Tuesday, November 24, 2009

orkid's cafe: the fear of eating fried chicken

I wanted to announce the person's name next week. But come to think about it again, it will be Aidiladha soon and most bloggers will be on holiday. Furthermore, with the answers I got, I think lots of bloggers wanted to have my confession rather than an announcement:)

Okay...okay...you won! Honestly, I'm not doing a justice to my crush over here. I'm supposed to post about him last week when most of our friends still had the time to read. Unfortunately, due to my own carelessness and streamyx extraordinary service, I did not managed to post this last week. Postponing is something I hate to do; because I want my facts to be right at the right time.

I've always wondered how will I say what I wrote yesterday (in my posting) if the person is in front of me. Trust me, I'm a very shy person. I blush easily. Plus, I have this inferiority of meeting someone in person. I'm not pretty and I'm a chatterbox. Do you think everyone can stand me? No, I don't think so. Furthermore, my past experience of meeting one of my readers has taught me that meeting a reader must be taken into a serious consideration. It can be dangerous.

Let's not spoil the posting by talking about that. Hmmm..let's just say that I have my own imagination about the day I'm going to meet him.

First - Sha meets Mr. Blogger as a Barista
Me: Welcome to Starbucks! Yes, sir...how can I help you?
Him: (showing the board behind me)
Me: Yes sir, do you want your drinks to be cold or hot?
Him: Hot.
Me: Do you want anything based on coffee, chocolate or tea?
Him: Coffee.
Me: Sir, this is our menu for coffee based hot drinks. You can have a look.
Him: Whatever.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaarggghhhh!!! Imagine that. I mean, his postings have shown me a bit of his personality. His long comments suggested that he is also a chatterbox. But a blogger can be anyone. A chatterbox in the blog but a sealed box in reality.

Second - Sha meets Mr. Blogger as a Cleaner
Me: Encik, boleh keluar dari tandas sekejap. Saya nak kemas.
Him: Tapi saya nak kencing sekarang.
Me: Tak boleh tahan kencing ke, encik?
Him: Tak boleh.
Me: Tapi encik kena tahan! Schedule saya mengemas pukul 3. Tak boleh lambat!
Him: Kencing 5 minit pun tak boleh ke?
Me: Tak boleh!
Him: (Paaaaaaanngggg!!!!)
Me: (Poooooooooooooonnnggg!!!)

Alamak, what if he is stubborn? Because everyone told me that I'm stubborn a mule! Stubborn man is meeting a stubborn girl? Oooo...that's not good isn't it? What if both of us start to slap each other? Oh, no...a disaster! Erk. Whatever is going to happen after the slapping session is going to be beyond my wildest imagination. Nooooooo....his icon is showing that he might have big hands. My chubby face might not going to accommodate those hands. Tidak! (Will you slap me, Mr. Blogger?)

Errr...honestly. These have been my occupations and I was thinking about the what ifs. Yes, I'm a blogger at home - who might not appear as a barista or a cleaner. But what if I'm meeting this person at work; where I'm going to be clad in my black uniform and green apron while brewing coffee. The worst, what if I'm meeting him while I'm mopping the floor?

Will these change his opinion towards the blogger he saw in this cyber world or will he accept the barista friend? Or the cleaner?

When someone is inviting another person for a meeting or a date (in this situation, it's going to be me), I will have to bring the Mr. Blogger for a meal. Since I was a barista or a cleaner, will this person accept my invitation for a feast at pasar malam - where the fried chicken is more affordable than KFC? What will be his reaction if I'm going to tell him that I can't buy him that nice buffalo wings in Chilly's?

Yes, whatever I just said just now was my biggest fear.

The fear of showing the pimple's scar by the size of a hole in golf course.
The fear of flashing imperfect smile with crooked teeth.
The fear of the drizzles from my mouth when I'm talking.
The fear of the having the body weight of The Biggest Loser's contestant.
The fear of presenting a cold ayam goreng instead of the one cooked by the chefs.
The fear of not being able to talk about Barack Obama and having the only ability to speak of a kitten named Fernando.
The fear of not being able to translate the dots in the sky to something interesting like a classy stewardess in the flight to Thailand?

My words are insignificant.
My life is a cold reality.

This person said this and asked this yesterday:
me? i'm doing it to change the world. one step at a time... start by telling story in my own way. what about u may i ask?

The answer to that question is....
I'm just a blogger with small and simple ideas with hope that people will read my thoughts;)

So, who was that person?

Yup, you can read from the comments of yesterday's posting and you will know. Hehehehe...that's not fair, right? Okay, I'll announce it:

My answer is - this. Please click so that you know the person better.

Talking about him makes me think of the insecurity of telling him about my actual occupation last year. I wanted to hide it so badly because I didn't want anyone to know too much about me. Unfortunately, I eventually made a mistake which caused the gate to the real me to be opened;)

Should I tell them about this story or do you want to do it, Mr. Pocket?

Ooooopsss...did I mentioned his name just now?


~Kak AZZ~ said...


streamyx dah okay ke Sha...;)

intanurulfateha (◡‿◡✿) said...

.hahaha kencing 5menet je lah kak ;p

Anonymous said...

berfikir negatip plak ko
camana nak berjumpa kalau dah negatip mcm tu

relak2 sudah

iza~de~bintang said...

