Friday, December 04, 2009

sha: announcement

Dear Friends,
I think you have realised that I have not been visiting your blogs for a week now. From the depth of my heart, I'm very sorry. It is never intentional and I don't have grudges on anyone who might think that visiting my blog is a waste of time. I have my own reasons. If you can spare me some time, I'll explain.

I have been sick. I told you about my sore eyes and everything - it appears to be conjunctivitis which is effecting not just my left eye but also my right eye. My left eye was infected first, and when it was about 50% cured, my right eye has been infected. As a result, both eyes were unstable and I frequently had to rest my eyes.

My current condition?
60% okay. My eyes are still red and puffy.

The second reason is obviously Streamyx. I was watching New Moon with my sun glass on Sunday when ayah made a report at 3.09p.m. I called Streamyx every morning, hoping that I would be able to resolve the problem. I have been given different answers every time I called and the latest rude explanation that I have received was about the fibre optic cable which undergoing an upgrade.

My question to Streamyx was, "Kenapa masalah ini boleh berlaku lebih tiga kali dalam sebulan?"

It might be the area that I'm staying right now. It might be the techinician who has been assigned to work at our area. But the service sucks. When you see this condition, you might have a naughty mind saying that I might not paying my bill when I did. They knew I did.

Unfortunately, Streamyx is not helping me to create such impression. Thanks Streamyx, long live and may your competitors learn from your great performance;)

I think I don't have to talk about the "soft-spoken" Malay female representative named Wani who spoke to me on Wednesday. She put the blame on my father - which was very sweet of her. She said, "Kenapa Cik Shahida tak tanya ayah Cik Shahida kenapa dia tak angkat phone?"

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Wani's parents for teaching their daughter on how to behave. I think it would be a good idea for Wani to be the next contestant of Gadis Melayu Season 3 since she is meeting the criteria.

My answer to Wani was, "Kalau angkat telefon boleh selesai ke masalah kami?"

Wani was still blaming my father of not answering the phone. I believe that Wani's mother must be very innocent. Either she doesn't have a father or she might be having over-responsible father who answers his phone all the time regardless whether he was driving or performing his solat.

Hearing Wani's voice made me think whether Wani knew the word solat.

Wani has an excellent voice. Like the girls who sang "Suuuuurri ram...ram...ram..." in P.Ramlee's movie, she spoke to me with drawls. The sigh and moan was sexy as hell. If she is married, the husband must be very lucky. The grunt and groan on the phone has been made public. Knowing that the call was recorded - Wani did not kept her disappointment of having a customer like me. I said something and Wani sighed. I said the other thing and Wani moaned. Please be informed dear readers that I haven't said anything at all related to things in bed. I only talked about the techinician who did not called me. Perhaps this technical thing made Wani felt sexy.

I had to say "hello" several times to get her response - hoping that she would at least acknowledged my problems.

Her boyfriend or partner must be very obliging; considering that Wani never said sorry throughout the whole conversation. She was right in everything; knowing that she was working in the technical line who contacts the technician. Woman in the men's line. For Wani, customers are like small children who are stupid in everything. Wani is an important person in TM. TM's future is depending on Wani. What Wani says, customers must listen. What customers say, Wani doesn't have to listen because Wani have extra eyes which could foresee the technicians arrival in this suburban area.

"One customer go, the others will come" is Wani's principle. Wani doesn't care about what happened to TMTouch. Wani knows that in Streamyx, Everyone Connects except for that annoying customer called Cik Shahida. Wani listens to Mila, Akim and Dafi everyday. Sometimes, she listens to Sheila and Tomok. This is because, Wani works for Streamyx, the best internet provider which perceived themselves as professionals. Two working days call center's promise is nothing to Wani. Wani knows that regardless Celcom, Maxis or even Py1Max are currently competing, she has such a glamorous career - where lawyers, engineers and even accountants are depending on her.

Wani has the right be rude and arrogant. Maaf is never in her vocabulary.

With all my heart, I would like to recommend Wani as the Best Employee of TM Streamyx Year 2009 until infinity. This posting is specially dedicated to you and your wonderful employee. Go Wani! Go rude Malay girls! This is how life should be. Cyber means modernisation and modernisation means rudeness!:)

By the way, dear friends...

