Thursday, December 10, 2009

sha: cherry cherry boom boom

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I started blogging in 2004. Prior to blogging, I was active in forums. Well, the name cheryna has a long story to tell.

When I joined forum, I was a sophomore who spent her time in the computer lab. I have friends and I had lots of activities but somehow being in front of the PC was my favourite.

There I was...looking at that yellow coloured screen while replying the topics in the forum. It was more like putting comments on other people's blog but with speed and relevancy. I mean, not reading the question may cause you the embarassment - either you will be laughed at by another forum member or you will be scolded by a moderator.

This is totally contradicting to blogging, don't you think? The ones who are after Nuffnang money will never think about that. I was talking about Garfield when someone talked about an apple:P

I was this kind of person who speak out my mind. So, whenever there was a question raised, I would just typed whatever I thought would be appropriate. When my comment reached hundreds, I was just a newbie and I felt a bit welcomed. Then, after it hit a thousand, the name cheryna turned to chery and chery was my name.

I didn't realised that most of my comments were actually on LOVE STORIES. In one typical Malaysian Forum, there would be a segment where you have the part they discussed relationships This is one of the famous segments.

In the forum that I joined, there was a segment called Soal Cinta dan Kaunselling Remaja which frequently visited by the members - pouring out their problems and stories. I commented on the stories as that is the use of a forum without realising that I commented too much.

After a while, cheryna or chery became a bit famous than she thought she would be. Someone noticed that. One day she received an e-mail stating that she has been choosen as a moderator for that love section. Can you believe it? Yeah, I hope you will.Cheryna or someone you know as Sha here was once a Dr. Love.

Hehehe. Laugh all you can:P

I became this Sri Siantan in the newspaper (but this one in a forum), whereby I would take care of the stories in the forum. I was like Yoda in Starwars - having so many things to share and so many things to say. Being a moderator managed to get me the excess of so many admin stuff including the moderator rooms and deleting other people's comment:)

Sometimes, I would received e-mails on relationship problems. Not to mention that I've received an invitation of becoming a friend of someone -including the forum owner. Hehehehe. Famous? I was.

We had some gatherings, we went to weddings. Some of us met their soulmates there. I didn't - because I eventually finished off my fling with the owner. Some became close friends and so on. We shared interests, we quarrel, we fought, we laughed, we shared stupid jokes, we did so many things.

One of the forum members from Kedah eventually enrolled as my junior in UNITEN. Naturally, she would call me Cheryna instead of Sha, right? My friends raised quizzical eyebrows when we bummed into each other or when these questions asked,

"Hang gi mana, Chery?"
"Chery, hang tak online hari ni?"

Her friends had to adopt my questions of

"Pink mana?"
"Pink ada dalam bilik tak?"

My friends are calling her, "Cik Pink kawan Sha."
Her friends are calling me, "Cik Chery kawan Dila."
Eventually, I was "Chery" or "Kak Chery" to my juniors. Thanks to my online friend cum my junior, Pink.

When one of my friends were trying to hook me up with my boyfriend in college, I was introduced as, "Chery." He got used of calling me Chery until he became my boyfriend a year later:P

My brother used to called himself, "adik Chery."

Cherry cherry boom

Now blogger, if I ask you to call me Chery, will you call me Chery?


But then, Chery was very strong and very less opinionated. She was carefree and she didn't mind fighting or debating. In contrast to Sha, Chery was a sweet lady who offered her opinion to relationship problems. She was practical - so called a romantic girl with lots of fun and sweet ideas.

Sha on the other hand is not that sweet.
Somehow that magic touch of dealing with relationships are not longer there. I wonder why.

Where are my romantic senses?

In your opinion, are you a romantic person?


imHepPie said...

lomentik??based ngan org la kalo org tu lomentik kita pon jdi lomentik gak ahaha pengakuan brani mati hik2...

panggil sis chery la ley

[ o k e d ] said...

romentik!!gile..oked suke wat barney dance depan ayan..sambil nyanyi lagu i love love me..haha..

mier@merr said...

sis chery boom boom...

sis sweet lar....

me? romantic? juz for certain people.

Pocket said...

pas ni kita panggil sha as 'Cherry' lah yer :D

wah! u have been quite a legend there ya cherry, how i wish i would know u when u're still 'forum'ning

Filantera is a legend or so i've heard.
SO glamorous till people would giggle by hearing that the legendary Filantera is joining the dinner, or a 'get-together' they're forumner are having.

How i hope i can be like him,
but then again, i am in my comfortable zone, i dont think its time yet to wonder off into the woods :D

so cherry...
how is the legendary tauke kedai cinta?
Forgive me sister for i have sin, i'm inluv wit someone but i cant admit my luv to her for she is my biras.. hahahahahaha!! now would that be a nice question to answer ha?

Romantic person?
i guess i'm not :D
never was, n never will...
27. Romanticly Pocket

ashie023 said...

kene panggil cherry ke lepas nih?<-innocentnye..

aku romantik ke tak???jap mikir...i guess not..aku ske nyakat orang ader ler..but im a very shy

speckurosaklagi said...

jimie ke nk title adik chery?

lupekanje said...

No lah...I'm not romantic...
but sometimes, I feel like, I was...hahah...

Actually, can u explain to me, what is romantic mean?

if I like to put my head on others shoulder....can that be call romantic? heheh..