Hahaha comel jer Sha ni :)
Memang menarik sangat kalau ada perkembangan dari sessi confession ni ;)
Macam menunggu episod drama nur kasih pulak

Btw kalau kita jumpa misalnya, Iza takut tak faham apa Sha cakap, consider Sha sangat fasih berbahasa omputeh dan Iza sangat fasih berbahasa Melayu + dialek utara :)

Tapi rasanya kita boleh jadi kawan baik jugak, sebab Iza pernah jalan2 dengan seorang yang langsung tak boleh cakap omputeh sikit pun, tahu mendarin ja, dan kami jalan2 sama2 selama 6 hari :)
Pakai bahasa ayam-itek jer (^__^)

zino said...

very interesting hehe

mier@merr said...

kakak i sorg berpandangan jauh atau berimaginasi tinggi...hahha....

nak adiah!!!

MrMrsFaiz said...

we would like to wish u good luck. going to penang don't forget about ayam kampung goreng and gulai itek.

Pocket said...

oh! so i was the one u'r mentioning?
waaahhh, how honoured i am for being
awarded with such poetic description.
(was it poetic?)

but i luve em anyway... never had i
imagine in my wildest dream that i will
ever be thought of like u did sis :D
from the bottom of my heart, I thank u.

knowing me in the internet is one thing,
and knowing me tru the phone is another.
knowing me by the flesh? that is different.

cause how i show myself tru the internet
may be perceived differently from how u
would hear me tru the phone and if we ever
meet by the flesh... it will be something
totally different from both of the above!!
with the appearance matter taking place and all.
But will it matter?

Of course it will, cause in the flesh i will
have to keep my eye looking to your eye and
not anywhere else :D.
And talking to someone as intelligent as u
would make me look up and left trying to find
the right word to impress u.

but then again, listening to me talking...
reading my post tru out these years,
do u think i'm the kinda guy who would think
much of how u look rather than who u are?
(Please say no... Please say no...)

slap u? why on earth do i have to slap u?
verval confrontation on deciding which cofee
do we drink or which movie shall we watch?
heheh i do dat only to those who poke me :D

so dont worry sha,
i will not bite (Mcm dlm citer UP ada ayat ni)

still lost in my own word here, someone help me :D

anyway, about that story? let me karang my very best for a post during raya aji :D wont be that good by i'll give my best shot :D

joegrimjow said...

me.... no?

ashley said...

Chatter box vs Sealed box...
kalau itu macam pun baguis lohh..
solang cakap, solang dengar..
kalau lua lua cakap, sapa mao dengarr..

♠ y.a.n.i.e putrajaya ♠ said...

rindu kat sha
sorry la sha
dah lama tak singgah kat sini...

kebizian sket la


Sasha said...

comey je entri ni... Sha terlalu memikirkan kalau2 yg negatif... cuba fikirkan kalau2 yg positif pulak... will feel much better that way...

persamaan n perbezaan perlu utk menjayakan any relationship...

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...


Dont worry sis~
meet me, and u need to refill some drinks more than 10 times because I'm talkative~

zeqzeq said...

5 minit lama ker?

julietchun said...

harap takkan jumpa ngan cleaner yg mcm sha,susah woo nak tahan kalau dah nak buang air tambah lagi musim hujan gini :D

Super HaNa said...

pocket ittew mmg lain dari yg laen

tp dia mmgg abg yang baekk

*komen ini adalah berbayar
harap maklum

-bang! cikedis sebungkus!

Cik Cookie said...

to many many fear lorrr...
nnt taku ngn diri sendiri.
lagi fear.

Anonymous said...

weih kak sha...kencing hape sampai 5 menit???


leadleedeea said...


just dun think bout the negative stuff...think positive then u'll feel much much better...

good luck for u n him..

sweet ahhh~!!

Precious said...

Sweet life ...

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

My Dear Sha,

+ve best
-ve tak best

tapi -ve tu yang selalu kita fikirkan..

t.a.c.a said...

taca dah agak dah it's mr pocket... but i just takut nak answer..

N A N I E said...

Be positive dear..so sweet..=)

CuTeMiUt78 said...

ha'ah la sha.. don't think yg -ve.. just thinking yg +ve.. so dah tau dah sapa

Yunus Badawi said...

Tak sabar nak dengar citer sha bila sha jumpa dia dan mata bertentang mata. Tak sabar juga nak baca posting pocket tentang diri sha.

sI tEDI said...

fikir positif!!

google said...

-ve +ve= +ve kan.... so bila +ve insya ALLAH... kita akan rasa tenang je....

tp pakcik kerap juga pikio -ve.. huhu bukan buruk sangka.....

~LP Lum~ said...

alwayz +ve... ;)

LOVE2COOK said...

Hehe, that's a good one! ;)

Anyways, that Buttermilk Fried Chicken pulling my legs here! hehehe ;)

et said...

ahahahahaaa..nk gelak saje..cumel je pk gtu..

Richeal Phil @ Ritz ^-^ said...

haha long and nice entry!

sya said...

eh, belum cuba belum tau... hehehe...
apa kata, cuba dulu? :P

tak sabar tunggu perkembangan seterusnya... :D

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

sukenya the way he commented kat atas nun.... KRina pulak yang nerveous...

positive thinking ya !

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

vangga vetul pakcik tuh ekhh... hehehehe...

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

vangga vetul pakcik tuh ekhh... hehehehe...

Adila said...

take it easy :D

i never met any bloggers, but i did meet a few deviant artist whom i never talk to.. not even commenting on their page haha

it's more like.. ala chill la
it's their personality
try not to pay attention into great detail
i mean.. we're meeting them for fun kan? don't make it sound horrible (even though sumpah xnak jumpa dah lengkali!) hehe