While amusing myself with Cik Wani's attitude, Wan has been very supportive. Thanks to the person named Wan who had to endure a conversation like, "Sorry...tak dapat tengok posting baru di blog Pocket!" Or Zara who showed her concern in why I'm not even updating my Facebook.

Thanks dearest friends, for being very rude when Wani has been kind (reverse psychology is a good thing, don't you think?) more good news!

Remember this posting?

orkid's cafe: chicken soup for the blogger's soul

I told you that I will send out a token of appreciation to the first five bloggers who manage to give me the name of the blog and the blogger. Well, here are the the lucky ones:

mier @ merr
Cik Qemm
Ili Saharudin
Thanks for supporting this posting. Please send your adress to my e-mail:

Until then, please bear with me. I have scheduled all my postings for next week. If Streamyx is kind, then I'll be able to visit your blogs as soon as I will be able to do so. Otherwise, if you feel that my blog needs a visit or comments, I will always welcome you here. I'm sorry for not being able to return the favour at this moment.

I finished reading this book with my red eyes. It was nice - so, I would like to suggest this book to any avid readers or bloggers out there. Take care.


Cik Qemm said...

hi kak sha.

hmm suppose customer service ni kena pandai jaga hati customer. they shoudn't said anything that will hurt customers.

tapi ramai je yang macam tu kan?

anyway, cik qemm dah email kat kak sha. thanks ya!

Pocket said...

Wani should read this post about her.
its describing wani in a very good sense and i think wani might even like this.

since her way of solution was always the kind way.. i think she'll be please with this post sha :D

And to TM Net, congratulation...
u have proven that 'potong' is the way to go. They do those Commercial about dat guy who wanted to drive but couldnt handle the stick and the catch verse was 'why connected with a less experienced provider'
yes, and we'll 'potong' to get a better service.

as a proof.. try call TM itself..
they'll spend your time about 4 minute saying those..'gangguan kualiti sambungan di kawasan sini, kawasan sana, harap maklum'
hek enneeeee... by announcing doesnt make it right. by solving the issue does.

dah pocket plak yg emo..
are pocket a good payer? no i'm not.
i'm paying two time per year. once everytime the net is 'potong'ed.
(Remember 198.AllApologies)

et said...

ngee..terkedu jugak mase bc entry neh..

aduhai..sepatutnye si wani bc entry neh..then, muhasabah diri..huu~

sekarang neh orang da makin kurang sopan santun nye..iye, ku juge ganas tapi masih sopan as not being RUDE to others yg seek help from us..

macam ni ke sikap nak tunjuk kat anak cucu..haizz..

mier@merr said...

streamyx sllu bg layanan best kt sy...jd no komen..hehe...

nmz said...

hyee kak sha,
oh kisah streamyx smpai mcmni rupanya. xpa, insyaallah semuanya settle nnt tu. looking forward to read ur next posting too:)

hope u get well soon kak sha:)

ashley said...

Streamyx, celcom, Pimax, maxis = sama jer..

I am using celcom broadband...masa kita nak dia laju, jalan macam siput juga.

PImax = husband dah ambik. tapi kat rumah ni, tak boleh guna juga.langsung tak dapat.

hmmmm phone line pun tak dapat. inikan pulak internet.

rasa macam dok kat Hutan Tasik Banding....kan?

Zyma Saad said...

Hmmmm,setakat ni Streamyx ok lagi la.....


Anonymous said...

baik ko hantar tulisan ko ni kat suratkhabar

errr... nak ubah nama atau tak terpulang ler


ashie023 said...

sungguh kurang sopan...xde sivik langsung budak wani..
aduhlah camtulah kalu berurusan ngan pihak yang anggap dier bagus sgt..

anyway..ambe cam perasan lah buku nicholas sparks nih, cam penah lihat nih, cam ada je lam simpanan ambe letak mana buku nih????mmmm..plinggg ...g carik jap...