~Kak AZZ~ said...

tak tau la samada akak ni romantik atau tak...garang manjang, cmner nk romantiknya.....hahaha....

romantik ni nak kena manja2 kan....pastu mesti ada gedik2 sikit....eeuuuuwwwwwwwwwww......goli lak tiak den nak buek aksi cmni.....muehehehehe....

Anonymous said...

romantik? hehehe...kena tanya boss akak ler...adik chery oi

♠ y.a.n.i.e putrajaya ♠ said...

cik chery....alahai...sangat suwittt mcm ayaq sirap bandung cincau....kekekkeke

ashley said...

how do I define romantic?

Cik Cookie said...

I was talking about Garfield when someone talked about an apple

selalu kena situasi mcm nih.
mungkin apa yg kita nak sampai xsampai pada reader..

Jard The Great said...

sha.. kalo u buat blook...... aku konfem jadi PEMBELI... ehehe..

~0~ said...


Lan Bingka said...

tak romantik kot..biase2 je

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

romantik ?...hmmm ..

jenis huha-huha @ brutal kRina ni...

kengkadang tengok masalah..bila nak bermanja romantik lah sikit...hehehe..

Tie said...

Kak tie tak romantik laa... Rasa geli je , hi hi..

julietchun said...

buleh saja panggil chery :D

romantik? rasanya saya tidak.

Quiyah & Hasrul said...

errr, i dont think i am..

you, maybe.. haha!

izzah said...

..very nice blog you have..just blog hopping and found ur it very much and will keep visiting from now on...

zaradgreat said...

really helpless loser dalam bab-bab romantika nih la kak..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

no wonder kot kak sha glamour kat forum. the way u write in your blog pun dah buat people love come and read ur entry.

romantik ni kan subjektif. ada org dia tunjuk dengan perbuatan. ada orang dia tunjuk dengan kata-kata. erm, kak sha romantik je amy rasa. hikhikhik... :P

manje said...

me not romantic person... ;p
wishing i was,in dream i am =)

nmz said...

so now, sudah faham mana datang itu nama cheryna pires. hehe
but i prefer kak sha:)

hmm,hopeless romantic boleh la. gahaha
i'm not good enough in romantic thing..ahaha

~LP Lum~ said...

dear kak cherry... ;p
ahaks~ sweet nye kak... :)

romantic person?? huhuhu...xde mknanye.. try 2 b but i cant... ;))

my ex dlu ckp "awk nie xromantik lgsung.." or "cuba ar jd lembut ckit.." or "tngan 2 jgn laju sgt syg oi.." (coz, sy pling ska pkul org kalo brckp..) ;p

so now, smua blh agakkn sy nie orgnye mcm mna??? ;p

Dee said...

cherry mcm buah cherry..

sometimes people do call me sherry..hahaha..mcm apa ntah..

romantic? used to skrg x dh..letih ar asik i je romantic..kahkahkah..

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

My Dear Chery,
Hi Chery..?
Rasa mcm LOL ada kwn baru lak bernama Chery..
Chery pown manis gak tapi Sha lebih mesra..

LOL berbahasa boleh ar mcm geli jek..

sueanne said...

Chery, kelakar la plak sha..
eh silap chery..hahaha..
sokong ckp lol tue..mcm org lain lak..hehehe..chery pun chery la..hahaha..

tak lembut tue ada la..tue kategori romantik ke..hahaha..

zLa said...

me being romantic? dowh...selfish is more accurate to describe me the best :D

Cik Qemm said...

hi kak cherry :)

romantic? sometimes i am. i love making handmade cards, i love having dinner together in a silence restaurant, and watching romantic movies in premier class :P

tapi tak selalu la romantic nya.tgk mood jugak. :P

Kujie said...

samalah kita sha, bersosial melalui forum dulu...thn 2003.


CuTeMiUt78 said...

eemmmm romantik ?? ntah.. rasanya biasa2 je kot.

dulu masa sek ren skee petik buah cherry kat padang sek..

dotblogspotdotkom said...

romantik... ntah le.. x reti plak ber-romantik2 nih...

perasaan @ perasan romantik nih memang tak de dalam kamus hidup pakcik nih..huhuhu

memang tak romantik langsung pakcik nih... huhuhu

umi_e said...

Salam cherry :D

Thanks for your visit :)

Vee Violet said...

lagu cherry cherry boom boom tu best...
vee suke...

Super Nia Hana said...

hye cherry..awww...watashi suka

lomantik ka??
watashi nih kenkadang malu lebey..

N A N I E said...

Dear..nak panggil u Chery hehe..
Tak lomentik kot :P

nURmALa mAZLan said...

segan la nak romantik

Erna said...

salam sha..acik ni dari muda tak romantik lansong...dh jenis kasar..nak buat ceman..tapi sekarang p.cik dah biase dah..dengar suare acik yang uat i pun tak ape2 dah ngan dia..

sya said...

ehem chery... best jugak tu.. :P

i'm not a romantic person.. but for sometime, and some reason, i will be more than romantic.. ala2 gedik gitu.. :P

suka juga forum.. tapi, bila dah dipilih jadi moderator, terus dah tak ada masa nak berforum.. huhu

Cik Biol said...

entah hehe

izan said...

sha.... k zan tetap panggil sha yer... tuk veteran cam k zan ni... seronok panggil sha aje... istimewa dia lain sikit dibandingkan dgn cherry...

romantik tu camane yer... errr boleh ajar tak...