Monday, October 12, 2009

sha: they are like octopus!

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***THE SONG***

Halil Chik's macho voice boomed my eardrums:
Lenggang lengggok Mak Limah jalan berlenggang

Then the soft and feminine makcik-like kind of voice from the backing singers:
Hai lenggang saaaaaayangggg...

Halil Chick hit the note againwith his macho voice:
Sungguh lawa Mak Limah pandai menghias diri
Sayang sedikit Mak Limah tak ada gigi

The backing singers followed the note with a softer:
Mak Limah saaaaaaayanngg...

Last fortnight, I was excited to watch Project Runway marathon. So, I prepared the mee kari ingredient in front of the tv - peeling off onion, garlic and ginger skin, cutting meat balls and tofu, cutting the dried chillies...etc:)

Fortunately, I didn't bring the whole chicken in front of the TV too. I was tempted but I couldn't. Otherwise, Puan Zakiah's voice will be heard across Seremban:P

But, Project Runway was her favourite show! She was the one who taught me to watch Project Runway. And I have to admit, her taste was not that bad. In the end, we became fashion critics, and without realising what we were doing, we were actually undergoing a Gilmore Girls kind of activity which eventually made us know each other better. Just like Lorelai and Rory:)

I realised quite number of things when I was watching Project Runway:

1. The designers loved to talk behind each other's back.
2. Their favourite activity was "kissing the air" while knocking their cheeks together (laga-laga pipi!)
3. Female designers knew how to dress and made themselves looked noticable. However, there were times when they didn't know how to dress another woman:)
4. Male designers, however, looked awkward, weird and sometimes unappealing with the choice of colours and design. They were excellent in dressing up the models but not themselves.
5. Male designers sounds like the backing singers instead of Halil Chik.

Mak Limah saaaaaaaaaaayaaaannggg....

Ayah was so engrossed with Farmville and normally he won't bother what was happening around him while he was playing the game. But that day:

"Cerita apa kau tengok ni?" he asked.

"Project Runway." I answered.

"Lelaki cakap tangan mengibas-ngibas! Apo orang eeehhh ni?" I knew he disapproved.

"Diorang ni designers, biasalah..." I told my dad.

My dad grumbled while he continued plowing and planting grapes.

During the commercial break, I changed the channel.

It was Halil Chik again.

"Halil Chik nieh dah tuoooo..." ibu said.

"Tapi tengoklah ni aaa...sogho pon elok laie," ayah objected.

"Dah takdo macam dulu dah, yah," ibu counterback her opinion.

"Eloklah kok macam tu bila dah tua. Dari yang tadi mongibeh sano...mongibeh sini. Apo ghoman eehh kalo dah tuo (apa rupanya kalau dah tua?)"
my dad asked us.

Mak Limah saaaaaayaaannggg...

We laughed.

I don't know whether this is the culture. Is it a requirement for...

Male designers to wrap striking colour shawls around their neck and wave their hands like octopus with its tentacles when they are talking.

Is it necessary for them to to have pouty lips as well?

I watched Nona too this raya. There was one fat male designer with Malay skin who acted the same way like these Project Runway designers. He was wrapping the shawl around his neck as well,pouty lips and he certainly act like an octopus (or sotong getah..hehehe) He looked ridiculous:(

Mak Limah saaaaayaaanggg...

So, my question will be:

Does your occupation influence you?
  • if you're a male florist, you must wear flowery stuff?
  • if you're a female army, you must act like a man?
  • if you're a teacher, you teach everyone including the teaching the traffic police on how to give a summon? (I know the teachers are superhuman most of the time, but there's always be things that we don't know and we must leave it to the expert!)
  • if you're an Senior HR executive, you can't be too friendly with people and you judge them based on their personal profile? (check whether they have two wives because this is the chance for you to discriminate them unnecessarily - just because someone in your family does the same thing)
  • if you're a mamat kilang, you must modified your car? (because you have extra overtime payment you tend to show it off and nobody will know that you're married if you're doing so)
  • if you're an engineering student, you'll say other courses are easy because you're the one whose learning Physics and others don't? (thinking that law, medicine and business students just read and they don't calculate)
What is your perception?

Do you have to be typical?

Do you have to be discriminative?

To those grape farmers,
- do you have to nod everytime people are criticizing you because you're jobless?

Mak Limaaaahh saaaaayaaanggg...


Ayu said...

huehuehue... FV addict ur ayah eekk..

ermm... tang teacher tu .. teacher ni sumer mende leh jadik..

teacher=could be sotong to..
teacher=mcm2 ada..

sI tEDI said...

jadi diri sendiri...

cik intan (◡‿◡✿) said...

.love 2 b a teacher! ;)

Pocket said...

well well well sis,
u have shoot me right on my interest button and i am now 'switched on'

the thing is sis, it is not u choose to do so, if those guys (Who was the designer in projectrunway) would become guard in some kilang kelapa sawit, i betcha they would be a pinch of indian accent in their english and they'll loose the octopus hand.
cause the job require them to do so,
cause the job require them to be so,

i was once a customer related PIC.
I nod so much, give away, and kept on saying 'sorry.. my apologies.. i'll see what i can do' in my line of job,

till i say sorry to the waiter who accidentally sent a wrong food dat i didnt ordered.

but now i'm a supplier related PIC.
Now i'm the customer. now its
'apa sorry sorry, hari ni!! besok mai pukui tujuh mail hampa tak masuk lagi, aku gerak MD hampa mangkit tidoq'
'do not see what u can do,
go and do it!!'

not that i like doing it, but if i dont.. it'll be my job on the line and Mr Big wont be that happy.

