Wednesday, November 04, 2009

orkid's cafe: awan dania's sambal belacan

Originally uploaded by aishah razak
This posting is specially dedicated to ALL BLOGGERS:)

Orkid's Cafe is granting our "customers" request! Do you remember my posting on the 1st of November? I asked you to recommend some menu as the posting in my blog under the tag of Orkid's Cafe. Guess what? I'm starting today and hopefully will try to finish within the month of November itself:)

Most popular menu requested: Sambal Belacan

Requested by:

LiNda said...
ekekeke...i loikkee sambal belachan !

cheqna said...
sambal belachan..nasi panas2 lawan ngan kuah ikan singgang perghhhh...lalalalalalapo la plop

Arjuna Qaseh said...
i like sambal belacan..ermm..aiyak laksa satu! u make me feeel really starving..rasa cam nak bawak chef je tolong masakkan..

Cheqna and Miss Arjuna, I'm so sorry I'm not posting you request all at the same time. I'll try to find ideas about nasi panas and ikan singgang later, okay?!

In Orkid's Cafe, the name of our sambal belacan is Awan Dania's Sambal Belacan. Why Awan Dania? I want to share about that with you in this posting. I hope you'll continue reading this. It's a bit long. Sorry!:)

My story: Did I have a crush on someone?
If you have read my blog for quite sometime, you will realise that I haven't been blogging that much early this year. I didn't visit other blogs or made any comment. In other words, my blogging world was dormant.

It might be the commitment and time factor which caused me to disregard my blogging world. However, I had also mentioned in my posting - cheryna love story that I have been criticised by my former employer about my blog. (click here to read about the conversation with my former boss)

My blog had always been personal; I rarely put my own personal picture or my family's. Ever since I associated my blog with flickr, I was more interested into finding beautiful pictures in flickr for each of my posting. Similar to most bloggers, this blog used to be my personal diary but I had never ever talked about where I worked and what was my position. That remained secret. The content of my diary prohibited names at work. Everything was discreet.

My boss didn't know about my blog. But someone told him.

So, when my boss called me and asked me whether I had a crush with one of my staff, I felt like kicking someone's big fat butt. Consequently, my boss was unhappy with someone's complain about my blog (though I posted my postings from home). I have been accused as being unprofessional - he said somebody in my position should not have those kind of feelings to the staff. My reputation (at least from my boss' point of view) - has been ruined to maximum. I knew who did that - the person even forwarded her skype messages to my boss ABOUT ME. The messages contained her conversation and her friends' gossip about my affairs at work. Apparently, my boss disregard the fact that the person spent her quality time at work skyping than doing her work and was more concerned about my so-called affairs.

Honestly, there was no affair nor crush.
Fellow bloggers who have been reading this blog knew I was enamored with a man whom I called Sepet who was also my ex-boyfriend. He was working somewhere else.The accusation was about another man.
Well, Sha was not a casanova, baby.;)

Since then, my personal life has been put through a microscope. There was a time when I walked with meeting minutes in my hand in front of my boss. While walking, I dicussed those minutes with one of the staff who was co-incidentally a male staff. My boss then asked this gossip-pretend-to-be-a-girl 39 years old lady about the guy who was walking with me. Then my boss called me. I guess I don't have to tell you the rest of what happened after that.

It was abnormal if I went home straight at 5.30pm; but the moment I did it, my boss called me and asked me why. He even interrupted my personal life. The lady became his right hand in obtaining more intresting stories. How very convinient, don't you think?

I even received unfavorable comments in my blog with my full name in it - there were from anonymous.

Well, that was part of my story. The good news is I have left that multi-national company with a shallow-minded staff like that lady;)

Gadis Jingga: A blogger at work
Astro Ria was showing Awan Dania's repeat episode yesterday evening. In that episode, there was a story of a blogger called Gadis Jingga. Gadis Jingga was working with the airline company and as a blogger, her main topic was about the company's surroundings. That includes the latest people, events etc.

There was a scene when Gadis Jingga smiled at her laptop while she enjoyed Mr Potato's crispiness. She typed something like,
"Remy is a future ex-bf" or "Remy Si Pilot Kasanova" in Unfortunately, her boss got to know about while she was eating. Then, she started to check on the blog. Later on, Miss Safura - Gadis Jingga's boss found a posting called - "Cik Safura control handsome". That was when Miss Safura started to check the IP. At the end of the episode, Gadis Jingga was fired.

