Thursday, November 26, 2009

orkid's cafe: chick digs scars

Dear friends,

I am still trying to find the strength to write new stories. I'm sorry for not being able to tell you who said what to me, but all I want to say is that everything has been said verbally and not from a blogger. This is from someone who is close to me. So, this is not about jealosy.

Thank you very much for your concern and I'm reading your comments carefully though I'm not ready yet to spoil anyone's blog with my comments since I'm still very moody. Today, I'm going to be the silent reader first.

This posting is one of the postings for Orkid's Cafe and I have kept this posting for a month; hoping that I will find a space for it. Since I don't have anything to present to you guys at this moment, I would like to tell you this true story today. I hope you don't mind, it's a bit lengthy.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.
Enjoy your day.



The material to make a white school scarf had one main weakness - it was very difficult to wash. I got some tips from other girls to apply talcum powder before washing it with water and soap. It worked. But it was painstakingly slow.

We had our PREP class at 3.00pm and at least two tudungs. If it was a rainy season, we had to maintain the cleanliness of one tudung we wore from 7.30pm until the end of the afternoon PREP class which was around 5.00pm.

* Tips: If your daughter is staying in the hostel, get her at least three tudungs, please.

No drips of curry allowed. Otherwise we had to wear a curry stained tudung.

There was a girl called Tasha in my batch. She was extraordinary and she was originated from Kuala Lumpur. She played sports,excelled in Math and she was an English debater. These were something which rarely accomplished by a lower form student in a boarding school.

She had her first boyfriend when she was still in form one. Her boyfriend was a senior in form three. They broke up when she was in form two. So, Tasha was a bit matured about all these things. After she broke up with that senior, she became very confident. No more boyfriend. That was what I respect about her.

I have to also mention that she was beautiful - her skin was flawless white and pinkish, her lips similar to pink tulips bud and there always a laughter in that small eyes. In my opinion, the girls were jealous of her and the boys were taking her as a challenge. Yes, she had weaknesses too. I admit that. As usual, the girls would use that as advantages while the boy would use that as a bait. We led a very typical lifestyle in the hostel, don't you think?

One day, we had chicken curry for our lunch. Tasha sat silently with us in the dining hall. Most girls purposedly sat timidly at other places when she was around, causing her to sit to the nearest place to the boys. Therefore, we had to sit with Tasha at that place all the time because Tasha was our friend.

But we preferred to be around Tasha. At least she was not looking around to check on cute guys like the other girls who pretended they were "timid". She had a boyfriend because the boy liked her, not because she was looking for the boy. I admired her courage. She did not feel a thing if she was sitting near the boys. No infatuation whatsoever.

While we enjoyed that luxurious chicken curry, something flew out of nowhere and landed on Tasha's face near her temple. For all we knew, she was gasping and wincing. We didn't check what the object was.

"Tasha! Kau okay ke?" We stopped eating.

"Takpe...takpe. Aku okay," Tasha said while wiping her face with the baju kurung's cuffs. It smeared with curry. Her one and only available tudung looked horrible.

I turned my back and saw a group of boys laughing at her. They thought it was funny.

One of us checked the object which has been thrown to Tasha. It was chicken drumstick - the flesh has been eaten, the bone has been thrown. I believed the person dipped the bone into curry before throwing it to her.

We stopped eating and helped Tasha carried her tray. The moment she left her place, a group of around twenty boys booed her.

"Booooooooooooooo....boooooooooo...hahahahahaahhaa..." they booed her and they laughed.

Tasha didn't cry. She looked straight and left.

The other girls who hated her laughed too. How mean. How cruel. How utterly stupid! You laughed at another girl because of the boys stupidity? Betrayers!

When we reached the hostel, we wiped off the curry and checked her temple. It was bruised.

"Cakap kat warden. Jom?" one of my friends suggested.

"Takpelah. Biarkan diorang," Tasha said.

She insisted on not doing anything. That was the first time. There were times when it was not a chicken bone (regardless whether it was curry, masak kicap, masak merah, gulai, soup...); they even threw water melon hard skin, the tasteless guava, and fish bones too.

