Tuesday, December 15, 2009

sha: i'm not a frog, sedapnya!

* this is a scheduled posting as I'm moving house and waiting for streamyx to connect the internet to my new home. Sorry...I can't visit your blog as yet.

No...no...this is not a love story about charming prince called Jack. No...no...he is not trying to save Princess Sha from anything. No...no...they are still in love, no breakups. The media is just trying to sell their papers. Jack and Sha will never be apart. Konon!!!

I had this urge of calling Iza~de~bintang or any other bloggers in Seremban to watch Princess and a Frog with me, but my time is quite limited these days. So, I'm sorry if I haven't been visiting your blogs that much. I'm going to have lots of changes after this; we're moving house, I'm settling my plans on the job and study, and I'm giving a chance for someone to date me.

So, there are lots of things to be done:)

I'm so sorry if the hopping activity is not priority right now. But I'll try my best.

Since we are talking about hopping, I would like to ask you these questions:

Why are you here?
Are you reading my blog?
How well are you reading it?

Wow..that's quite straight-forward, don't you think? Some might say that I'm rude;)

I would like to tell you that I'm honoured with your presence. This is because I consider my blog as my garden - sometimes I plant some good veggies for you to digest, sometimes I plant scented flowers for you to inhale. It is just like Farmtown or Farmville; where you can always change your crops everytime you plow and buy the seeds. I hope I will be able to produce abundant of crops over here but I'm sorry if my postings are too long. You might get bored or disgusted:)

Either way, I consider the butterflies and bees which are coming over as a bonus, considering that I love to have insects suckling the honey on my postings. It helps the pollination (pendebungaan!)

But I am having problems with HER recently. I'm seeing a female frog, hopping around the bushes of blogs while leaving some pooh on the flowers.
Is it because she is so hungry for bugs and insects - she just can't resist the temptation of hopping on the blooming colours?

My flowers, vegetables and spices deliveries are interrupted as I bumped into this particular frog.

Okay...I'll go straight to the point.

I am this type of blogger who will read the other comments before commenting. And I'm this type of person who will read your comments on my blogs and will reply questions with post, and not another comment. For example, I have taken your comments for my posting in November - the month of Orkid's Cafe. You give me the name of the dish - I'll write something about it. That is my way.

What are the importance of comments?
If it is my blog that you're viewing, your comments are important for me to improve my skills of writing and blogging. Furthermore, blog readers are my inspiration.
If it is your blog that I'm viewing, I'll try to comment with my best ability so that you will know that I'm reading each line and words.

Though I have to admit that I failed in certain blogs - it was either I was speechless or I didn't hit the right spot. Take Fatt Chin Choy's blog for instant. I will check his blog again after few days so that I can read his comments on my comments. Or...Cik Gula-Gula's blog which is filled with pictures - I am too infatuated until I can only jot few word on the comment box. Or cikintan's blog - which explained things about her boyfriend in detail. There are times when my comments are too short though I'm the type who talks a lot.

In the process of visiting and commenting, I have bumped into one particular blogger several times in other people's blog. Then I saw her in my blog twice. I was this type of person who was trying to please visitors - because I knew they were coming because they needed a re-visit. That was one particular part that I have to be a bit understanding since bloggers were having Nuffnang these days (though I don't really care about MY Nuffnang). So, each time she visited my blog, I would revisit hers.

However, after bumping into her several times and receiving her comments two times, I started to feel annoyed with her presence. I'm now perceiving her as a frog. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude...but a metaphor is a metaphor.

I saw people wrote about their days with friends and family with pictures of food - she commented on the food - "sedapnya!".
I saw people wrote about religion - she commented on the picture of a fountain pasted on the blog.
I saw people wrote about current issues - she commented "ish...ish...ish..." only.
I saw people wrote about death - she commented "wow!"
I saw people wrote about Project Alpha prizes - she wanted to join the celebration:P
I saw people wrote about newspaper - she commented on dictionary.
I saw my crush wrote about Papadom - she commented "I like you!"