Are you Gadis Jingga?
Recently, I've been bloghopping a lot and I've seen lots Gadis Jingga. Blogger pasted pictures of company's events, office mates, bosses, and affairs in their blogs. Several are talking about dissatisfaction towards their co-workers and employers. Some are celebrating promotion, bonus, and praises. There are high percentages of bloggers who are using the office equipment - for example PC, laptops, and camera. Some talk about politics even though you knew for a fact that you have signed the contract with government:)

"Cakap siang pandang-pandang. Cakap malam dengar-dengar."

Well, that's your call. That's your decision. That's your privacy. That's your blog.
A blog is like a canvas - what might be beautiful to you might be ugly to others.
They might want to paint everything black.
If you want that to happen, so be it.
I was not Gadis Jingga - I was not that exposed yet someone did nasty things to me;(

Orkid's Cafe is serving Awan Dania's Sambal Belacan.

"Siapa makan cili, dia yang rasa pedas."

Gossip Lady, are you reading this?
I bet you wouldn't want me to write about your husband's feet or your maids?
I'm not like you.


---Mrs Jack Bass wannabe---


cik intan (◡‿◡✿) said...

.kecur air liur
.sedapnye smbal belacan
.reti makan, x reti buat
.mama g krsus pulak
.huwaaaaaa! T___T

MrMrsFaiz said...

Last time makan sambal belachan adalah 2-3 months ago. Belachan habis. :)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

betul lah kak sha.. amy selalu jugak cerita perihal kerja dalam blog. but, tak pernah type nama penuh company amy kat blog. risau if diorang google, they will find it. buat waktu ni, tak dek sapa pun yang tahu amy ada blog..

pada amy, kawan-kawan ofis remain as kawan ofis. tak perlu nak bercerita hal blog and what so ever to them. cerita hal-hal kerja sahaja...

since baca pengalaman kak sha, buat amy jadi cuak pulak. i'll be more careful about those thing yang boleh menjatuhkan kita.

speckurosaklagi said...

i can feel u sis...

hasni said...

adakah hasni telalu exposed diri sndr dlm blog??
kena lbh berhati2 lpas ni kan

azzaliena suziantie said...

nyummy nyummmy
sori sis have to pvt my blog..
later i will on it back ;)

got problema..

bozzobattousai said...

bozzo tak leh makan sambal belacan nanti bersin teruk sgt...

Cik Qemm said...

uh-hu never tot bout this situation sebab qemmal pun belum melangkah ke alam pekerjaan lagi.

but perhaps sist bole advise me whether my blog ada unsur2 yg org boleh buat jahat tak?

qemmal nak suggest menu :
ulam dan budu!


Tie said...

Adoi... memang rasa teruk bila ada orang buat cerita buruk tentang kita pada boss.. lebih2 lagi kaitkan dengan blog dan staff pulak!

Kalau kak tie memang terus bungkus dan tak sanggup terima. Biarpun kita tak bersalah, namun untuk menghadapi muka2 pendengki dan mulut lembik tu sungguh menyakitkan hati.

Sha, memang banyak sangat pahit manis untuk kita lalui sebelum sampai ke penghujung jalan. Dugaan itu pahit bila dalam present tense, tapi menjadi manis ketika dalam past tense.. eeerrr.. paham ke tidak bebelan mokcik ni, Sha ooii...

Sorry Sha, kak tie ni memang dapat D dalam karangan, BM mahupun Eng. Sabor je laa...ekekeke.....

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

My Dear Sha,
Sambal belacan sangatlah sedap..
LOL suka makanan yg pedas2..

Takde sesiapa kat opis nie tau LOL ader blog.
xtau lah kalau dorang tau jugak.

Great day Sha!


farah said...

saya tak makan sambal belacan.



thanks sis,
atas ingatan ini.

iza~de~bintang said...

Huhu termasuk Gadis Separuh Jingga kot.Sebab tak terlalu detail cerita pasal kerja dan aktiviti yang Iza buat. Kalau cerita pun secara umum jer dan tak ada masukkan nama orang terbabit. Tapi part upload gambar tak dapek nak nolong, suka sangat letak gambar uhuhu.