The boys might get straight As in UPSR or PMR before Education Ministry offered them the spot in that so called prestigous school. Yet, they got no brain. That was my conclusion. Good luck to their wives.

Tasha was one of the many girls who has been the object of amusement for the boys. We didn't complain. The girls would never win against our ustazah. She blamed us for the boys' mischievous actions. She said we were the one who asked for it. Really?

Tasha didn't do anything. My senior, who was the most silent girl in the school didn't do anything either. The junior who couldn't stopped reciting Al-Quran (Alhamdulillah, I hope this still continues), did not asked for it too! But the boys won in that throwing party.


Thanks ustazah. You were very fair.


"Betul kau taknak bagi number kau?" he asked me.

"Tak," I replied.

"Kenapa? Aku suka kau dari sekolah lagi," he confessed.

"Kenapa tak cakap?" I demanded an answer.

"Sebab kita sekolah lagi. Kau pun macam tak nak berboyfriend," he said.

"Sekarang apa bezanya?"

"Sekarang kita dah habis sekolah. Dah lain," he smiled.

He was one of the most handsome guy in my class. Yet, he was insolent. Rude!!! While I was eating at the college's cafetaria, he came and sat in front of me and chaste my room mate away from the table. He said, it was between him and me ONLY. I pitied my room mate. She just walked off the moment my ex-schoolmate said that to her.

Was that a proper way of approaching a girl?

"Aku rasa, bila-bila kau jumpa aku pun kau boleh tegur. Kan dah sama uni. Tak perlulah bagi nombor," I said firmly.

"Tapi aku dekat tempat engineering, kau dekat tempat business...mana sama?" He was very reluctant to accept things.

"Kita satu sekolah kan. Kita kawan. Okay?" He looked dissatisfied.

"Kau ingat tak masa sekolah? Budak lelaki suka baling tulang ayam dalam dewan makan?" I asked him.

"Ingat. Kenapa?"

"Kenapa ye, diorang baling?" I asked.

"Saja...suka-suka. Lagipun ada separuh budak perempuan memang patut diajar macam tu, " he arrogantly said that.

"Kalau yang dibaling tu adik kau, kakak kau, mak kau...itu untuk mengajar jugaklah?"

"Apasal kau cakap macam tu pulak?"

"Taklah...aku cuma nak tengok, ada perubahan tak. Nampaknya tak," I told him.

"Tapi...aku memang suka kau, Sha."

"Aku lagi suka kalau kau respect aku," I smiled.

"Memang pun."

"Tapi...kau tak respect perempuan. So, kau tak respect aku," and I left.

"So, aku tak dapat number kau, tak dapat kawan dengan kau sebab kita satu sekolah?" he asked with unsatisfied face.

"Ya." My answer was simple.

He sat there until the the cafe lights went off. Someone told me.


I'm surfing my Facebook - there are lots of funny faces, pictures of babies, amazing status updates and replies.

"Tengok-tengok Facebook, tak pernah terfikir nak keluar dengan mana-mana budak sekolah dulu ke? Yang bujang?" Ibu teased me.

I simply replied, "Tak."

When I'm not saying much, ibu knows very well that it is best not to continue. I check my network to see whether Tasha's name is available. None. She is nowhere in scene. We have lost contact ever since she transferred into another boarding school (she was one of the luckiest person who managed to switch between Sekolah Berasrama Penuh).

I was not surprise. Some scars run deep.

Like Tasha's. Like mine.

