Monday, November 23, 2009

orkid's cafe: chicken soup for the blogger's soul

Chicken Soup
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I am single. I'm not married and I don't have any boyfriend. Not anymore. But I have a crush on someone:)

No, he is not Jack Bass. Jack Bass is a tv show character. My crush is a blogger. You think this is scandalous? Well, read more.

When my former boss asked me about my crush who he thought was at the work place, he was wrong. He simply loved to gossip. I mean, talking to me about who was sleeping with whom was his hobby. But I remember saying this to him:

"I have my own taste," I told him when he was interrogating me and trying to make me as his another prey:)

How do I define my taste? Well, one thing for sure - I love smart guys. When I say smart, it doesn't have to be academically smart. I don't mind having someone who is street smart. As long as the person is speaking the same languange, it should be fine for me.

For instant, if I'm talking about a purple orchid in a vase, he should know it's about the purple orchid and not the vase. But, in order to be someone I admire, the person should know what is the relation between the orchid and the vase.

Complicated? It sounds complicated. But it's not. This is because, I finally found someone who managed to say the non-cliche things. Who is that person? Let me tell you about him.

This person is elder than me. How do I know? By reading and observing. Extensively. I was actually stalking him;)

It took several sleepless nights for me to recall my memory about how we "met". Then I remember. I saw his nickname in Afdlin Shauki's blog. He put his comment in one of the actor/director's posting. The comment was quite long. And...most importantly, it was not CLICHE at all.

So, I followed his link and became a silent reader for several months:)

I was lost. I didn't know him that much. I saw several comments - most of them were from the people who knew him personally. At first, I became intimidated and I bent my head really low. He was writing in English and somehow, even though I was using English everyday due to job requirement, I had a silent moment.

I couldn't construct my own sentence without thinking that he might be checking my grammar. So, when I was commenting in his blog, I made sure I read my comments at least two or three times before adding it to other comments. How bad, kan?! Well, that was his effect on me, I guess.

Then he came over to my blog. His comments were long enough for me to notice it was him. Sometimes he didn't comment at all. But one day I realised that he was good in commenting about relationships - the topic I frequently discussed last year. From a comment per week, I received at least two comments per week. And as a result? I became his blog's regular reader.

Honestly, I was not into blog hopping until I read his blog:)

When I saw his picture as the latest visitor in MyBlogLog, I was happy.
When he was commenting, I smiled to my PC and fumbled with my words to reply.
When he was not commenting, I hoped he read.
Frustrated when he was not commenting? A bit.
No, I lied. A lot.
Looking at his icon was a pleasure.
Waiting for it to appear was the pain.
That is the reason why I'm calling him my crush.

I knew for a fact that the non-cliche comments were actually effecting me but that was just him. While blog hopping, I saw his comments in other blogs and I knew that he read the postings before he commented. He did not just do it in my blog.

So, stop being perasan, Sha:)

Until 162. For some reason, he puts numbers on his posting to indicate the amount of postings he has. I knew he has been blogging since 2004 - the year I started this blog. Our similarities were in terms of the lack of number of postings but our differences were a lot. He did not show or write about himself that much. He rarely posted any pictures especially the pictures of him. His attraction is his words and other mysteries that I have to dig by myself:)

"i'm having my speculation, my thinking hat is on.
and bad ideas are pouring in, even wondered
'will a person bleed if a chair is swing to his left ear?'
'kak saya nak balik dulu lah yer, ada dua tiga tempat lg nak gi nih:)'
was my farewell speech as i slide a green angpow envelope with
RM20 in it under the pillow, obvious enough for her to realize it.
'makasih la yer ******... teh pun kami tak dan nak buat'
and i went on without even looking at the guy who's having his lunch. hoh!!"
- Quotes from Posting 162: A Disgrace of Man Kind

Yes, I like this posting a lot. I personally asked him to give the number of this posting so that I can read this posting over and over and over again. This posting is saved in my thumb drive, desk top and the laptop - in case I'm feeling blue or boring.

Why do I like it?

Despite writing in English, the article is so Malaysian until I'm imagining him in the story. I only saw one picture of him in red baju Melayu so you can imagine how hard it was to imagine him in something else and to imagine his gesture. I have never met this guy. So, I read the posting carefully and started to visualised his words. I cried.

Some postings made me laughed.
Some postings made me smiled.
Some postings made me smirked.
Some postings made me think.
There were so many postings which made me wonder how he could make me feel at home while reading something in English? Or in Malay with northern accent?And perhaps Indian accent?

Do you know the book Chicken Soup for the Soul? Yup, I have a collection of it because I love it. I love his blog too. There were times when he was not updating, and I felt as if I finished reading a series of Chicken Soup and longing for more. But, I settled down with what I have by reading his old postings over and over again. That is also the way I'm settling down when I'm not buying a new book.