Alamak nak kena cari sambal belacan ni. Terliur pulak tengok gambo tu..lunch time dah ni..jom makan ;)

~LP Lum~ said...

huhuhu... lucky me keje ngan parents.. :)
xde opiz mate yg bz2 body nak komplen kat parents sy yg sy ada blog.. blog yg meluahkn apa yg rsa xdpt nak luahkn secara zahiriah.. :)

mmg ar kekdg dlm blog sy 2 ada ar ngutuk2 sum1 but xgna nma sebenar.. n bak kta kak sha "SAPE MKN CILI DIA AR YG RASA PEDASNYA" :)

nak suggest menu gak :
smbal tempoyak daun kayu..
perghh mmg trangkat... :p

mier@merr said...

kali terakhir makan samal belacan adalah semalam... ekeke..

sedap..sedap.. i loikeee...~

dotblogspotdotkom said...

dunia blog pakcik sungguh berbeza dgn realiti....

dalam blog.. pakcik blh jadi macam².. engineer.. despatch.. pengerusi PIBG sekolah TTDI...

rakan² pun x tau sgt pasal blog nih.. sbb mereka MASYUK dengan berkebun kat muka buku...

ada antara blogger nih yang pakcik kenal... kenal RUPA.. tau dimana mereka kerja... adakah student @ staff.. tapi seme tu cukup sekadar pengetahuan sendiri dan tak bagitau orang lain.. KONON MACAM ETIKA BERBLOG la...

yg jadi masalah nye ialah.. org yang langsung tak tau apa itu blog dan tak tau berblog... so mereka buat² la cerita buruk ttg kita...

biasa le... org x senang tgk kita happy....

huhuhuhu jom layan sambal udang petai + belacan... hulaweyyy besnyeeeeee

en_me said...

sodapnyerr sambal belacan tewww.. ehehe, salamm

ashie023 said...

aduh..sambal belacan, kalu makang ngan ikang singgang..perghh sodap nye....ehhe..

ank sedara ambe duk suh ambe buka blog Gadis Jingga..ader wujud ke blog nih..aduh pengaruh awan dania sungguh..

tapi betullah..kalu nak berblog pong..x kisahlah nok royat gapo pun, tp kene jago jugok hok sekeliling kite ni..lainlah kite buat private ..kalu dok , adolah hok sibukkkkk je pasal belog kite..x kuasaaaa..

~Kak AZZ~ said...

dah lama tak makan belacan sejak peristiwa ittew....hehe...

susah la nak cakap psl blog ni kan...kalau buat cerita yang tak betul...dah mcm skrip drama pulak....bila buat kisah benar, dah macam buka pekung di dada lak...Pada akak la kan, blog ni samada sekadar utk lepaskan apa yang terbuku di hati ataupun untuk berkongsi pengalaman...Apa yang penting, sebagai pembaca kita jangan la cepat menilai tuan punya blog tu melalui apa yang dipaparkan...Kalau kita fikir buruk, maka buruk la ia...dan kalau kita fikir baik, maka baik la ia...

*adik beradik akak tau akak ada blog tp akak tak bg url blog akak kt dorang pun...Nasib la kalau dorang terjumpa nnt...haha...

Ara Amnan said...

Yeah u r right. Bkn suma benda yg patot di share. Kdg2 ara pn takot gk sbb berlambak2 gmbr my frens, family. Tp klu gmbr car, mst padam num plat. Hoh, tatot maa~!

kuina said...

dlm berblogging kena ada zon selamat & sisi kelabu.. tak leh la tonjolkan semuanya...

sambal tu buat sy terliur la...

julietchun said...

makan sambal belcan ngan ulam, ikan goreng, 2 pinggan nasi sekali jalan je :D

nak berblog pun kena hati2 ye,susah gak ni.

Samaira said...

baru pg td tgk awn dania
psl gadis jingga tu
aiseyy sgt takut
org terer IT ni mcm2 di bley buat kan huhu

ashley said...


I give another title " Siapa makan nangka, dialah yan kna getahnya"

he he he..

thanks god,I use my own personal netbook so I don't have to taste the fiery hot sambal belacan.

Dee said...

sha..ur ex-bos sama je cam that lady..busybody..hahaha..

sbb tu lah..dee pun x tulis nama company sebenar..n in fact..someone baru2 ni google my real name..and found my blog..what to do? buat donno jelah..

so far..opismate yg tau dee ada blog sorang je..staff johor..the only lady at johor office..same as me..the only lady kt kl keje ngan guys2 ni..ok sketlah..xde gossiping ni..hihi..

sambal belacan is a must menu okey..tadaa..

Anonymous said...

kak sha>>>

huhu...kalao kite, kite tak expose pon psl blog...huhu

anything about me pon tak...huhu

bahaya gak kalo boss tau...heheh

pepun, sbr je kak..
adeii org yg bgtau tu mmmg hampeh tk respect privasi org..huhuu

ps..trliur ok tgk sambal tu...wallaweihhhhhhh

Erna said...

salam sha..satu yang kita kena ingat..manusia...kalau dah namanya manusia..memang ade macam2 perangai..acik ni dah macam2 rase..sabar paling perlu..kalau sakit hati..menangis untuk lepaskanya...mungkin bila dah menulis disini sha akan rase lega kan...alhamdulillah kalau gitu..