Oh, that last part made me on fire. Sorry babe, that was war!
Sorry Pocket, I'm jealous:(

And when she came to my blog...
I wrote about my crush named Garfield and she commented on apple!

Here I am...targeting the cannons when I think it is too much:)

She appeared to be insane because she was off the topic all the time. Poor girl, she has such a beautiful face yet she doesn't learn how to appreciate. I mean, what she was doing was none of my business, but when she commented on something else when someone passed away - well, that was too much! Luckily I didn't collect the evidence and pasted it here to humiliate her ! Otherwise, she'll get an extra publicity and I know she'll love it.

Her comments will never be more than a sentence. It is not more than five words.Woowwwww....dang it...I don't know people are that crazy for popularity and Nuffnang money. They rather look stupid as long as they are rich.

What she is doing right now is exactly what an anonymous is doing to our blogs - either sending a bad comment or promoting products in the comment column. Nevertheless, she is worst. When she is being a blogger, she should be more understanding and sensitive, is that right?

So, what do I do about it?


As I said, what she is doing is none of my business. But, if she comes here and she does it to my blog (again!), I'll keep her comments. That will be a reminder on how "smart" she is and a reminder to myself to read other people's effort carefully or do not comment at all. After that, I'll leave her comments as they are without returning the visit.

Sorry girl, in this world you have to work hard to earn. You claim to be a university student in that prestigious university? So be it. Prove it. I disrespect a degree without using your brain and talent. I believe she has more vocab beside "sedapnya!" That's not a skill. Or is it a skill? If you ask me, the word "sedapnya" is a good way of promoting yourself, dear. Try googling - you'll find yourself among that obscene spots of dirty stories:)

Oh, I forgot. You want to be famous, don't you?
A posting is an effort of a blogger - too bad you don't know how to appreciate things at such a young age. Your comments at those precious postings were annoying. I think you have forgotten that typing can be tiring and uploading pictures are painstaking. Please don't be artless, darling. Bloggers are creative people in different ways but apparently your art of commenting is preciously ridiculous.

5 words? A sentence? Woww...congratulations to your future husband. That is economy! Hehehehe...

Smart girl...very...very...very...pretty:)

A frog is not a charming animal, but since you love to lure other people with your short, meaningless comments - well, all the best! For all you know, I'm not contributing to your Nuffnang money:) But then again, I won't give the pleasure on advertising your blog. Not here, at least. Not in my blog.

I don't care about what the girl wrote in her blog but I do care about what she wrote in mine;)

This is not to brush the comments away.
This is a reminder to myself.
So, far the other readers of this blog has been awesome!
Keep up the good work - because I'm learning to be appreciative from you.

LP Lum, Pocket, Cik Qemm, MizzAmy, Kak Tie, Kak Azz, Dee, Shasha, Kujie, Iza~de~bintang, manje, pakcikdot, Fatt Chin Choy, ashley, ashie, mier@merr, MrMrsFaiz, Ili, Yunus Badawi, zino, Hana-Chan, Jasnia and others (please raise your hand if I'm not mentioning you!). You guys are great...great people:)

I'm putting a picture of an apple over here instead of a frog. I mean, a frog is an ugly jumping amphibian. So, I'll put a pictue of an apple instead. A frog is green and same goes to an apple. Besides, writing something which is off the topic or paste an unnecessary picture is a trend. I should follow the trend, don't you think?


Pocket said...

waaahhh.. it is 5hours and 4 minutes after your post was scheduled, and i am the first one?
there is something wrong here sis...

yes, i know the subject,
been stalking her too for a while,
but lately i've been busy and i have only a window of 12 bloghopping and commenting, she's not my best 12..

i guess i would choose to re-visit
those who write honestly after reading
my craps rather then those who just scanned for a keyword and 'three-word-comment' on the keyword.