The waiter? she'll be picking up the wrong food on the floor while i continue my story with KT like notting happened.
(I wish.. i wish.. but i'm not dat cruel yet)

HR personnel can not be too close wit the operator? According to my HR, that is not a rule, but a simple personal opinion of the HD

since u've been a barista once,
and your job consist on cleaning the table, any improvement on your method of cleaning even in the house?

ashie023 said...

i love the song...
ahahaha..x tau nak komen ape..kekeke

Ili Saharudin said...

sy suke pakai ape yg sy suke.walaupun sy tahu sy x leh pakai jeans pergi balik lewat malam tau..hehehe

Arjuna Qaseh said...

comel sungguh sotong itu!

miera a.k.a merr said...

i do agree wif pocket..~

tp kdg2 bkn persekitaran or keje yg wat dorg jd gitu.. sbb dorg da cmtu so minat dorg lbey utk bkeje dalam bidang tu.... brape byk tu daaaaa.....

Ries Lee said...

terhibur bace tulisan ni...
tak tau nak komen ape...

p/s : game FB manyak bahaya ooo..boleh addict maa...huhu

Anonymous said...

Cube-cube membayangkan irama lagu tue.. cemano pon tak tau.heheh

~Kak AZZ~ said...

haha....mak limah sayaaaanggg.....

grape farmers......ekekekekeke....gelak je laa....sukati la org nk ckp apapun...yang penting senyum sokmolah....haha...

Lan Bingka said...

waa..ayah sha pun main farmville eh..hehe

iza~de~bintang said...

Hurm teringat tulisan Faisal dalam novel Manikam Kalbu... lebih kurang maksud dia - hari dunia busana menjadi celaru kerana kecelaruan si tukang jahit/juru fesyen/designer. Sedangkan tugas membuat pakaian itu tugas mulia apatah lagi RAsullullah sendiri menjahit, sahabat2 baginda menjahit, wali2 menjahit.

Lobih kurang camtu lah Sha, nak tahu detail kena baco lah novel Manikam Kalbu, bagus cerito dia :)

... kalau keja minah kilang sinonim dengan apo yo ..urm hehehe

Tie said...

Alaa Sha.... kak tie memang minat Halil Chik. Suara dia best..!! Dah lama tak dengar lagu dia.. Dan lagu Mak limah tu memang antara favourite kak tie, hehe..

Tentang sotong tu, hmmm... mereka ni dah memang asalnya gitu (atau terikut2, entahlah). Jadi mereka choose kerja yang cantik2 dan lembut laa... Tapi, bagi kak tie, lebih elok mereka jadi designer atau makeup artist dari dok buat maksiat. Sabor aje laa...

ZARA 札拉 said...

...I'm jobless anyway~




Sedang pantang~

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

hahahaha.. tak jugak lah kak sha. sometime male designer ada je yang gagah perkasa. not being influenced at all with the environment. but it's depends on the which design industries itself.

in fashion design, memang most of them jadi lembut2. sebab nak lembut selembut kain kot.

in interior design, depends on themselves. ada yg lembut n ada yg gagah perkasa.

in product design, most of them are gagah perkasa lah. susah nak influenced with the lembuts2 nih. maybe sebab product design nih cam lasak2 skit sebab worked with machinery. tak sama with fashion yg mengunting2 kain.

en_me said...

kalo buat sotong goreng tepong memang sodappp wehhh.. ehehe

Princess Liyana said...

huhu comel je ayah kak sha..heee siap main farmville tu..ahaks :D

Erm maybe it depends on the nature of work kot kak..heee cuba bayangkan kalau engineer lembut siap kipas2 gitu?errr cam tak seswai je kak..heeee

♠ y.a.n.i.e putrajaya ♠ said...

sotong tu masak sambal....cedapppppppp


cookie devine said...

1st of all, i'm hungry when u said
"sotong".Tako tao at JJ.Yummm..yummm..

Betul apa yg sis ckp.Mcm CC kj ngn staff nurse.Male staff nurse.1 2month still keras cam balak.after that lembik mcm sotong.tangan pun semacam.suara dah terkepit.muka lak mcm kayu kena sagat.alahaiii...

[ o k e d ] said...

haha..what about investment student?blaja law..blaja bisnes..blaja economy..blaja marketing..blaja math..blaja statistik..blaja othr languages..blaja pasal investment yg mrangkumi segala aspek public deposit..shares blalalala..

semua pon blaja mcm2 kan..cume takde sape bole challenge kehebatan bertalifon investmnt commitee ni..

anyway..ade skali tu yg designer die bertatoo seluruh badan..that guy amat cool..

cerita sutun lagi sutun kan

nURmALa mAZLan said...

ayah sha main farmville
meh suh dia jadi jiran kita meh

Na Shari said...

Akak dengan hubby memang penonton setia Project Runway...

Betul la sha...Most of them suka cakap2 belakang...Kat depan, pijak semut pun tak mati. Terutama sekali contestant lelaki...Yang tangan kibas ala2 tu... :)

Tapi lelaki jugak yang selalu menang...

Anonymous said...


kte mmg de kimia la sha...
aku wat entry sotong gaks...hahahhahha

pepun, jd dr sndrik tu yg pling pnting

pedulikn pe org nk kata

ade aku pedulik????

pepun, i'm a student of law....aahhahhahah

farah aminuddin said...

not only in PR, people in other reality tv also loved to talk behind each other's back. they are sooo drama -_-'