When my aunty suggested that I have to change the direction and language of my blog, it was not an easy decision. I mean, my English is not that good. What if people read it and laugh at me? Then I remember the way he attracted his readers and I was thinking that writing is something you do from heart. He wrote something and it was not pretencious because he did not just write about beautiful things. Can I write things as brilliant as he does?

While I was thinking, he suddenly came out with this posting which mentioned a purple orchid. Purple orchid is my favourite. Well, he didn't mean anything by that. I knew that very well, because he mentioned other people's favourites too. But something triggered in my mind and I started my first all-English posting: purple orchid can be poisonous.

He did it. He made me changed my blog.

Then, he made me intrested in blog hopping - I eventually went to someone else's blog and commented.You might be connected to his blog too:)

Have I met this person? No.
Do I want to? As much as I want to, it's better for me to leave it this way:)
Will the person know that I'm actually talking about him? Yes, he will. I am 100% sure and I'm waiting for his comment;P

Okay, you must be boring. I'm talking about him all the time. Who is he?

I'm reverting this question to you. Who is he?

As for me, he was someone who has always been there for me.

He is my inspiration and idol in writing and I believe that all compliments towards the way I write (if any)should be directed to him. He has a blog which works like a Chicken Soup for the Soul, his comments are not cliche, he even commented on my first posting after the accusation of having a crush at work while he was actually the one I admired. And though we have never met each other, he knew me better than my other acquaintances:)

To Mr. Blogger, I admire you.
Honestly. Sincerely. With no hidden agenda:)

To all the good ones who have been reading this posting patiently:
I am finding first five bloggers with the accurate answer.
Tokens of appreciation for providing me the name of the blogger and the name of his blog will be given. (it's not big or expensive but it's free)

The author of this blog has just come back from Thailand (how do I know? Well, I told you he is my crush)
His favourite food is Miang Kam and not Yakitori. Hehe.

That blog is my Chicken Soup for the Soul:)

Find it:)


Pocket said...

Wah!! such a long and poetic words to describe him, how i wish u were describing me :)
but then again i can be mistaken as u know i am a neverending perahsantan kinda guy. :)

it is kinda easy to find this guy u know, but am not going to tell u how:D
its as easy as 3 steps :) i'm telling u tomorrow morning via mail ok.

blogging has evolved, once it was for telling people what u've eaten this morning, then it was the mere tool to change the course of our politic weather. Somebody even goes to jail for it even...
and yes, for some its a way to touch people... and i think he have touched u even though u guys never met.

me? i'm doing it to change the world. one step at a time... start by telling story in my own way.
what about u may i ask?

so kalau teka ni dapat adiah tak ni dik sha ooi? :D...

mier@merr said...

kah3...tak aci...pocket komen dulu!!!
.jawapannye de kt atas ni...ekeke....
starting citer lagi da bleh agak sape kak sha... haha..

mier@merr said...

nak jawab gak...wlopon pocket ade kat ats....

mier@merr said...

eh...nape sy asek sebut nama pocket nih... pocket ke orangnye....hahaha

mier@merr said...

adakah pocket di ToMyPocket itu?


saya blk dulu..nnti sy datang lagi...tata~

nak g melawat org yg baru blk dr siam tu...

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

rasanya orangnya the 1st commentor n3 ni kan?... Pocket ..

bila baca komen dia kat n3 Sha sblum2 ni can feel the diff....mcm Sha mentioned..its come truely from heart..

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

nak cakap jugak lagi ni...rasanya macam dia dah tau siapa yang Sha cakapkan but still yet to "buat tak tau " ...hmmmm..

Pocket @ ToMyPocket..mungkin KRina akan ke sana jugak dan jadi ur silent reader..hehehe..

Cik Qemm said...

haha qemmal tau.


dari first paragraph da terbyg2 pocket. :P

and tru pocket jugak la kak sha knl qemmal kan2?

Cik Qemm said...

eh bukan 1st paragraph, second paragraph :P

btw,pocket shy2 ye :D

Cik Qemm said...

pocket - tomypocket.blogspot.

dah terspam comment kak sha.sorry :P

ashley said...

yes, I just wanted to smile and read people's comment!

♥miszluna™ said...


ni nk terjah pocket ni..

Ili Saharudin said...

Semua org dah leh agak pocket. Same do me. bab yg sebut komen panjang berjela wit diffrent essence. Sorry pocket. Tau u ada sini, tp nak buat cam mane, u are my answer to kak sha question. Huhu

ashie023 said...

aku pong rasa pocket jugaklah orang nye..
plinggg..trus pegi baca blog pocket...hahaha

hasni said...

hasni baru je follow blog akak ni
xtau sapa ke gerangannya
tp y pasti
mr.pocket tu kalu komen memg panjang berjela
tp xpa
saya pernah baca buku chicken soup tu
tp xabis\hehe
ni smngt balik nk cr buku tu
tanx sis

Yunus Badawi said...

alamak sha dah lebih 5 org kata pocket. Terlepaslah hadiah sha ni huhuhu.