Three-Word-Commentator have their own intention and so do i,

and after they've persistently been commenting honestly in my blog, then i'll definitely be making em my daily permanent. it is not systematically but the feeling will be there... well that is what happen if u keep on reading someone's karangan everyday. u'll be addicted for more...

what u've written ere may be a bit nasty
to certain party yes, but u have all the
right to write bout it ere sis:D

and thanks sha for u are the wakil for us
who think the same way. For her, i dont have any comment, but for others, be happy.. for we have found a 'sempadan' to keep away.

contoh yg baik, buat teladan.
contoh yg kureng, buat sempadan yer people..

~Kak AZZ~ said...

nasib baik ada sebut nama akak.....kalau tak, mau terasa gak ni ekekeke...

ehh....Sha pindah area mana lak ni...

*psl nuffnang ni, akak no komen la sbb akak just ikut je....tp kalau ada yg bgtau dia klikk nuff kt my blog, akak akan balas2 klikk la...

Bukankah ada peribahasa yg berbunyi 'orang berbudi kita berbahasa, orang memberi kita merasa'....

p/s: setuju dgn pocket....yg baik kita ambil, yg buruk kita buang sajo...hehe...

umi_e said...

Salam... buatlah apa saja yang rasa kita rasa selesa kan...

Apapun... Be happy :p

Tie said...


Kak tie ni kekadang blur bila nak komen pada entry tertentu. Jadi kak tie komen gambarnya je, hehehe..

Tapi kalau blog-blog ilmiah tu, kak tie memang susah nak komen. Ada masa dok menung kerana merasa bersalah kalau tak tinggalkan komen, kerana tuannya selalu berkunjung ke blog Kak Tie..

Kak tie lebih senang komen pada entry yang ada kaitan dengan diri kak tie,.. kerana kak tie ni sedikit sensitif... lebih-lebih lagi sejak 4-5 bulan ni..

Jadi, kalau Sha rasa komen kak tie tu merapu, faham-faham aje laaa.. itu bermakna kak tie tengah blank!

ashie023 said...

Why are you here?
to study..ahha
Are you reading my blog?
not really..i was looking at the layout actually...ahhaa..mestilah baca blog sha ni..
How well are you reading it?
very well..ahha..sebab slalu concentrate cam baca novel..ahaha..siyes..

ambe ni jenis yg x ske iklan2 kat tepi side bar..siyess..tp kalu kwn2 ambe letak nuffnang, ambe klik jugak...ambe x kesah kwn2 yg letak nuffnang, because i don't really give a damn..as long mereka happy..tp kalu org tu tinggalkan link kat shoutbox ambe, suh pegi lawat blog dier, dan klik nuffnang skalik..argh..itu memang ambe 'dang it!'..ahhaha

"I'm putting a picture of an apple over here instead of a frog."
apple is delicious..ahha

Super Nia Hana said...

watashi pun kenkadang sama gak..
tatau nk komen hape .

so biasanya singgah and baca saja..

psttttt..n3 sha dgn pocket kenkadang wat watashi ken abaca 2,3 kali ma,,,
english korang kenkadang terlalu hebat utk watashi yg panda ini..


izzah said...

...terus pergi kat post garfield tu nak tengok sape yg komen pasal epal..hehehe...

...for me, blog reading is one of my hobby nowadays...for the one that i visited, is the one that i like very much and worth reading...

...if anyone come to my blog it is reallt appreciated..and if they leave comment sincerely, i'll be honoured...

..tapi i rasa post ni memang bagus untuk kesedaran sejagat..hahaha..hopefully that girl-that-comment-five-words can take this as good advise...

izzah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dee said...

Why are you here?
to learn..

Are you reading my blog?
yup, sometimes 2 to 3 times sbb kdg2 bos kacau masa tgh syok2 baca..x best baca sambung2..kalo tinggal kena start dr awal semula..

How well are you reading it?
very well..concentrate giler..n sometimes sengih2..pick up new vocabs n kdg2 terpikir2..ni khayalan atau realiti..

bab2 komen ni..dee rasa kdg2 org malas nk komen bila blog tu sempoi2 sgt mcm blog dee..so komen dorang pun sempoilah..

mcm blog sha ni..to be honest..dee refer gak ngan komen2 org lain..nak2 blog si pocket tu..kdg2..dh abis baca..apa dia ni nk tulis sebenarnya..hahaha..tp dee suka baca..well it helps me improve my english..

keep on blogging yeah..