Any scars, dear friends?


joegrimjow said...

hope tasha read this
n for sure she will smile like hell


sometimes guys didnt matured at his age
or just to pretend dun want be the matured one

try to attract girls by doing silly thing
i still can remember

not me
bcoz me to00 shy to do that


me love girl

Cik Qemm said...

eh,qemmal first ke ni?

hmm mase sekolah budak laki mmg pelik2. tapi so far qemmal tade dendam kesumat la.mungkin sebab qemmal bukan di kalangan org yg suke diusik mahupun org popular di sekolah.

mcm melampau je diorg baling tulang ayam kt pmpn. mane la respect diorg kt sesama manusia ni.

lg satu, tak suka ayt ..
"Saja...suka-suka. Lagipun ada separuh budak perempuan memang patut diajar macam tu, "

nway. please continue writing k kak sha :D

Cik Qemm said...

ala, bukan org pertama :(

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

That's must be hurt a bit~
But again, some scars are from deep wound~

~Kak AZZ~ said...

very the kurang ajar budak lelaki tu kannn....Kalau dia buat cmtu kt anak sedara akak, konpem dah kena sepak dia punya tutttt......sbb anak sdara akak yg pompuan sorang ni mmg agak ganas sedikit, berbanding dgn makcik dia yang ganas2 kucing je.....euuwwwww.....hehe...

btw, akak baru je dapat new scars kat peha...kena cako dgn anak2 kucing yg kelaparan di musim hujan ni...huhuhu...

*insyaallah, ada jodoh pertemuan nnt dpt la Sha jumpa dgn Tasha balik semula....

iza~de~bintang said...

Aduhai berapa kali refresh ni...huhu.

Cuma nak cakap - rasa happy sangat bila Sha "visit" Iza kat kampung ni :) dan lihat ada update malam ni, walaupun kisahnya mengenang luka lalu.

sI tEDI said...

kalau aku kena baling.. aku baling balik.. tapi bukan dengan tulang ayam.. dengan kerusi...
la la la la..

tinggal parut.. tapi sesekali denyut sakitnya masih terasa..


Kak Long said...

Dah banyak hari cuti daripada merempit kat blog Sha, dan membaca entri sebelum ini,
hanya nak beritahu,
Cerita Sha tetap menarik walaupun bukan dalam channel 'menulis entri-entri baru'.
Selamat Hari Raya aidil Adha to you too...

izan said...


huiiiiih.... lauk punya sedap tu... rugi moody-moody ni...

selagi k zan boleh tersenyum melihat tulisan orang sekalipun kritikan.... tidak sedikit memberi kesan .... sebab ini bukan boleh memberi award yang nyata dan boleh merubah kehidupan... sekadar tulisan lukisan jiwa..

semoga bergembira......

~LP Lum~ said...

sy pun mcm tedi gak, kna bling n ptut d balas balik.. :)

sbbnya dorg nie kureng ajar so, kna ar ajar dorg mcm mna nak hormat org lain.. :)

ashie023 said...

oh itu budak sungguh kurang asam..lempar tulang ayam ..aishhh....*sising lengan the minute..kalu aku di tempat tasha tu, ape aku akan buat erm...??/*mmmm...

ah..sha..seb bek x berhenti...kang den xdo geng plak nak nyembang2 pasal jack bass..

ank sedara dier, chuck bass pong cute jugak..alalalla...*drools..

mier@merr said...

melampau la tu bling tulang ayam segala...haishhh....

elok pn camtu..x bg no.fon...
tak berubah perangai....huh~

messyremo said...


payah nk cari sabar cmtu..
klu aku,dh lama hangin satu badan..hehe

zino said...

selamat hari raya korban

fa10 said...

akak x der pengalaman skolah ngn budak laki, masuk u terus dilamar, dan bercinta sakan...mujurlah orgnya menjadi. Bukan senang nak pilih suami..siDIA sha tu ok ke? akak doakan sha dapat yang terbaik. selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin.

Pocket said...

Boys will always be boys,
they never grow up.
As per mentioned in DiAgliTrus,
self improvement stops at napkin-to- toilet change.

as u might as well know, it is not about respect. it is more to attracting the opposite sex for whatever purpose.
and the method? well men can be very stupid sometime and making fun of someone just to get the attraction is considered hilarious.

I would know, i've felt the same way as Tasha felt when i'm the joke of the school as someone who walk differently just because i got different design from above. The so called glamor boys would joke about me just to get the girls to smile or laugh.
How i felt this story of yours poking my liver.

Any scars sha? well i had mine.
A different design in my traveling gear actually.
quater decade living with the fear of tripping infront of people :D
The design was for a purpose of course.
and i'm looking at it the positive way.