~0~ said...

suma sama je...suma bermasalah

Quiyah & Hasrul said...

aiyoh... kesian cik sha, sabar yer. Tuhan nak uji sha tuh..

xiiinam said...

ckLah dah seminggu lebih tak boleh buka edit section pada dashboard....Ini masalah Dah puas berforum di sana...tak juga ada jalan keluar....

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

My Streamyx is just so nice~

iza~de~bintang said...

Wadeuh. Mmg sakit hati kalau dapat CS yg macam ni. Sib baik pengalaman setakat ni ok ja, takda yang teruk sangat kecuali menunggu lamaaaaa. Jenuh dengar iklan2 yg semacam dipaksa2 utk kita dengar.

Semoga Sha cepat sembuh. Susah jugak asyik nak bergaya dengan spekitam memanjang hehehe

Jasnia said...

Get well soon dear...Agaknya sekarang ni memang musim sakit mata la. Kat nursery akak pun ada dua tiga orang yang cuti lama coz sakit mata...

manje said...

most customer service (especially malay girlssss) are like that.
tak hormat customer langsung.
atleast say sorry~
sis, your eyes kena conjuctivitis ke?macam ade pandemic plak now,ramai yang kena.huhu~

LOVE2COOK said...

That's the attitude of SOME tele-consultants in our country! ;)

I've had enough with streamyx, always have problem with I switched to wireless, threw away their modem! kihkihkih! ;)

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

Dear Sha,

Wani ooo Wani..
Silalah baca n3 khas utk mu ini dan fikir2kanlah..

Kepada Sha,
Kalau semua dah ok, bila2 masa boleh lawat blog LOL. No prob ok. Kami faham.

*Semoga mata Sha cepat sembuh.

Take care Sha..

Dee said...

dee faced the same bukan ngan streamyx..ngan celcom...yet they still under the same roof kan..

gi byr for 8 celcom no's kt bluecube celcom dorang x segregate payment..i did ask why only 3 receipts (3 cheques - 1 cheque max payment for 3 bills). Oh..mmg mcm ni skrg kak..

bila bosses dh kena barred phone..surelah bising kan..i make complaints thru the call centre..oh..akan diselesaikan max 7 hari..x ckp pun 7 hari bekerja..

i called them still sabar..masuk hari ke 6..the csr ckp..max 14 days..min 7 days lak..apa lagi..tahan telingalah csr tu..suka2 je tukar procedure just to keep the customer mouth shut..napa x ckp je next year baru bole buat..

hari ke 7..i bising2 smpi budak csr tu x x maki..mengadu je..akhirnya..ptg tu ada org celcom call..n liaise ngan org bluecube pavilion..

mlm raya pavilion called..kejap je settle..sebenarnya kata budak tu..leh je settle 1 kalo xde instruction dr celcom centre dorang pun xleh buat apa..bengang x?

sorry sha..dh mcm 1 n3 je ni..kihkihkih..kalah pocket komen..hahaha..

sya said...

selalu juga ada problem dengan streamyx ni..
tapi, nasib baiklah belum jumpa dengan 'wani' tu...

tak pe sha.. sha tak masuk blog baru sya lagi pun tak de masalah... yang penting, sya boleh baca blog sha hari2.. :P

Cik Biol said...

wani tu mgkn salah career kot hahaha

sI tEDI said...

sila delete nama miera.. dia asyik dapat hadiah je.. i jeles tau!!!

stimiq aku dulu pernah dalam sebulan kalau kira x sampai sejam leh online.
pastu kalau lambat bayo cepat je tepon!!

Anonymous said...


mmg sama je sume2 ni...apa2 jek lah...clcm ke mxis ke...strea,myx ke...sume hampeh...

arghhhhh...aku nyampwes ngn depa..haa

dorg kan mmg over tau...ade skali tu aku tny baik cam nak marah2 pulak...

dah ko punye servis tak ok....aku complain laa kan...sengal tol dorg nih...

arghhh...ade gak aku potong berukband aku nih...haha

zaradgreat said...

streamyx memang skang menggila.
tak paham betul

take care..
get well soon!!

jangan lupa makan ubattt

julietchun said...

musim sakit mata kt sekarang ni sebab ramai sedara mara yg sakit mata.entah bil nak selesai masalah ngan streamyx ni kan, sakit perut dibuatnya.

cheqna said...

semoga cepat sembuh n take care

miss u....

