Saturday, October 10, 2009

sha: fly your paper planes

"Tolonglah angin
Bawa kapal terbang kertasku
Supaya ternyata jelas
Isi hati ku
Yang sebenar-benar ikhlas
Dengan cintaku
Hanya dia satu..."
- Kapal Terbang Kertas, Exist.

My late grandfather's house was called Buluh Perindu because of its location which was near to an area filled with bamboo trees and chestnut trees (pokok berangan). People named their home Teratak Bonda (Mawi's house), Bougenvilla, Villa Idaman etc. but our heaven was Buluh Perindu.

One of my greatest memories about Buluh Perindu was the wind. When the wind blown through the bamboo trees, the feeling was phenomenon. I could almost smelled the bamboo leaves. It was magnificent!

We used to play masak-masak with the bamboo leaves and made stuff out of the dried ones. My cousins and I used to screamed at the monkeys and used lastik to chase them away. However, when it was windy, they rarely came to harass the rambutan:)

And when there was wind, there were paper planes:)

When I was small, I created lots and lots of paper planes.
To ayah - when he asked me to give up things for the younger ones.
To ibu - when she pinched me.
To my brother, Shahmi - for getting all the attention.
To my class teacher - hoping that she'll notice my talent in story telling.
To my monitor in standard one - scolding him for disturbing me.

The ones to ayah and ibu had never been sent out because they just knew how to silent me with either jelly ice-cream or whipped potato in KFC.
The planes landed successfully inside my brother's hammock but the messages were not conveyed properly since he couldn't read.

My monitor did not get the message well. He still disturbed me even after I flew the planes over to him (guess he enjoyed getting the planes!)

During my pre-teen, I got a plane from someone who was from a different school. He saw me during an inter-school competetion. I was happy, thinking that I got a new friend. But my monitor who later became the prefect found the letter (because he checked my desk!!!) and kept the letter in his pocket.

Later on I went to a boarding school and I exchanged planes. The monitor and prefect became my long-distant friend. Thanks to his brother, however, I got a smack and pinches from ibu and was ordered not to send planes anymore. Clearly a betrayer:p

I got lots of planes from a boy who studied in the Engineering Class when I was in form five. There were planes in my desk because he was sitting at my place during the prep class. He drew pictures for me, he wrote formal letters and he sent me lyrics. I was so scared of my ibu at first I didn't reply. After some encouragement from friends, I sent him one plane asking him to bald his head.

He did. One day he passed the corridor in front of my class with his shiny head. He smiled at me and he looked like an Alien Workshop logo:P

I stopped folding papers to make paper plane after I left school. I got e-mails, I got a handphone and most importantly, I started this blog. But when things were unreparable, I occasionally wrote letters. Then I folded them and turned them into paper planes before I threw them away.

I threw a paper plane which supposed to be sent to Zeti Akhtar Aziz, asking about how to be wise in economy, when I struggled to score the Economy papers.
I threw a paper plane which supposed to be sent to ibu asking her to consider my ambition and dreams.
I threw a paper plane which supposed to be sent to my ex-boyfriend, asking for a break up.
It was like the story of Laila Isabella, when Rosyam Noor sent a paper plane to Nasha Aziz. The recipient did not received the planes:(

It has been almost 5 years since I made my last paper plane. There were so many plans, but I'm still holding it up.

Until today.

I'm thinking of sending the paper plane to someone, saying...

Rindu awak jugak!

Or how about this:

Dear Abang,

Thank You for calling! Muah...muah...


THESE ARE JUST AN EXAMPLE (or perhaps not :P)

Tell me...
If I ask you to send a paper plane, who will you send it to and what will you say?


Arjuna Qaseh said...

hantar satu untuk kite jugak boleh?
dengan ucapan:
selamat mati!
pliz be hepi!

zino said...

apa akan jadi kalau that plane landed on a wrong person hehe..

Zyma Saad said...

