Saturday, October 31, 2009

orkid's cafe: garfield's caramel apple

Caramel apple
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Caramel Apple. It is a beautiful dish in Cafe World - the game I'm playing in Facebook right now. That two hours of cooking is certainly worth it by the looks of nicely animated Caramel Apple. Nom...nom...nom...nom...

His name was Garfield. He was my crush when I was in form four. When I first saw him, he was eating nasi lemak while silently listening to his friends. He was wearing a apple green tag which identified him as a form five student. He looked at ease and calm. I liked that;)

Then, I tried to cover my infatuation by grinning to my friend, Masyetah. Masye noticed, because I was this type of a girl who rarely laughed and smiled in public. Those privilleges were given to my close friends and not the boys. Unless they were really close. The moment we reached the class, I was holding my breath to let excitement went to Masyetah;)

Since then, I made a point of checking 5A1. Luckily his class was just near the canteen itself. He was almost 2 metres tall, so it was easy to identify him. He used to have this GQ hair, all black and shiny. Besides, he has thick eyebrows with long chin. The parts I liked? The sleepy eyes and wicked grins. Just like Garfield.

My secret was kept beautifully by my close friends who couldn't understand the meaning of opposite attraction. They questioned about his height - because I was just over 150cm, his quietness - because I was noisy and his capability of answering language questions - he was superb in Math and Physics but he had to work hard just to get credit in English. I secretly checked his desk one day, and I saw a big question mark in his English book. Past tense of MAKE = MAKED. Yet, I still liked him. Hehe.

In August, The Scouts created an event called "Merdeka Surprise". It was just a special dedication to someone you like - you got to choose between flowers, chocolates, apples and soft toys.

I did not have any money. So, I chose Caramel Apple. It was just for RM1. I wrote:

To: Wan
Class: 5A1
All the best for your future undertakings and enjoy your life!

From: Iris
Class: 4X1.

Then I submitted the forms. The organisers were good, no one knew about it.

During recess, I checked whether Garfield received his Caramel Apple. He did and he was fascinated with it. I was happy until I heard this:

"Aku tak retilah cakap omputih. Ko leh cakap ngan aku tak apa benda dalam mesej ni?" He asked his friend.

"Wan, budak ni dak form 4 ek?" his friend asked.

"Agaknya. Aku tak tau siapa dia," he answered.

"Cari siapa dak form 4 pandai English," his friend suggested. I hid behind the pillar. Loor...someone who was not good in English certainly could send the message too. The message was too common!

"Boleh. Tapi nanti bila dia cakap omputih, satu apa tak paham, macam mana?" he said.

"Entah-entah Cina tak?" his friend said.

"Entah-entah India. Budak Melayu mana reti nak cakap omputih ni. Tengok aku," he said. Then he laughed at himself -the friend was making jokes of his English.

That was a tactical error on my part.
And he shouldn't think THAT WAY. Hey, there are lots of Malays who can speak in English, okay! (that was the only part I didn't like about him - his assumption)

Later on, when the school pasted the SPM results on the main board, I checked Garfield's result. He scored As for his Math, Add Math, Physics and Agama. He scored C6 for both Bahasa Melayu and English. At least a credit for both - I was relieved.

While I was looking at the results, I heard a voice behind my back,

"Good luck untuk SPM tahun ni."

Garfield was smiling behind me.

Errrrr...I got so nervous, I blushed to the roots of my hair. His smile has never been sweeter.

As sweet as Caramel Apple:)


* Thanks for commenting on my posting about Jack Bass. I'm thinking about sending him Caramel Apple because he is my latest crush! Uuuuhhh...still watching the clips of him...nom...nom...nom...nom...

If I ask you to send any Caramel Apple today, who do you want to send it to?


Cik Cookie said...

karemel apple
1st time dgr.
should try nih.
kn cr resepi.

imHepPie said...

camna ngn garfield skang nih..mesti besh kann tyme dia tegur tuh

~Kak AZZ~ said...

tak penah makan la caramel epal ni....salu mkn epal je hehehe....

mesti manis kan keramel tu.....akak tak suka manis2 sgt laa...

Arjuna Qaseh said...

nak bagi kat mak.
tapi dah sakit-sakit neh rasa nk makan bubur je.

Kujie said...

tak dpt caramel pn tak pe..

hujan2 ni...jadi Garfield je

membungkus dlm blanket

zaradgreat said...

kantoi ke?
Garfield dah tau ke sape yang hantar?

ashie023 said...

ahhaa..ske main game fesbuk..ambe malas dah nak main game kat sana...

oh..tanggapan budak melayu..oo..

hasni said...

caremel apple?
xpernah dgr
sedap ke ek?
nt nk cr la
kalu sy
sy akan bg kat org y sy syg sngt

Ara Amnan said...
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Ara Amnan said...

sweetnyer time bg adiah kt die tu ;)

Btw, we share a same height - 150cm!!!


leadleedeea said...

awwwww...sweet n plus u were blushing..hehe~! couldn't stop smiling while reading this u know..hehe~!!

so, where is he now? c'mon tell me..

mier@merr said...

eceh... sweet~

sy pnah mkn puding karamel kt dinner matrix dlu...
rasa cam panadol..uhuk...smpai sy da tamo mkn puding karamel... hee~

maw bg kt si dia yg disyg...wawawa...dia suke mnde2 manis ni...

Rynn said...

nak makannnnnn~~ nakk. nakkkkkkkk.

sI tEDI said...

di mana garfield itu sekarang?

lain kali letak resepi caramel tu sekali.. tak pos.. cuba try ko buat pos kat aku.. ekekekekke

aku selalu jadi org last yg komen :P

ZARA 札拉 said...


manakah si Garfield itu sekarang?

a kl citizen said...


bagi kat diri sendiri sebab tak pernah rasa karamel apple nih...

akak pun 'terpikat' lah pulak kat garfield tu...gaya macam budak baik je

Anonymous said...

mcm tgh baca novel cinta
terasyik aku sorang2

Samaira said...

ala besh kan time2 sekolah dulu
dgn secret2 admire kite kui3

daisuketsuchie said...

sape nak...?sy ngah baek hati belanja korang semua...yeay~~~~

Adila said...

kyaaa!! so cute~
what happen to him now?

if i were to send caramel apple.. that'd be to my new crush *cough* haha

Merissa K. said...

alaaaahai. comel betul.

ehem ehem, liverpool kalah itu hari dengan arsenal. ehem ehem. hehe

YatT'S said...

which one ur garfield..
dulu aku suka gak gosip2 ngan ko..
hhaha cam besh je kan school time dulu..