~0~ said...

memasing ada cara tersendiri untuk berblog...

LiNda said...

suka baca blog sha.. membuatkan saya yakin berkomunikasi dgn anak-anak dlm english . Yup.. sangat membantu . tq so much.

N A N I E said...

You have ownership for that..Skrg pindah kat mana Sha? :)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

hahaha.... that's what amy think it too. setakat nak komen just a sentence, better do not comment it at all. dah la komen benda2 yg tak berkaitan dengan cerita. owwh, sangat lah bukan pembaca yg setia.

for me, once i read a blog, amy akan baca betul-betul. and follow the stories and kadang2, amy baca balik post2 yg sebelumnya. nak tahu jalan cerita. if not, kita tak tahu apa yg berlaku sebenarnya. that's me.. i love to be a good reader and a good listener.

mier@merr said...

Why are you here?
saja jalan2 makan angin....
ahaha... reading ur post lar...

Are you reading my blog?
of coz... smbil bguling2 lagi..ekeke..
ini adalah blog 'wajib baca' sy..

How well are you reading it?
every single line smbil turut sama2 masuk ke dalam fantasi dan angan2 kak sha...haha

~nsib baik namaku ada...kalau xde...bakar blog ni!!
haha..eh..xsampai ati..sbb byk kaler purple..ihikz

e_ja said...

akak suka berada di blog sha utk baca cerita dan juga baca komen..:)

ye akak mmg membaca dgn sepenuh perasaan dan perhatian..klau x faham ayat tu..baca lagi sekali..hahaha..maklumlah dh lama tinggalkan kelas english..huhu

akak juga baca setiap patah dan ayat smbil kerut2 dahi lagi..punyalah akak nk feel dgn apa yg akak baca..klau ada unsur jenaka..akak senyum sorang2 smbil pndang kiri kanan kot ada org yg prasan..hehe..

dan pasal nuffnang n komen tu..akak jgk ada letak nuffnang..tp x pernah mengharap apa2 sgt pun..letak pun free je kan..;)..cuma akak pun ada jgk terperasan yg ada org masuk blog kita dan komen sepatah dua kata tp x releven dgn entry kita pun..kenapa jd mcmtu??..akak ponn xde jawapan..huhuhu....

t.a.c.a said...

dear kak sha.

i'm here because i'm simply love ur blog and ur stories.. i even followed u since my previous blog : sweet vanilla caramel... and now i'm addicted to it~~!!

reading ur blog? naaahh... i simply indulge my self in it... ur entries is the one that i'm waiting for each day.. i can't wait to see ur updates coming on my dashboard...

how well? did i ever tell u that i read every single entry that u wrote from the latest until the very first one?

kak sha... u inspired me a lot.. and if i have a power to give u an award or recognition...i'll give u one... " the best comforting blog ever"

if u think mr.pocket's blog is ur chicken soup for ur blogger soul.. then i'll surely regard "behind the sepet eyes of cheryna" as mine~~!!

thanks for the inspiration.. even tough u really dont mean it~!

iza~de~bintang said...

Angkat tangan... hehehe..
Jom... Bila Sha free?
Tapi hujung minggu ni Iza ada tamu dari Brunei. Masa ke Brunei dulu depa bawak jalan2, so sekarang giliran Iza pulak bawak depa jalan2 :)

Iza suka datang sini, suka baca, baca sepenuhnya w/pun ada jugak perkataan yang tak faham ape ke menda..hihi. Tulisan Sha terbuka, lucu, sinikal, jujur, selamba. Bukan bodek yer, betul ni :)

Teruskan menulis yer. Nak jugak menulis macam Sha tapi nampaknya kena mandi bunga dulu kot hehe.

nmz said...

