex-Mr V tak malu2 nak pilih. Siap suh LOL beli lagi.

Kalau adik lelaki LOL, dia memang malu lah. Abang LOL memang terbuka. Siap LOL mintak dia belikan pad.

Tapi betollah, bila lelaki pilih, salesgirl plak jadik malu.

Memang pelbagai ragam..

ashley said...

Ha ha ha..
Aku kalau beli baju kecik ni mesti bersama sama suami...sebabnya boleh dapat yang mahal dan lawa!!

N A N I E said...

He he blushing!

atty's said...

ingt masa bersalin kan akak..suh hubby belikan bra..,masa tu lom ade hp ..jadiknya hubby ku tanya itu salesgirl..brp lak size dia..huhuuuhuh.

julietchun said...

bukan sng lelaki nak teman pi beli bra ni, kekdg soh beli pad pun taknak.

cookie devine said...

Judith McNaught.When i f5 ada bc 1 buku dr dia "Remember When".Suka sgt buku tuh tp hilang dlm bas ms balik dr hostel.

Tie said...

Ish...entahlah, barang2 perempuan ni semuanya mahal-mahal. Dahlah secebis je, harganya cekik darah!

~ suka ayat yang last sekali, ekekeke....

Ayu said...

beli bra yg 5.90 selai tu je.. ;p

sya said...

selalunya husband memang temankan.. tapi, takde lah memilih sekali.. tengok aje.. hehe

err, minggu ni adalah minggu pink.. entah kenapa hari2 pakai pakai baju warna pink.. :P

messyremo said...


nice entri kak..
budaya kita mmg pemalu..
bnda2 cmtu dah kira cm taboo..
kita kan terkenal dengan sifat rendah diri,pemalu..

sbb tu org2 cm kita termasuk sy mmg segan..hehe
lainla kalu ramai kaum2 lelaki dok melepak ramai2 kat tempat bra tu..hehe

Zyma Saad said...

Akak suka kumpul koleksi bra....
sbb hubby akak suka akak bertukar2 bra. Huhuhuhu.
Pink la, merah mak ngah la, biru laut la, hijau rumput basah la...
mcm2 adoooo.

Zyma Saad said...

Please check ur e-mail.
Check ye...


Adila said...

ur few last sentences made me giggles
i do wonder.. how come some people got lebih lemak at that part when they can sedekah me some? lol

i guess.. people do care about bra if their boobs can fit it :P
what about flat people? where A cup is alrdy big?
wouldn't that be like a waste of money to spend hundreds on bras that penuh dgn angin? (or maybe can put tissues in haha)

sI tEDI said...

ha ha ha ha.. aduhai... aku lom berani nak baut entry bra lah sha...
tabiklah!! ekekekekeke....

aku kalu nak g beli.. kena g sensorang... ekekekekkeke..

ashie023 said...

Judith of my favourite author.. pasal pakcik dotnye last sentence...ambe setuju jugak..

ambe rasa xde salahnye kalu laki temankan isteri belikan kalu boyfriend tuh, ader skit malu2 ..ahahha..ambe xkan ajaknye..kekeke

Pocket said...

...bra is not just an outfit of sexiness, it's a convinient tool for so many other things in this world.

if u ever got lost in a jungle and u need to quench your thirst by the water from some random 'lopak'.
The cup from the bra can be use as a water purifier :D

dont let me do the listing here :)

being able to know about bra would definitely be sending different message tru the air, either he's a health concern guy or he's a womanizer who able to tell u what cup size u are just by your silhouette on the floor.

now i of all people dont want people to be misunderstanding me like that kan..:D

...other girlfriends ek?

even a notion or feeling from this statement will definitely be turning the smiley face around.
and for some woman, it last till next shawal.

so as a conclusion, yes i think i have to agree that men should know a bit of this and that in buying bra, but showing off like someone did. is a bit too much
(jealousy crept into my system)
just enough not to be fooled into buying those overpriced bra, ok lah kut

*am thinking about the galah panjang session... i think its my siku that will be taking more damage than u :D

iza~de~bintang said...

errr rasa macam nak ambil gambar bra kaler kaler pulak (^_^)Inspirasi dari Sha pulak.
Tema... warna2 pelangi ahaks :p

Anonymous said...

Hehehe... hehehe.. hehehe... senyum panjang bace entri Sha nie :)

Yunus Badawi said...

Segan pulak saya tengok gambar tu huhuhu

Tapi hari tu, kakak Adam bawa dia ke kawasan jual nasi lemak kat satu shopping komplek ni. Manalah baby tu tahu apa2 kat situ hehehe

a kl citizen said...


muda2 dulu malu dah tetua ni tak kuasa... kata cik abangnya

et said...

hek3..stil malu smpi skrg..^^'

xpernah beli sdr..mak je beli kn..gosh~ ble la nk dewase ni et..huuu~

hasni said...

hasni xto apa2 pasal ni

~xiiinam~ said...

Anak2 dara akak sampai sekarang tak mau diajak beli....
Pandai-pandai Mak dia orang lah yang beli..belek...pilih...dan agak-agak...

Cik Qemm said...


ape yg sha express ni memang kena sangat la.menjadi pengajaran buat semua bapak2 kt lur nun

Anonymous said...
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