Adila said...

i'm glad i was in a all girls boarding school before i lari balik my old school haha

but my old school.. hrmmm.. it was full with guys! like.. 7 girls 20+ guys? lol

i was on the aggressive side when i was younger
you hurt me, i beat you back lol
..even if they are guys

now that i think back..
woaahhhh i should be really afraid~

but personally.. at least i rasa lega lol

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

Rasanya bbdak tu ingat orang fm KL hppening sangat kott.. mungkin gak sbb sakit hati bila Tasha tu xlayan. baguslah.. at her age; dia matured.

rasa macam nak cekik2 jer bbdak tu.. tulah tu pandai tp bodo..
betullah..cuba kena kat family member dia..huisshh..

btw: ada soklan dari Pocket utk Sha bg n3 KRina semalam..hehe..

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

Rasanya bbdak tu ingat orang fm KL hppening sangat kott.. mungkin gak sbb sakit hati bila Tasha tu xlayan. baguslah.. at her age; dia matured.

rasa macam nak cekik2 jer bbdak tu.. tulah tu pandai tp bodo..
betullah..cuba kena kat family member dia..huisshh..

btw: ada soklan dari Pocket utk Sha bg n3 KRina semalam..hehe..

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

Dear Sha,
Mungkin Tasha pun sama dengan LOL (LOL yg sekarang)
Diam lebih baik.

Sian Tasha..

sueanne said...

Sekolah sue yg kt sbelah skolah sha tue, sama gak cmtue..boys nye mmg mengong sikit..klu girls msk dewan makan..baling kulit tembikai la, itu la ini la..geram tul la sue..dorang ni mmg hampeh tul tak semua la..minoriti boys je yg cmtue..booo sane booo sini..rase nak lempang je sorang2x.huhuh

klu boleh, mmg tak mor join skali mkn ngn dorg2x hostel kan..waktu mkn..kena mkn..terpaksala gak msk dewan on time..masuk je..terus tundukkkkk sampai la kt tempat ambil mknan..mkn pun bertunduk je..lemah tul la..heheh..

sueanne said...

sha..lupe nak wish..

" Selamat menyambut aidiladha buat sha sekeluarga.."

add tue nanti sue bagi ehh..wat susah2x je..hehehhe

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

perghh... dasyat lah diorang sampai baling2 tulang ayam. tak respect orang langsung...

guys memang macamtuh kot, doing something without thinking the consequence.

Sasha said...

rindu kenangan lama... walaupun pahit, manis, sedih semuanya dirindui... akak selalu jd bahan usikan budak2 lelaki... bestnya jd budak2 eh...

Selamat Hari Raya Sha... jalani hidup dgn sebaik2nya...

~0~ said...

kenangan yang indah

kuina said...

Salam Aidil Adha Sha..

take care ya...

Dee said...

salam aidil adha sha..

what a i hv no bad experience ngan boys..sbb i always join bab2 yg nakal2 melampau tu i x joinlah..hehehe..

julietchun said...

kalo saya jadi tasha mesti saya dah gi lempang bebudak lelaki tu. Err, beranikah?

et said...

sadis btol.x adil ustazah tu.mesti die ade suke mn2 dak laki kan? haha..x2..saje je..fitnah je tu..lalalaa~

xpernah plak alami sumer tu..sbb x duk asrama kot..and bodyguard sye sgt la ramai..orang x berani nak, sye yg buli org, buakn org buli sye ade la..hek3..

bdw, salam aidiladha juge kak sha..mooo~ ^^

nmz said...

what an phm itu..wlaupun girls school saje dulu..selalunya akan ada satu yang akan melekat di ingatan kita either the good one or else..

salam aidiladha kak sha
semoga aidiladha kali ini membawa makna dan beri pengajaran pd kita semua:)

zeqzeq said...

aduzz, nasib baik saya tak kenal..dan tak dikenali..

" Sha, U OK?"

speckurosaklagi said...

timid??tuh apa??

i like tasha...
tasha nasi dalca at penang..:)