hyee kak sha:)

lama tidak singgah sini
aha,cuti cuti semua
mari jawab ini dulu
Why are you here?
reading the latest entry of kak sha's blog:)

Are you reading my blog?
yess, sure. awesome. i love the words n the style of kak sha's writes her english:)

How well are you reading it?
every words of course. digest semua cerita n entry. n imagine that i'm the one in the entry..berangan jap masuk cerita kak sha:)

membaca blog ni dah jadi hobi dah,kita baca pandangan n cerita mereka dan mereka turut bagi kesan dkt kita juga...
i'll keep on reading anyway :)
entry kak sha pun ada yang menyentuh hati saya pun..:)

LotsOfLove-Pearls said...

Salam Sha..
Kalau sesuatu n3 tu berkaitan dengan kisah kehidupan atau isu2 semasa, ada idea juga nak komen.
Kalau yg berkaitan dengan ilmiah / motivasi kadang mcm speechless..

Kat blog Sha, LOL haruslah baca setiap patah perkataan kerana kalau tertinggal, confirm tak faham apacer..

Apapun, LOL suka cerita2 Sha..

Selamat berpindah..
Jaga diri.

julietchun said...

kekdg bila nak komen line takde, sakit sungguh hati ni. intai2 juga takut sha letak gambar katak sbb saya ni sangatlah trauma kalo tgk gamba katak,kang tetibe menjerit kat opis susah plak,heheeehe.

[ o k e d ] said...

Why are you here?
am i there?

Are you reading my blog?
am i reading?

How well are you reading it?
am i reading it?

haha..love u kak sha..thanx byk bagi lauk pauk kat restaurant city..

oked kadang2 tak bace sume ape yang kak sha taip..
oked bace keyword yang ade kt bawah tu je..then tinggalkan komen

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

there's no my name~



i will never ever kiss a frog.
i'm afraid i'll turn to a frog as well~

Anonymous said...

itulah sebabnya kalau x baca entri penuh... memang annonying sebab mereka komen hanya disebabkan mereka mahu letakkan komen dan link mereka ada kat sini supaya orang hit back

kejujuran tu perlu...

anyway... aku jarang komen panjang2 tp aku baca semua walaupun orang x tau


Anonymous said...

hai kak sha~been missing u..huhuhu..dont knew why, but i been glued to ur post this time for awhile.. nak baca sampai abis..walaupun menghadapi kesukaran font yang kecil (coz was browsing it from my mobile) but totally worth it. hehehe..this kind of ppl is very2 anooying...hahahah..oopss..better stop here.kang abis panjang merapu plak..

Anonymous said...

shasha herrrrreeeee... haha, kakak i think u should write about yusop's girls, and the title, maybe, u can put... masak lomak cili api ke... or, tembakau cap pineapple (coz that reminds me of our late atokkkk)

manje said...

jerit macam naik roller coaster ni tau
u mentioned my name sis,i'm SO terharu..hehhe =)
anyway..nak komen panjang2 ni kadang2 je bile kena topik yang hangat baru best nak meng-komen.

n your question as to y i'm here?
cause i like to read what u write sis!
it's addictive.kalah my drugs..
wow ;p

Cik Qemm said...

somehow nuffnang has been the trend.they give bloggers money thats why la skang byk je blog yg tumbuh tanpa motif. and qemmal pun jdkan nuffnang tabung jugak :P

as for me, i love to share my stories (tapi ada batasnya,tak semua boleh bgtau org).

qemmal jugak slalu jadi silent reader,tanpa tinggalkan jejak. people will come again to your blog eventho u're too busy to visit theirs.betulkan kak sha?

nowadays i've been busy and my blog left empty without new entry bnut somehow, ade la yg dtg menjenguk.thanks for them!

dan kalau qemmal tak komen tu either i just have time to browse tru the stories or tak fhm cerita.haha :P

Anonymous said...

akak baca semua entry blog sha, tp tinggal komen kat entry yg latest saja.... dan akak tak berminat langsung dgn duit nuffnang tu