Teruk jugak penangan tulisan dia kpd sha. Lepas ni bolehlah kalian berjumpa. Dia pun nampak mcm suka aje tu hehehe

iza~de~bintang said...

Waaah berbunga-bunga hati Pocket baca entry penghargaan khusus dan comel macam ni :)
Belum pernah sampai ke blog dia, mungkin elok jalan2 cari "Sup Ayam" kat sana :)

Kadang2 memang ada blog/blogger tertentu yang berjaya mengikat hati kita dengan pesona yang mereka miliki. Iza yakin blog Sha pun ada pengikut yang begitu, cuma tak ramai tahu bagaimana cara nak luahkan apa yang mereka rasa :)
Seperti kata Sha, bukan senang nak mengarang ayat indah :)

~0~ said...

bertemu suda..hahahha

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

my bro's heart absolutely fill with flowers~



zeqzeq said...

sup ayam.....uhh

manje said...

scandalous ke ni sis?
it's kind of sweet...

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

kak sha, once amy baca. amy rasa amy dah tahu kot whose is he. then, bila kak sha bagi contoh posting pocket tuh. i am very sure of that. amy pun setuju dengan kak sha, blog pocket memang best. and amy siap suggest blog beliau to my friends. they also admit it eventhough mereka bukan blogger.

i wish, i can meet him too. yer la, dah lama jugak kot follow blog beliau. teringin gak nak kenal kat luar cemana.

Cik Cookie said...

xleh teka
server otak CC sgt slow.
apapun love chicken soup.

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

My Dear Sha..
Siapakah insan bertuah itu..
Masing2 cuba mengenal pasti termasuk aku.

aBoi said...

i second !

atty's said...

waahahaha..dpt agak dah.hehehee.

sI tEDI said...

sha : leh skodeng blog dia.. :)

Sasha said...

sonoknya baca citer Sha kali ni and every time... I mean it... tp yg ni paaaaling best!... Akak x mau teka... tp rasa2 dah ada pemenangnya, kan?...

Org tu bermata sepet just like Mr ******
Having a crush on someone is an amazing feeling... Akak just harap Sha x so open n let it all out like this... Maybe feeling tu dah x tertahan2 lg...

I'm saying like this coz akak x puas lagi baca kisah crushing ni tiba2 dah diklimakskan... buatlah bersiri2... huhu...

harap kesudahan yg trbaik buat Sha... :)

sueanne said...

wahh..ramai mention nama pocket..mesti cnferm pocket la tue..hehhe..nak kena jengok ni..tak pernah lagi visit blog die..heheh

Drama Mama said...

wow he sounds like a wonderful blogger. kejap nak baca blog dia hehe

CuTeMiUt78 said...

wwooohhoo.. sudah tau sapakah gerangannya.. hik..hik..hik..

joegrimjow said...

very very long but enjoy to read it

leadleedeea said...

pocket? Him? sha...puh lease tell me now dear~!! hehehhee~!!

all the best for you dear~!!

~LP Lum~ said...

hehehe.. kak sha... :)

akhirnya kak sha ngaku gak eik.. dlu snyap2 aje... ;p

apa2 pun, en pocket nye blog mmg best.. kak sha nye blog pun superb gak ngan english nya.. :)

p/s : sorry lma xmlawat akak.. bz n byk keje n hope 2 c u soon.. :)
kim slam kat makcik eik... ;)

Kujie said...

dah jumpa dah siapa dia

guna keyword - posting bertarikh Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anonymous said...

aku sangka aku sudah mengenali secret admire aku
rupa2nya orang lain punya secret admire ni


~Kak AZZ~ said...

haha...mmg dh agak dah mesti Pocket orangnya....sebab Sha kata dia baru balik dr Thailand....dan utk komen2 yg lepas si Pocket ada cakap yg dia sedang berada di Thailand tu...

So, sebelum bukan page komen ni akak dah tau jawapannya.....Leh claim adiah gak ke...ekekeke...

*Pernah jugak jenguk blog Pocket a silent reader jugokk...hehe...

sya said...

ini la entry yang sya baca dari mula perenggan pertama, sampai lah ke semua komen2 yang buat sya tersenyum.. hehehe... syoknyaaa.....

sha, nape kita selalu sama?
sya pun suka sangat dengan chicken soup for the soul tuuuu... dan, memang selalu jadi peneman ke mana saje.. terutama nya time jaga exam sekarang nih.. hehehhe

nmz said...

entry ini membuatkan saya tersenyum lebar hari ini
membacanya dengan penuh semangat
dgn tertanya2 lagi siapa orangnya
ayat ayat disusun baik,rapi
membuatkan baca banyak kali pun best juga:))

Anonymous said...
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