Akak suka sgt buat paper plane dari dulu hingga skrg. Akak suka buat yg kecil2....then, masukkan ke dlm botol kaca yg besar. Ikat ribbon pd botol tu....dan jadikan sbg barang hiasan rumah atau sobenier. Nanti Akak buat utk Sha.
But give me some times,ok. :)

farah aminuddin said...

awh sweeet :)

nk send satu kt malaysia, tp takut tak sampai :( hehehehe

sya said...

suka lagu kapal terbang kertas tu.. :D

sepanjang baca entry ni, saya terbayang nak bagi kat husband saya, dan cakap i love u so much! hehehe

Kujie said...

selalu main kapal kertas ni....time sekolah rendah...buku bkn abis sbb di koyak2..hehehe

kak jie minat tanam buluh dpn halaman tp ada org ckp..ular suka kt perdu buluh..eee..ngeri la pula

hasni said...

kalu hasni lak,hasni ni send paper plane tu kat sis
dgn ucapan
slmt hari ry maaf zahir n batin
smoga sis berbhagia selalu n rjin2 la update entry
coz i love the way u write

ZARA 札拉 said...

paper planes reminds me to "Tentang Dia" . An Indonesian films~


[ o k e d ] said...

to ayan: sila berhenti mkn chewingum..

plane yg gua buat tu ade tulisan concorde kt atas die..hujung plane kasik tajam siket..bia land cantek..

kasi lipat betol2..kalo x tbarai..

imHepPie said...

nak anta kt fahrin ahmad dgn ucapan awk syg sy byk mana??ahaha buleh x??

Suzi said...

cantik kapal terbang kertas kat atas tu...warna warni...

anak2 akak suka main kapal terbang kertas...akak tak tahu sgt buat yg cangih2...selalu hubby akaklah melayan diaorg...

ashie023 said...

jahat sha..suh botakkan kepala...kekeke..ambe dolu2 x ske bebeno budak2 main paper plane lam kelas..rasa cam nak sepak2 je ..nyemakkan meja dan lantai je...pahtu cikgu masuk, semua kapal terbang kertas melayang ke dalam tong at least, kenangan tuh manis kan..

ashley said...

If the plane doesn't arrive why don't you write a note and send it in a bottle...
It might work..

Pocket said...

pocket akan tulih,
'oh oh, kenapa talipon tak angkat?'

but when all form of modern interaction seems fail, the basic paper n pen will definitely work its magic right?

so.. nak antar surat lah,
sila bagitau alamat sha :D

miera a.k.a merr said...

nak anta kt KPM...(kementrian pljrn mesia)

"sy syg awk smlm.hari ni.esok.selamanya."
aish..slh.itu untuk org len.

to KPM
"Sila kasihani 400 warga pendidikan yg gagal.terima rayuan mereka"

sI tEDI said...

hantar kepada sultan brunei.. : Sila bagi saya duit lebih untuk saya bina rumah kucing!! Pelissss!!"

manje said...

i'd send it to someone i care so much,explaning him my actions that i did and hoping that he's ok
sob sob sob
i want a paper plane!

kakpah said...

kecik2 dulu suka gak main paper plane. tapi tak tulis apa2. saja suka buat sampah hehe...

Anonymous said...

Same with me. Tak tulis ape pun kat papre plane. Tuju tuju kat abang kasik dia marah je.hehehe

hasni said...

komen2 kat sini semua lucu belaka
haha..gelak lagi

Cik Qemm said...

to pumpkin :)

with msg:
love ya!

he's not a romantic person so sometimes kena la aja die how to be one :P

messyremo said...


bole torai nih..
tapi kalu smpai kat org lain...

naye nih..hehe

et said...

uh..isi hati x smpi..bez jugak idea ni..bley apply lps nih..

kalu nk buat, d 1st plane for myself..saying : lepaskn je laa..lepaskn..bley?

Kak Long said...

Kadang2 student main kapal terbang kertas waktu exam. Memang nak kena tu!