LiNda said...

Sha sayang...

Yup ! Sambal Belachan memang sedap. Bertambah 'sedap' jika dihidangkan kepada sesorang yang tahu menikmatinya.

Jika 'orang' itu terlalu berlebih-lebih..., awak tambahkan lagi cili and tambahkan lagi asam limau !
biar dia tahu..

sabar yea..

a kl citizen said...

assalammualaikum sha..

you are right , sha. what we write in our blog will eventually come back to us..

so hati2 menulis..
walaupun akak tulis nama sekolah akak, dan satu sekolah dah tau akak ada blog, tapi kandungan blog bertapis...

so, tak de mengutuk orang, cuma memuji kalau memang layak dipuji...kalau tak layak, tak payah tulis apa2...

Ayu said...

kenkadang kita nk privacy pun x leyh kan sha.. susah nya nk puaskan ati org.. me berblog sebenarnya just nk citer secara sendiri2 pasal rutin harian.. then nk luahkan apa yg terbuku dlm hati dimana kalau kita luahkan kat orang lain.. maybe org2 tu x paham n tersalah tafsir.. n xder sapa nk kongsi my story.. so dgn blog la me banyak bercerita..
sapa nk baca . baca la.. but ada juga pengkomen yg prasan bagus prasan lembut prasan sopan santun x suka ngan my cara dlm penulisan blog.. its ok la.. so far i suka ur entry.. most of it and of course all of it..

sya said...

blog saya memang cerita semua.. tinggal lagi tak letak tempat kerja kat mana je.. tapi, ramai yang memang kenal..

sebab tu juga, kadang2 berfikir panjang bila nak publish satu2 entry. bimbang ada yang terbaca dan mereport2 ke, atau orang tu terbaca sendiri ke... huhu

sI tEDI said...

x de sapa tahu aku ada blog.. :)

TQ sha pasal gadis jingga tu. tgk awan dania pastu terlepas scene tu.. nampak cik safura menangis jek.. he he he

Pocket said...

since u're making sambal, make sure its an extra spicy one:)

yes, there is a lot of gadis jingga all over the blogging world nowadays, somehow all of them is still safe and sound. i bet some of them even kantul just the same as u did, those who kantul.. please stand up.

hell! pocket can also be a 'gadis jingga' for that matter, a lady from the office is reading 'tomypocket' and that lady is MrBig's right hand.
I can always kantul. but well i'm taking my chances.
harapnya she dont go on n tell people bout tomypocket.

so sha...
yes your sambal is nice and spicy enough :D heheh

Noorlaila Mohamed Nor said...

ramai suka sambal belacan kan?
tak lengkap kalau takdak sambal belacan :)

♥miszluna™ said...

sedap nye sambal belacan..

faveret tuh!

ala x tgk la awan dania..

betul tuh..
sometimes kite must keep sume tu as secret..
mcm nama sbnr..
mmg jgn la bubuh klu leh..
org google sng je jumpe..
tetmbh klu boss yg google..
kantoi dgn boss mmg naya..

that lady mst tersedak2 baca entry kakak ni..

sedap nye klu skrg ni dapat makan ikang bakar dengan air asam..

Adila said...

...lapar la!!!

for me, i try not to rant too much on my blog anymore (or on facebook haha) because.. well, it won't be good in the future

let say i kutuk org kaw2 then 5 yrs later i nak mintak kerja..
obviously they'll search about me on the internet first
might kantoi

so the best thing is.. keep things within ourselves unless it's something.. normal, nothing that could embarrass or humiliate anyone :)

thus, that means, if me la kan, i won't publish my blog entry if time i tulis tu i tgh bengang or super emo :P

i'll still write, but always delete it in the end - now.. think about the content not being completely removed.. erkk!! T_T

Sasha said...

napelah org suka nak sibuk2 hal org lain... ambik tau n care pasal diri sendiri/family sendiri sudahlah... Bagus Sha... jgn jd mcm Gadis Jingga... dia sbnrnya jeles ngan pencapaian Sha n also ur life...

aishah_conteng_je said...

sungguh bahaya

whatever happened to kebebasan bersuara?

suka dania

kak sha,
aishah citer kat abg ijan pasal entry blog akak

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