CuTeMiUt78 said...

eemmm tak patut betull as a customer services mesti la nak kena layanan yg ok..
memang streamyx kat umah tu.. kadang ok.. kadang tak ok

~Kak AZZ~ said...

mmg nak kena hempok dak Wani tu...huhu...

Tapi kan, kdg2 bila kita marah, kita rasa macam nak maki je operator tu, tp bila dgr je suara dorang, terus tak jadi nak maki.....lebih2 lagi kalau suara lelaki yg macho ekekeke...

*streamyx kt tempat akak ni pun mengong gakk....sian kibod ni kena ketuk kuat2...huhuhu...

moga cepat sembuh Sha....sabar ehh...

Arjuna Qaseh said...

nak beli novel english selalu tgk harga dulu.
RM 30 and above.
malam 2,3 malam lepas
dah shopping 5 buah novel.
n hari satu lagi novel.
total RM 134.90.
so bulan neh kena puasa 2 minggu ok..

p/s:kalo lah dapat buat sistem barter sal buku kan best.

Erna said...

salam sha moga sha cepat semboh dan stemex gak o.k...nasib acik nye steramyx tak penah lagi buat hal..kot tak acik pun cepat gak paneh hati....acik penah kene kat hotel sri malaysia melaka...tak puas hati acik pi jumpa incharge..dia mintak maaf dan bagi tau dah ramai org komplen pasal staff tu...harap2 wani tu pun camtu.kena basuh..kasi cuci sikit.. .saba ye sha...

Cik Cookie said...

musim sakit mata nih.
maklumlaa Megasale apo

Ili Saharudin said...

yay_ps: u got mail~

Tie said...

Ooo...sakit mata... mesti tak selesa, kan.. Kak tie pulak demam, menggigil.. pastu ngigau bukan2.. entah apa2 laa.. jadi takut bila nak tido. Macam ada gangguan dlm rumah ni.

Sekarang dah hampir sembuh.. tapi bimbang jugak. Takut diganggu lagi. Baru je tadi kak tie perasan ada benda hitam lalu.. adoi laa... apa nak jadi dengan rumah ni.

Setiap kali pulang dari kampung mesti ada something happen. Err... sorry Sha, kak tie tak de tempat nak mengadu, hu hu... Sha jangan takut pulak.

Anonymous said...

streamyx kat rumah mak akak x leh guna langsung...hampeh betul. Kesian org tua tu duk bayar bulan2. Ingatkan nak tgk muka anak cucu... blh dgr suara ajelah

Kujie said...

sha tau,kak jie call 1300 88 9515 banyak kali semata2 untuk dapatkan bantuan dari LELAKI. Pengalaman Kak Jie dr tahun 1998 hingga kini, kalau perempuan - masalah berbelit-belik.

cakap dengan lelaki, sekali cakap dia dah faham masalah kita dan lancar saja memberi panduan

p/s bercakap dr pengalaman, org lain ada pengalaman yg tersendiri, kan

nekPP said...

get well soon!! kiss2..

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

no komen pasal streamyx ni..kRinanye ok jer skarang ni..

* kitorang adik beradik masa kecik2 dulu kalu sorang kena sakit mata yg lain akan kata "ko sakit mata aku sakit tutt" ~ konon2 takkan berjangkit..tak tau dapat tau dari mana...hehehe..

ala-la-la.. token for me? kebetulan berjaga pagi hari tu.. nnti kRina email.. 10Q in advance Scha sayang..

izan said...


musim sakit mata ke... boss kecik akak halau keluar bilik.. x bagi dekat. tapi kena jugak kat kwn sblh k zan ni.. dtg yg lain jelir2 lidah kat dia katanya petua tak nak berjangkit... iye ke petuanya tu.

kuch said...

msalah streamyx?sama ah!
dkt smggu call diorang cma kata akan forward repot kt technician..smpai skrg speed low gla ble bt speedtest..technician tak datang2 jenguk lg pon.cis cis potong jela!